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Physical Appearance
Age ???
Monster Species Lightweight Centaur
Gender Female.png Female
Monster Profile
Occupation Exchange Student
Media Debut
Manga Chapter 68 Prologue

Alusia (・, ), is a Lightweight Centauride who has asked Centorea Shianus to help teach her how to gallop the same way Cerea does.

Appearance[edit | edit source]


Alusia has the typical appearance of a Lightweight Centaurine with light brown skin and dark brown hair, which is tied in a ponytail at the back of her head. Her clothes consist of a yellow-reddish sports outfit and she wears a yellow headband.

As a Lightweight Centaurine, the most noticeable feature of Alusia in her appearance is her headless horse´s abdomen and pointly horse ears. Their breasts are, however, due to their subspecies quite small compared to Centorea (although still average for a human.) She is about half a meter smaller than Centorea.

Personality[edit | edit source]

As a Lightweight Centaur, Alusia is very interested in sporting activities such as morning runs. Alusia has a strong admiration for Centorea, but she can be quite intrusive, for example when she repeatedly apologized to Centorea that she was late at the meeting point, although it wasn't a big deal. Her admiration can also prove problematic, for example when Alusia asked Centorea to show her how she would manage the obstacle course, forgetting to consider that a standard Centaur would find it much more difficult to do because of their lower speed and agility. Just like Centorea, Alusia is also somewhat archaic, for example because she calls Centorea "Senpai" and believes in "Fate Partners".

Skills and Traits[edit | edit source]

Physical Traits[edit | edit source]

  • Lightweight Centaur Physiology:
    • Agility: Like most centaurs she is very fast, but as a lightweight centaur are also racing horses, making her faster than the common centaur.
    • Herbivorous: Centaurs are herbivores.
    • Normothermia: Like horses, she has higher body temperature than Humans. Her's is 38°C (100.4°F) to be precise. This is the same as the average horse.
    • Ear Movement: Centaur's ears are capable of reflecting the centaur's mood as they are able to move much in the same way as a horse's ears.
    • Sense of Smell: Due to their equine biologie, Centaurs have a sense of smell that is 1000 times greater than that of a human.

Possessions[edit | edit source]

Plot[edit | edit source]


. [1]

Zoological Classification[edit | edit source]

Main article: Centaur

Lightweight Centaurs (軽量種, Keiryō-shu), known also as Racing Centaurs, are a Centaur subspecies that excels at running. They are smaller than standard centaurs, with slimmer and tighter bodies. Though they approach their rank and records with a stoic attitude and love running, they are easily injured, and they devote much of their attention to studying health care. They can be rather moody, but this can be attributed to timidity or physical and mental innocence. Since their bodies are not as large, neither are their breasts.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Like many characters, her name is a pun on her species. "Alusia" comes from the Andalusian horse, a breed of race horses.
  • Alusia arrived as a part of a school sports program's cultural exchange group.

References[edit | edit source]

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