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Physical Appearance
Monster Species Lizardfolk
Gender Female Female
Monster Profile
Occupation Student at the Grimoire High School (temporarily)
Media Debut
Manga Chapter 75

Aide is a female Lizardman who, like many other people, was drawn into the world of Arbatel by the magic of the Grimoire and was a student at the Grimoire High School for a time. She makes their debut in Chapter 75.


Aide is a young woman with light-colored hair, which due to its lenght, covers the left side to her face. As a Lizardwoman, Aide has pointed ears and half-opened eyes. Scales covering certain parts of her face, forearms and legs. Her most notable feature is her long, thick muscular lizard tail.

During her stay in the Grimoire, Aide wears the usual school uniform, consisting of a seifuku with a plaid skirt. She also wears black shoes.


As stated in her description of Chapter 79, Aide is very interested in Japanese hot spring culture and history. She has a helpful side as she wants to raise the general awareness of people that poikilothermic species need facilities for warm bathing as they often suffer from sudden temperature drops.

However, as seen in Chapter 75, Aide tends to use questionable methods to use this, manipulating a male human student under false pretences, including making him feel guilty when he refuses to bathe with her. Like many Liminal girls, Aide seems very open as she found the thought of bathing with a male student she has just met quite normal.

Skills and Traits[]

  • Lizardman physiology:
    • Poikilotherm: Lizardfolk are cold-blooded, like their Dragonewt and Lamia counterparts. They are susceptible to cold weather, and will seek places to hibernate unless their temperatures are at a functioning level.
    • Super strength: Lizardfolk are somewhat stronger than the average human, but are still weaker than the stronger demihuman / Liminal species. Aide showed her strength in Chapter 75 when she effortlessly dragged her human companion into the bathroom.
    • Sense of Balance: If the tail isn't detached, Lizardfolk have a better sense of equilibrium than a peak-conditioned human, and are capable of making sharp turns without losing control of their movements.
    • Detachable Tail: Like some species of lizards, if Aide is in danger, she can detach her tail to serve as a distraction. However, considering Lizardmen store their nutrients in their tail, doing so is very dangerous to her health and can cause to die of malnutrition. Also when the tail grows back the bone is replaced by solid cartilage so its a trick that can only be used once.


Aide was one of the numerous people whose consciousness was absorbed into the magical world of the Grimoire High School by Arbatel, although the exact circumstances of how this happened are unknown. Like everyone else, Aide was brainwashed by the enchanted school uniform and really believed that she was a student at Grimoire High School.


Aide makes her debut in Chapter 75, where she is brought to the school's male student dormitory by a good-natured male human student, seemingly in a weekend state. Aide claims she's about to hibernate from the cold, before suddenly seductively asking the student, if he can take her to a nice, warm bath. The boy, taken aback by the question, says there's no way he can do that and worries what will happen if he gets busted going into his bath with a girl.


Aide drags the student into the bathroom.

However, Aide then holds him tight, claiming if she did hibernate, it would last for months. She adds that this is "lost youth" and that she has a lot of making up to do with her studies and asks the boy if he really wants to take responsibility for it. The boy notes that she's telling all of this pretty clearly, as he begins to realize that Aide may have deceived him. The Lizardwoman ignores his words and involuntarily drags him into the bathroom, although she assures him that she has no intention of warming up by cuddling up against him.

It is believed that Aide was safely sent back to the normal world after Arbatel released everyone's absorbed consciousness in Chapter 80.

Zoological Classification[]

Main article: Lizardfolk
Liz's and Kinu's Secrets

Lizardfolk, or Lizardmen, are a demihuman races that possess lizard-like attributes such as claws, scales and a detachable tail.

A Lizardfolk's tail stores their body nutrients. If they should lose their tail, worse case scenario is that they'll of malnutrition.


  • When Aide claims to the student that she would hibernate for months due to the cold, she is shown imagining herself sleeping on her back in a bed. However, Draco's secrets states that Dragonewts cannot sleep on their backs due to their thick reptilian tails, and Liz's secrets states that Lizardfolks have an even thicker tail than Dragonewts, so they shouldn't be able to sleep on their backs either. It's likely that Okayado simply forgot this little detail, as this topic has never been discussed or addressed in the manga series, with the exception of Draco's secrets.

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