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Arachne Leader
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Physical Appearance
Monster Species Arachne
Gender Female Female
Monster Profile
Occupation Leader of Rachnera's tribe
Exchange student (since Chapter 67)
Media Debut
Manga Chapter 67

The Arachne leader is a Arachne and the currently unnamed leader of Rachnera's tribe. She makes her debut along with the rest of her tribe in Chapter 67, where it is also revealed that she has commissioned Rachnera to participate in the Cultural Exchange Between Species Program to find out if Arachne can live alongside humans or not. While the Arachne leader initially appeared proud and refused to socialize with strangers, she eventually became more open after she, like the rest of her tribe found at boyfriend during the Artic Inn dating pool events.


The Arachne leader has the appearance of a young woman with three bangs parting to the left side of her face. She has six pupil-less eyes, large breasts, and sharp teeth. Furthermore, she has a black carapace covering her arms from the shoulders down, and long fingers with gauntlet-like plating on her hands that end in sharpened points. As an Arachne, her most noticeable physical trait is that of a giant spider's lower body connected to her humanoid buttocks. Like all members of her tribe, her abdomen is on the back adorned with a large skull-like pattern.

In Chapter 67, the Arachne leader wears the typical outfit of her tribe, consisting of a revealing halter top with shoulder-less sleeves, and a loincloth with a slightly-frilly white trim. In Chapter 83, she also wore two heart-shaped black pasties on her breasts during the BDSM games with her boyfriend.


Typical of most Arachne, the Arachne leader is proud and closed off emotionally towards others and she initially seemed generally opposed to the idea that Arachne should changing their behaviour and "playing nice" as it would defame their true nature. During her debut in Chapter 67, she openly told Kimihito that she and her tribe wanted nothing to do with strangers and due to this unwillingness to interact with others as equals, and it took some convincing from Rachnera to get them to participate in the onsen events at the Arctic Inn. The Arachne leader is mostly very serious and sometimes a bit melodramatic when she said that Rachnera's answer to the question of whether Arachne can live alongside humans would decide the destiny of the tribe.

As the leader of Rachnera's tribe, she is very proud, which is why she gets very upset about perceived insolence, such as when she demanded a serious answer from Rachnera's mocking comments. She can also be very arrogant at times, such as when she was visibly annoyed at how the Liminals and human guests of the Arctic Inn so quickly and spontaneous formed couples, thinking to herself that she would pity their "weak wills". She smugly thought to herself that Arachne would never "fall pray" to such "frivolities", which is why she was very indignant when she saw how her tribe members flirting also with the humans just as spontaneously as the other Liminals. Angrily, she asked them if they all had forgotten their pride as Arachne.

Ultimately, however, these words turned out to be ironic, as when one of the human guests accidentally fell face first into the Arachne leaders' bosom, she also fell immediately in love with him, although she was a little hesitant to start a conversation with him due to her lack of experience. Since she seemed to immediately fall in love with the young man due to his boyish appearance, the Arachne leader seems to be a shotacon, what means that she is attracted to youthful men. This is further supported by the fact that she was visibly annoyed by the spontaneous pairings between the male humans and the Liminals in the Arctic Inn, which, in addition to her arrogance about "the pride of the Arachne", implies that she herself has no interest in men whose appearance speaks more of their age.

As seen later in Chapter 83, the Arachne leader has a masochistic side as she passionately enjoys BDSM practices with her boyfriend, while she stark naked, blindfolded, and bond with her own silk plays the role of the sub, while her boyfriend in the role of the top tickles and stimulates her with various BDSM tools. This makes her previous words about that Arachne would never "fall prey" to such a "scandalous behavior" hypocritical.

Skills and Traits[]

Personal Traits[]

  • Shotacon complex: The Aachne leader seems to have a shotacon-complex. This is shown in the fact that in Chapter 67 she was annoyed by the couplings of the other Liminal woman with human men whose appearance corresponded with their ages, but she herself immediatelly fell in love with a young man who outwardly looked significantly younger that his age. This complex is not as strong in the Arachne leader at is it for example in Abul, as the Arachne leader is not attracted to children, but only to adult men with childlike appearance.
  • Masochism: As seen in Chapter 83, the Arachne leader has a masochistic side and enjoys BDSM practices with her boyfriend whereby she plays the role of the submissive sub.

