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Physical Appearance
Monster Species Sphinx
Gender Female Female
Monster Profile
Occupation Servant of Sekmeti (formerly)
Media Debut
Manga Chapter 83

Abul is a female Sphinx and an old friend (or technically servant) of the Mummy Sekmeti and both are originally from Letopolis. Aside from being a huge fan of the fantasy series "Ikkyū-san", and, as it is typical for her species, she quite enjoys riddles, Abul is also a shotacon, which makes her a somewhat difficult person due to her attraction of young boys like the Neighborhood boys. She makes her debut in Chapter 83.


Abul has the appearance of a young woman with dark skin and long, somewhat messy light hair. She has cat ears, pointed teeth and wings instead of arms, similar to a Harpy. She has also big breasts. As a Sphinx, Abul's most distinctive feature is her lion-like lower body, with her human upper body beginning where the neck of a normal lion would begin.

Her clothing consists of ancient Egyptian mode on the upper body, consisting of a necklace, a white blouse and a skirt that slightly covers her lower front. In contrast to her upper body, Abul doesn't wear any clothes on her lion-like lower body.


Abul is a very friendly, but also somewhat problematic person. Because of the history of the Sphinxes as servants to the Mummies, Abul respects Sekmeti as her superior. As is typical of most Sphinxes, Abul loves asking others riddles, although many of the more difficult riddles she knows are quite difficult to solve even for many adults. That's why she usually just recites the old and now relatively well-known classic riddle of the Greek Sphinx. As part of her cultural exchange activities and as a way to help people learn more about Sphinxes, Abul has asked riddles to local children in Tokyo, showing that she is trying to contribute to the Interspecies Cultural Exchange Program.

However, a slightly difficult aspect about Abul is that she is a shotacon, meaning she is attracted to young boys or even children. For this reason, she vehemently refuses to give riddles to adults, as asking riddles to children also allows her to get close to boys and gently teach them all about the riddles of adulthood. On the other hand, Abul seems to be ashamed of her complex, as she was very hesitant to admit it in front of Kimihito and his homestay girls, and has to make excuses as to why she gives riddles to children and not adults.

In addition to her shota-complex, Abul is also a big fan of the old Japanese series Ikkyu-san, mainly because the main protagonist of this series is a "cute boy". When Abul talks about the series, she can get into excited rapture delight in which she praises Ikkyu's "plucky wisdom" and that she has always wanted to meet a child like him and ask him riddles. This admiration often causes others to look at Abul perplexed, which also makes her feel embarrassed when she is so excited.

Abul is often very depressed that most of the children she meets in Japan are completely different from Ikkyu-san and that they're don't seem very interested in her riddles. She was often very frustrated when the Neighborhood boys mockingly responded to her riddles with utter nonsense. Although Abul also openly states that reality and fiction are different and her hopes to find children like Ikkyu-san are unrealistic, she still mixes it when she compares the neighborhood kids with Ikkyu-san, because Ikkyu-san is fictional. She also often talks about Ikkyu as if he were a real person.

In her attempt to get the boys interested in her riddles (and to get closer to them) Abul goes to many lengths, such as giving them snacks as a reward for solving Riddles, although the boys just took advantage of this. While Abul is mostly reserved, however, after Rachnera gives her advice, she uses her "adult weapons" to shocked one of the boys with her bare breasts and after intimitating him a bit, she tells him that in the future it will be so that he and his friends are "getting eaten" if they solve her riddles. Because of Abul's shota-complex, these worlds leave a worried tone if she is serious and the promised "reward" is that she have then sex with the boys.

Skills & Traits[]

  • Personal Traits:
    • Shotacon Complex: Abul is a shotacon, meaning she is attracted to young boys or even children. For this reason, she vehemently refuses to give riddles to adults, as asking riddles to children also allows her to get close to boys and gently teach them all about the riddles of adulthood. On the other hand, Abul seems to be ashamed of her complex, because she finds it difficult to admit this openly in front of others.

Physical Traits[]

  • Sphinx Physiology:
    • Wings: Abul has, similar to a Harpy, bird-like wings with opposable thumbs instead of arms. However, it is not known whether she can actually fly with them.
    • Passion for riddles: As a Sphinx, Abul naturally enjoys to asks riddles and often reciting the classic riddle of the Sphinx from Greek mythology. She also knows more difficult riddles that are difficult for even an adult to solve but because, due to her shota complex, she wants to get close to boys so she usually asks simpler riddles.
    • Intimidating Presence: Despite her friendliness, Abul, similar to Rachnera and partly due to her leonine-like features, can also be quite intimidating at times, to the point that one of the neighborhood boys was at least for a few moments afraid that she could really eat him.
    • Superhuman strength: As a Sphinx, Abul is physically much stronger than a normal human.


