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Alusia Van Dalsia
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Kana ァルシア・ヴアン・ダルシァ
Romaji arushia・vuan・darushia
Physical Appearance
Monster Species Lightweight Centaur
Gender Female Female
Hair Dark brown
Eye Light brown
Height 178 cm (5'84")[1]
B-W-H 77(B)-56-??[1]
Monster Profile
Occupation Exchange Student
Media Debut
Manga Chapter 68 Prologue

Alusia Van Dalsia is a Lightweight Centaurine who has asked Centorea Shianus to help teach her how to gallop the same way Centorea does. She makes her debut in Chapter 68.



Alusia has the typical appearance of a Lightweight Centaur with light brown skin and dark brown hair, which is tied in a ponytail at the back of her head. Her clothes consist of a yellow-reddish sports outfit and she wears a yellow headband.

As a Lightweight Centaurine, the most noticeable feature of Alusia in her appearance is her headless horse´s abdomen and pointy horse ears. Their breasts are, however, due to their subspecies quite small compared to Centoreas (although still average for a human). She is slightly smaller than Centorea.


As a Lightweight Centaur, Alusia is very interested in sporting activities such as morning runs. Alusia has a strong admiration for Centorea, but she can be quite intrusive, for example when she repeatedly apologized to her that she was late at the meeting point, although it wasn't a big deal. Her admiration can also prove problematic, for example when Alusia asked Centorea to show her how she would manage the obstacle course, forgetting to consider that a standard Centaur would find it much more difficult to do because of their lower speed and agility. Just like Centorea, Alusia is also somewhat archaic, for example because she calls her "Senpai" and believes in "Fate Partners".

In general, it seems that Alusia is sometimes easily impressed and places a higher value on some things than most others would. On the other hand, she seems to have a good eye for detail, as she can distinguish Centorea's "normal" running form from her "beautiful" running form when Centorea carries Kimihito on her back. Also, Alusia seems to be a bit naive and gulliable, actually believing that Centorea could use her "overwhelming power of destiny" to find a fated partner for her, not realizing that Centorea was just joking.

Skills and Traits[]

Physical Traits[]

  • Lightweight Centaur Physiology:
    • Agility: Like most centaurs she is very fast, but as a Lightweight Centaur are also racing horses, making her faster than the common Centaur. In Chapter 68, Alusia managed to complete Centorea's obstacle course in a matter of seconds, while Centorea thought to herself that she probably wouldn't be able to do it herself.
    • Taste Buds: As herbivores, Centaurs generally have twice as many taste buds as omnivores (e.g humans), while omnivores have over twenty times as many taste buds as carnivores (e.g Lamias).
    • Normothermia: Like horses, she has higher body temperature than Humans. Hers is 38°C (100.4°F) to be precise. This is the same as the average horse.
    • Centaur Ears: Centaur's ears are capable of reflecting the centaur's mood as they are able to move much in the same way as a horse's ears.
    • Sense of Smell: Due to their equine biology, Centaurs have a sense of smell that is 1000 times greater than that of a human.


Alusia came to Japan as a member of a school sports program cultural exchange group of Lightweight Centaurs. One morning while Alusia was training along the river bank in Tokyo, she accidentally noticed Centorea who was busy with her morning run. Centorea had a daydream in which she imagined Kimihito riding on her back. Impressed by this "beautiful running form", Alusia wrote a letter to Centorea and asking Centorea to meet her at the race track in the morning, to ask her something, although Alusia didn't mention her specific concern in the letter.

Centorea found the letter strange as she didn't know Alusia, but Ms Smith pointed out, that Centorea had been studying abroad for quite a long time and should therefore try to offer advice to less experienced Centaur girls from time to time. Centorea agreed, thinking to herself that helping another Centaur in need is another side of the cultural exchange.

Meeting with Centorea[]


Alusia apologizes (exaggeratedly at length) to Centorea.

Centorea and Alusia met up the next morning at the race track in Chapter 68, which Centorea always run past on their morning run. Alusia was a little late, whereupon she apologized profusely, even with a deep bow. Centorea quickly assured her that everything was ok, especially since all the apologies made her uncomfortable. She asked Alusia what advice she wanted, to which the Lightweight Centaurine said it was more of a request and asked if Centorea could teach her to gallop like she herself.


Alusia asks Centorea to teach her.

However, Centorea is confused about this, as she doesn't understand what Alusia finds so great about her gallop. Alusia then tells her how she came to Japan as part of a school sports program's cultural exchange group and how she happened to see Centorea while training the other morning. Alusia goes on to say that she was struck by Centorea's "beautiful running form" and that she knew in a second that Centorea had something that she didn't have herself. Alusia asks Centorea to be her coach, also referring to her as "senpai". Centorea is taken aback by this admiration, but finally agrees to teach Alusia, as she already feels obligated to do so as a senpai.

