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The following are quotes said by or relaling to Aluca. Quotes may vary slightly depending on whether readers use the official or fan-based translation.


Volume 19[]

"We heard there were positions for Extraspecies here, which is why we came in the first place!"
Aluca to the receptionist at the Okaya Hotel, Chapter 84
"Actually, we all found boyfriends at that school...! And not just nice girl Vikk either myself and "little miss upset-all-the-time" too, it was a miracle! But you see... all our boyfriends were actually real high school students! While we're all full fledged adults in thereal world! We came to Japan for a relaxing time doing some Extraspecies Cultural Exchange, but... we couldn't exactly go around all lovey-dovey with younger boyfriends, right? So we decided to try to find jobs to show off our abilities as adult working women, but- er haven't been able to find jobs at all. It's the worst! It's hard enough to find work as an Extraspecies person, but we don't really have any special skills or qualifications either."
Aluca explains hers, Vikk's and Garu's situation to Kuroko Smith, Chapter 84
"Wait! Wait a minute! He's not the only one here...! Besides the victim... there's at least 5 others inside the factory... and I hear sounds of metal clinking, too. I think they're all armed with guns...!"
Aluca uses her good sense of hearing to analyze the danger posed by the Minotaur trafficker dealers and warns Garu not to launch a hasty attach, Chapter 85
"Um, actually we got a call from the Prez after that. He apparently knew we were looking for work..."
Aluca apologetically explains to Ms Smith that she, Garu and Vikk rejected her offer to work with her at MON after Mr President made them a better paying offer, Chapter 85