Physical Traits[]

  • Arachne Physiology:
    • Large Breasts: As an Arachne, which is classified as one of the larger liminal species, the Arachne leader possesses large breasts in proportion to her body.
    • Thread Spinning: Due to their spider biology, Arachne are capable of spinning very fine silk webs. The silk is said to be stronger than steel.
      • Spider Silk: The silk that an Arachne produces has a wide variety of applications. Aside from using it to tie people up, a Arachne can detect its vibrations to listen in on conversations and use it to make her own clothes.
    • Claws: The carapace covering the fingers of a Arachne ends in razor sharp claws. These claws, while mostly used to cut her silk into appropriate lengths, can also be used offensively, as they are sharp enough to effortlessly cut open human skin.
    • Caffeine intolerance: Like spiders, Arachne can get drunk from ingesting caffeine, as just a single cup of coffee is enough to get them drunk. In return, however, Arachne are immune to alcohol ( as revealed in Monster Musume: Monster girls on the Job!). Decaffeinated coffee can be drunk by Arachne without issue, as revealed in Chapter 74.
    • Bondage skills: All Arachne are proficient in bondage, as it has uses in mating and in tying up prey during hunting. Tying others up is also noted to be an outright compulsion for their species, as much an outlet for their predatory drives as it is their sex drives, and so depending on context the Arachne may regard a session of bondage in a completely non-sexual way.
    • Temperature Sensitivity: Because of their arthropod nature, Arachne are very sensitive to both high and low temperatures. Higher heat or cold, with which beings like humans or Centaurs would still feel comfortable, would already be too extreme for an Arachne. Because of this, they don't tolerate hot baths or snow very well. It is not known if Arachne are also cold blooded, but they do hibernate and may also die if the ambient temperature is too low.
    • Wall-crawling: As an Arachne, she possesses the ability to do so but she has yet to display it.


  • BDSM Equipments: The Arachne leader owns them to enjoy being the sub while her boyfriend is the dom when they're enjoying BDSM practices during their freetime.


Typical for most Arachne tribes, Rachnera's tribe originally lived in hidden dark places and survived by secretly kidnapping human males in order to reproduce with them (since Arachne are a purely female species). But when the Cultural Exchange Between Species Bill was finally introduced, they could no longer use this practice, as kidnapping humans by Liminals was now a federal offense.

However, the Arachne leader and her tribe viewed the new changes brought by the bill with with concern and feared for the survival of their species, as it is in the nature of the Arachne to hurt others and they were not convinced that humans and Arachne can live together peacefully. This fear was not unfounded as there were many humans who were afraid and had prejudices about Arachne due to her spider-like appearance. For this reason, the Arachne leader sent Rachnera as a participant in the culture exchange to Japan with the mission to find out whether it is possible if Arachne can live alongside humans or not.


Metting with Rachnera[]

Rachnera finally calls a meeting at the Sno Ball Hot Spring Resort in Chapter 67, whereupon the entire Arachne tribe gathers in the Arctic Inn's Flowerfull Room. Kimihito and his other homestay girls, who were working at the Arctic Inn at this time and know nothing about Rachnera's connections to the other Arachne, are astonished by their suddenly appearance. At first they suspected that the Arachne want to take part in the Inn's dating pool events, but when Kimihito asks them about it, the Arachne leader tells him stright up that that she and her tribe don't care for intermingling with strangers and that he doesn't need to pay to them no mind. Although somewhat puzzled by this lack of intersting, Kimihito and his homestay girls then take care of other more pressing problems.

Finally, Rachnera meets with her tribe, although her leader chides her that she come late. The Archne Leader then demands the report from Rechnera regard the question if Arachne can live alongside humans, whereby she mention the changes that the Exchange Bills has brought to the Arachne. She ends her speech somewhat melodramatic with the words that Rachnera's answer would decide the destiny of the tribe. Rachnera, annoyed, replies that the "desiny" thing is faar too serious and blames her tribe for being like a bunch up old people because they don't try anything out and hate new things just because they are new.