Sekmeti&AbulAtThe Airport

Abul happily travels to Japan with Sekmeti.

Abul is a good friend of Sekmeti who originally lived with her together in Letopolis. Since ancien times, Sphinxes has acted as servants for Mummies and Abul was no exception as she worked for Sekmeti, although their relationship was based on mutual respect. During her time in Letopolis, Abul learned about the japanese anime series Ikkyu-san. She developed a great passion for the series, although she often mixed fantasy with reality when she praised Ikkyu for his "plucky wisdom". This admiration was also based on the fact that Abul was a Shotacon and was therefore attracted to Ikkyu's childlike appearance. Her admiration led to the wish to ravel to Japan herself at some point whereby Abul wanted to meet a child like Ikkyu and get close to him.


Abul becomes frustrated with the boys' antics.

This wish finally came true when Abul traveled to Japan together with Sekmeti through the Extraspecies Exchange Program and at first she was ecstatic about the Japanese city. As part of her cultural exchange activities, Abul started asking local kids riddles as a way to help humans learn more about Sphinxes (and to get closer to "cute" boys). However, this turned out to be more difficult than expected because, to Abul's frustration and dismay, the children in Japan were nothing like Ikkyu, which had been an unrealistic expectation from the start anyway. The neighborhood kids seemed to have no intersts in Abul's riddles, but while the girls were just shy, the boys sheekily made fun of answering the riddles with pointless "logical arguing" and utter nonsense.

Frustrated and because she wanted to get closer to the boys, Abul made many attempts to arouse the boys' interst in her riddles. She bought many snacks which she promised the boys as reward if they solved the riddles she asked them. But the boys just started taking advantage and kept replying her with nonsense until Abul finally gave them snacks out of sheer frustration. This sent Abul into deep depression.


First encounter with Kimihito and his homestay girls[]

After Sekmeti noticed how Abul started to act very oddly, she asks Kimihito and his homestay girls to visit the Sphinx and help her. Sekmeti didn't take on this personaly because she suspected that Abul might have a hard time to ask her to help, since Sekmeti was Abul's friend but also technically her superior due to the shared history of the Mummies and Sphinxes. Although Kimihito had reservations about givin Abul advice since he had never met her before, he finally agreed to Sekmeti's request and together with Miia, Centorea and Papi he set off for Abul's house that same afternoon.


Abul welcomes Kimihito and his homestay girls to her house.

Abul welcomes them into her home and serves them tea, but the four see she is acting very depressed. Kimihito asks her if this new lifestyle is difficult for her, but she says her depression actually has to do with her love of riddles. Abul explaining to them that as part of the Exchange program she is trying to teach children the Sphinxes' ways by telling riddles. However, the children didn't seem interested about her riddles, whereby the boys even had fun answering her riddles with nothing but nonsenses and pointless "logical arguments".


Abul expresses her admiration for the anime series Ikkyu-san.

Kimihito asks if it has anything to do with Ikkyū-san, and Abul enthusiastically confirms, explaining that her dream was to ask a riddle to someone like him because of how wise he is, though she sees everyone staring at her and she calms herself down. Kimihito realizes Abul's depression is because she hasn't found any kids like Ikkyu, though Miia says it is an unrealistic expectation. Even Abul admits this, but she finds it frustrating when kids instead act snarky and rude back to her by throwing logic into the mix. She ultimately resorted to bribing children with snacks so that they become more interest in her riddles. But the kids continued to use logic against her and she relents and gives them the snacks anyway.

The four decide to come up with different ways to cheer her up, first being having Abul ask them her riddle. Papi says the answer is "Suu," because she can have many legs if she wants, and Abul gives her snacks saying it is technically right. But Miia tells Abul that her grading is too lenient because if she keeps giving out treats despite not receiving the right answer, the kids are going to abuse that heavily. Centorea suggests Abul ask a tougher riddle, and she does, but it confuses the four. Abul explains that the answer was the "sun," but the four tell her that even adults would be stumped by such a riddle, but Abul says this is why she gives old simple ones.

Kimihito suggests she give a different prize, and Abul pulls out some rare Duel Monmusus cards, which hype up Miia and Centorea until Kimihito calms them down and says those cards may be too much. Centorea then suggests Abul ask riddles to adult people, not kids,, but Abul vehemently refuses. As Kimihito and the girls look at Abul, confusing by this vehement reaction, Abul calms down and hesitantly tries to explain that the reason is that because her cultural exchange mainly focused on children, and it's would be a waste for everything to change now, after she already come this far.


Abul finally admits that she wants to get close to "cute boys".