However, in the evening at the Kurusu house, Centorea is in a very stressed mood, explaining to Kimihito that she always wanted an adoring fan like Alusia, but now fears that Alusia might give up on her before Centorea can show her any of her "lordly majesty". Also, Centorea has no idea what Alusia found so entrancing about her running in the first place, so she doesn't know what to teach Alusia. Kimihito then admits that Centorea's running is amazing, reminding her of her first encounter with him. He compares her running and jumping from back then with an obstacle course. This random comparison, however, sends Centorea into a frenzy of triumph as she suspects this is what Alusia meant.

The obstacle course[]

The next morning, Alusia is quite surprised when Centorea shows her a large obstacle course on a meadow in the city with swinging wooden pegs and wooden ramps to jump over. Centorea says to Alusia that her gallop is perfect and beautiful, but it is also said that a "true gallop" is one that can be done regardless of the surroundings, which is why she built this course. Centorea formally proclaims that Alusia's task is to complete this obstacle course and that once she has succeeded, she can finally say that she galloped in truth. However, in the middle of her speech, Centorea stops when she realizes that Alusia is no longer listening to her and starts to walk the obstacle course.


Alusia masters the obstacle course without any problems.

In no time at all, Alusia completes the obstacle course without any problems by jumping over the wooden ramps and skilfully avoiding the swinging wooden pegs. She proudly asks how that was. Centorea reluctantly says it was "not so bad", although she is actually intimidated by Alusia's perfect performance. Alusia is happy about the praise, but says, she's a little "rusty" since its been a while since she's completed a steeplechase. Admiringly, however, Alusia suddenly asks Centorea to show her to run through the obstacle course herself.

However, Centorea is frightened by this request and begins to brood feverishly. She thinks to herself that she got a little carried away building this obstacle course and that she's actually not good at running them. While Alusia looks intently at Centorea (unaware of her nervousness), Centorea frantically contemplates what to do now, fearing that if she refuses Alusia's request she might lose her senpai aura in front of her.

However, Centorea's train of thought is interrupted by Kimihito, who suddenly joins the two Centaurides. While Kimihito admires the obstacle course Centorea built (although he also questions whether Centorea had permission from the city government to do so), Alusia is amazed to learn that he is Centorea's "master".

The next moment, however, Alusia notices the tethers on a stack of logs for jumping over (which was a part of the obstacle course) suddenly snapping, causing the logs to roll down the slope toward Kimihito. Alusia shouts a warning to him, but the next moment Centorea is there, grabs Kimihito, puts him on her back and carries him out of the dangerous situation in several quick manoeuvres. Relieved, Kimihito thanks Centorea, although she thinks it was primarily her fault since she built the obstacle course in the first place. Kimihito tries to calm her down, but their conservation is suddenly interrupted by Alusia.

An unthinking promise[]

Eyes sparkling with excitement, Alusia announces that this was "the gallop" she was looking for, much to Kimihito's and Centorea's confusion. Dreamily, Alusia explains that Centorea's "beautiful running form" looked like she was carrying her master on her back while she ran. Embarrassed, Centorea recalls imagining a few days ago (Chapter 68 prologue) that she was carrying her master on her back at that time. However, Alusia suddenly asks Centorea how she can learn to gallop that way, abruptly tearing Centorea out of her thoughts.

Clearing her throat, Centorea hesitantly says that Alusia could probably gallop like that if she also found someone who she could place upon her back with pride, her "fated master". Alusia is also impressed that Centorea has found her fated partner. Flattered by Alusia's words, Centorea jokingly and unthinkingly states that for someone as "in-tuned with destiny" as she is herself, finding a fated partner for Alusia would hardly be a trial. However, Kimihito is horrified when he realizes what Centorea has just promised, even if only meant as a joke.


Alusia takes Centorea's joke seriously, much to Centorea's despair.

His fear proves to be true, as Alusia believes Centorea is completely serious and asks her admiringly if she can really do this for her. Horrified, Centorea flees while Alusia happily shouts after her to stop galloping away and use her "overwhelming power of destiny" to help her find her fated partner as well. Unsure, Kimihito asks Centorea why she said that, but Centorea just stammers a few words out of desperation.

Zoological Classification[]

Main article: Centaur

Lightweight Centaurs (軽量種, Keiryō-shu), known also as Racing Centaurs, are a Centaur subspecies that excels at running. They are smaller than standard centaurs, with slimmer and tighter bodies. Though they approach their rank and records with a stoic attitude and love running, they are easily injured, and they devote much of their attention to studying health care. They can be rather moody, but this can be attributed to timidity or physical and mental innocence. Since their bodies are not as large, neither are their breasts.


  • Like many characters, her name is a pun on her species. "Alusia" comes from the Andalusian horse, a breed of race horses.
  • Alusia arrived as a part of a school sports program's cultural exchange group.
  • Alusia's specialty is the 1000m sprint.
  • She hates the multi-stage fitness test.
  • Besides sports she enjoys sports science.
  • Although the salutation "Van" in Alusia's last name could indicate that she, like Cheron and Pegasania, could belong to a Centaur noble family, this has not yet been officially confirmed.


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