The Arachne leaders demands a serious answer from Rachnera.

Indignantly, the Arachne Leader then demands a serious answer from Rachnera, but Rachnera impassive replies that it doesn't matter what she would say, since the other Arachnes, as always, simply end her words with "we shall take it under consideration" or "that is merely one opinion". Rachnera explains that stuff like this has a way to work itself out and before she leaves she tells her tribe that since they are here, they should try to relax or just talk to some guys.


The Arachne decides to use the onsen.

The Arachne tribe thinks about it for a while, but finally they pull themselves together and decide to use the onsen. In the meantime, Yukio has brought two of her friends, Suu's mother and a Salamander woman, who, to the delight of the onsen guests, use their combined water and fire elemental powers to transform the entire bathouse into a huge sauna.

First meeting with her future boyfriend[]


The Arachne leader is initially outraged to see her tribe by "scandalous behavious"...

While the Lamia and other Liminal women quickly pair up with the human men in the onsen, the Arachne leader thinks that a "cavorting" in such a manner is unseemly and that she pities their weak wills. Somewhat arrogantly, she thinks that Arachne would never fall prey to such "frivolities" or "scandalous behaviour", but as she looks around her tribe, she is almost spreechless with indignation when she sees that the other Arachne are also forming couples with the human men and flirt with them in the same way. She angrily asks her tribe if they have all forgotten their pride as Arachne.


... but that goes away immediately when she finds a boyfriend herself.

However, before she can say anything else, one of the human guests accidentally trips on a slipperly spot in the floor, causing him to fall against the Arachne leader and land headfirst into her chest. Unsure, the young man apologises to her, but instead of being angry at him, the Arachne leader immediatelly falls in love with him due to her shotacon complex and his boyish appearance. A little hesitantly due to her inexperience in dealing with strangers as equals, she tells him not to worry and to come closer to her and after a short time, the two become a couple. Unbeknownst to them, they are observed by Rachnera, who smiles happily at their leader's luck in finding a boyfriend.

BDSM games with her boyfriend[]

Some time later, shortly before Chapter 83, the Arachne leader moves with her boyfriend into a redidential area of Tokyo that was turned by Mr President to be accommodation for larger Liminal species, whereby, similar to Rachnera in the Kurusu house, the Arachne leader seems to enjoy life in the attic of their new house.


The Arachne leader enjoys BDSM practices with her boyfriend.

After losing contact with her, Rachnera went to her house to check on her. However, when Rachnera looked in through the attic window, she saw how her leader passionately enjoys BDSM practices with her boyfriend, while she, stark naked, blindfolded, and bonded with her own silk plays the role of the sub, while her boyfriend in the role of the top tickles and stimulates her with various BDSM tools. That was enough for Rachnera and she left. But after giving Abul some advice, Rachnera decides to go back to mess with her leader before heading home, probably to confront her leader for engaging in such indecent BDSM practices.

Zoological Classification[]

Main article: Arachne

Arachne (アラクネ族, Arakune-zoku) are a carnivorous monogendered demihuman Liminal species with the torso of a human woman, who, however, is attached on the hips to the body of a giant spider. They are physically strong, agile, and fast.

The spider half is armored with hard but light exoskeleton, and their abdomen also has spinnerets and a book lung. Arachne possess sharp claws of the same exoskeleton material, as a means of attack as well as tools for the handling of the webbing, as they are quite dexterous. Their silk is some five times stronger than steel and twice as elastic as nylon. Also, they are more akin to arachnids than mammals, and can be intoxicated by caffeine.


  • The Arachne leader is the first character in the Manga series with a shotacon complex with the next being Abul. However, unlike Abul who is actually attracted to children, the Arachne leader is attracted to adult men with child-like appearances.
  • While some hypothesise due to the mothers of the other girls being leaders (or at least prominent members) of their respective tribes, it has not been confirmed whether the Arachne Leader is Rachnera's mother or not.

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