Centorea and Miia reply that it are the kids who are causing the problems and Miia makes it clear that it would be still cultural exchange with nothing would be change if Abul asked riddles to adults instead of childrens. Abul hesitantly says that asking riddles to adults is hard, but Miia counter saying just asking kids is the problem and she could ask adults, with Miia even adding she could make escape room riddle games. However, Abul refuses still, breaking down and confessing she is trying to meet cute boys, to the shock of everyone.

Embarrassed, Abul confesses that she came to Japan because she wanted to gobble up boys and gently teach them all about the riddles of adulthood and asks loudly if is that so wrong. Miia says it is wrong since the boys are children and whispers to Kimihito that leaving Abul depressed might be for the best for everyone. Abul, also acknowledging her extremely high expectations, solemnly says she should just go to her home country. Kimihito hesitantly asks Arbul if she couldn't stay in Tokyo to help Sekmeti, but the conversation is suddenly interrupted by a voice above them. They look up and are amazed to see Rachnera sitting on top of the wooden roof of the veranda.

Rachnera say to Abul that she is being too wishy-washy asking riddles and should instead approach the kids the "hard way". Abul is initially unsure of what Rachnera means and says that she could easily overpower the boys "physically", although Kimihito vehemently objects to this. Rachnera tells Abul to use her "adult weapons" before she leaves. Abul remeains seated uncertainly before she notices that one of the neighborhood boys has left his cap by her, which gives her a new idea.

A new strategy, but one that could be viewed with some concern[]


Abul intimidates the boy with her seduction skills.

Later, the boy who left his cap by her, runs back to Abul's house. When he gets there he sees her holding the cap, but she tells him that the only way he gets it back is if answers her "adult" riddle, all the while she is showing him that she's completely naked with her nipples covered by her necklet to him, which flusters the boy. Abul gives the riddle while indirectly hinting that the answer might be a penis and his is probably having an erection as well as seducing him by crisscrossing her arms under her breasts.


Abul encouraging the boy to solve her "adult riddles" by teasing him.

After thinking about it, the boy embarrassingly whispers the answer into Abul's ear, but to his surprise, Abul tells him the answer was "a shadow." Because he got it wrong, she says his punishment is that she will "eat him," but she chooses instead by saying that she will only "eat" him as a reward if he solved her riddles. She tosses him his hat and inspires him to try again another time by exposing her nipple to him as he reacted by covering his crotch with his cap.


A solution with possible concern.

The next day, the boy and his friends visit her and actually try to solve her riddles, all the while using her body to fluster them. Kimihito and Sekmeti visit her and the latter comments that she seems to be back to normal now, but Kimihito fears a new problem will appear in the future, whereby he's probably worried about what will happen if the boys solve Abul's riddle, since that she will "eat them" could imply that Abul would then have sex with the boys.

Zoological Classification[]


The Sphinx is a demi-human liminal species with the upper body of a human, the wings of an eagle for arms and the lower body of a lion.

While the race is said to have originated in Egypt, Sphinxes have appeared in numerous mythological accounts around the world including Egypt, Greece and South and Southeast Asia. In all legends they are said to be guardians of certain locales who challenge wanderers with riddles. If the wanderer is able to answer their riddle they allow the wanderer to pass and are sometimes said to kill themselves for their failure to best the wanderer. But if the wanderer is unable to answer the riddle, the Sphinx would kill them and devour their body.

While some stories about Sphinxes are wrong (they don't eat people), they have acted as servants for the Mummies since ancient times, creating a close bond between the two Liminal species up to the present day.


  • Although it is stated in Chapter 83 that Abul is an old friend of Sekmeti and also comes from Letopolis, the chapter doesn't go into detail about Abul's age, so it is not known whether she, like Sekmeti, is over 3000 years old.
  • Abul has the habit of often reciting the classic riddle of the Sphinx: "In the morning I go on four legs, in the evening two, at night three. What am I?". The Antwort to this is "the human" and refers to the fact that at the beginning of his life (the morning) as a baby he crawls on all four, then until the middle of his life (the evening) he walks on two legs, before when he is old (the night) he needs a stick as a third "leg" to walk.
  • Her name means servant in Arabic, which she is (or was) to Sekmeti.
  • Abul is after the Arachne leader of Rachnera's tribe the second character in the manga series with a shota-complex but unlike the Arachne leader who is attracted to adults with childlike appearance, Abul actually has an attraction to children, which makes her case problematic.
  • Abul is the first character in the series shown to usually go bottomless as the others have their reproductive organs covered even if they're bestial.
  • Abul shares similarities with Pegasania in that both of them are taur-type Liminals having wings whose initial interactions with the neighborhood boys are negative which only became positive after at least one of the boys saw them naked.

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