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The following are quotes said by or relating to Alusia Van Dalsia. Quotes may vary slightly depending on whether readers use the official or fan-based translations.


Volume 17[]

"I'm so sorry!! I'm running a little late!! You're Centorea, right?!"
Alusia at her first encounter with Centorea, Chapter 68
"Centorea-san!! Please!! Teach me to gallop as you do!!"
Alusia to Centorea, Chapter 68
"I was struck by your beautiful running form...At that second, I knew you had somethin' I don't Centorea-san, that's why-no! Centorea-senpai, that's why I want you to become my coach!! Please teach me!! Centorea-senpai!!"
Centorea is shocked by the admiration Alusia has for her, Chapter 68
"How was that Centorea-senpai!!"
"N...not so bad...in...indeed..."
"Thank you! Steeple-chase used to be my best event!"
Alusia after she mastered the obstacle couse without any problems,Chapter 68
"That's the gallop!! That's what I've been looking for!!"
"That's the gallop I was taken with when I saw you running before!! That beautiful form was almost as if you were carrying your master on your back as you run! I've been wondering how I can run that way for so long now!"
Alusia, after she saw Centorea save Kimihito from the falling logs, Chapter 68
"Senpai! Stop galloping away~!! Use your over-helmed power of destiny to help me find my fated partner too~!!"
Alusia asks Centorea to stay after Centorea, flattered by Alusia's worlds, promised her in a rash moment to help her find her "fated partner", Chapter 68