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The following are quotes said by or relating to Abul. Quotes may vary slightly depending on whether readers use the official or fan-based translations.


Volume 19[]

"A riddle I ask of thee. In the morning I go on four legs, in the evening two, at night three. What I am?! A reward for those who solve this riddle! Should ye fail... I shall devour ye all...!!"
Abul to the neighborhood boys, Chapter 83
"You see... as part of my cultural exchange... and as a way to help people learn more about Sphinxes, I included asking riddles to local kids as part of my cultural exchange activities, but... it was quite difficult... even aside from being an Extraspecies person... the children are quite shy... so they didn't really seem to taky any interest in the riddles..."
Abul tells Kimihito and his homestay girls about the beginning of her problems, Chapter 83
"Yes! That's it!! That's was first sparked my interest in Japan! It was Ikkyu-san!! I came here originally with Sekmeti-sama! I always wanted to come here myself as well! Ikkyu-san's plucky wisdom!! How he beasts even adults with his quick wits!! I've always wanted to ask riddles to a kid like that!! And if it could be possible to really meet one like Ikkyu-san...!! I've been asking children riddles for years...!! Just to prepare to meet... S-sorry... I got excited..."
Abul starts to rave at the mention of Ikkyu-san only to stop embarrasingly when Kimihito and his homestay girls just stare at her perplexed, Chapter 83
"Just like that!! The absolute petulant nerve!! Utter nonsense!! I'm at a loose!! Are children in Japan really this different from Ikkyu-san?! And on top of all that, I've resorted to... bribing the children with snacks if they solve my riddles just to get them interested... Every day those damn kids with their shitty attitudes come by... and after all their pointless "logical arguing"... I end up giving away the snacks to them, day after day..."
Abul depressingly tells Kimihito and his homestay girls how she tried to get the neighborhood boys to take interest in her riddles only for the boys to takes advantages of it, Chapter 83
"I want to get close to cute boys, okay!!"
Kimihito and his homestay girls (shocked)
"That's right, I like boys, okay!! I came because I wanted to gobble up smart cute boys like Ikkyu-san!! I wanted to gently teach them all about the riddles of adulthood!! Is that so wrong?!"
—Embarrased, und much to the shock/suspicion of Kimihito and his homestay girls, Abul finally revealed to them that she is a shotacon, Chapter 83
"You can, but if that's the case you'll have to share the reward, you know? Fu-fu-fu ♥ come on then ♥ If you use your head you'll become just as clever as Ikkyu-san ♥"
Abul uses her "adult weapons" to get the neighborhood boys to solve her riddles, although this leaves an bad foreshadowing of the possible "reward" she might give the boys if they solved her riddle, Chapter 83