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The following are quotes said by or related to the Arachne leader. Quotes may vary slightly depending on whether readers use the official or fan-based translations.


Volume 16[]

"Baths...? We ill care for heat. you'll excuse us for refraining. We care not for intermingling with strangers. You need pay us no mind."
—The Arachne Leader expresses to Kimihito her tribe's reluctance to interact with strangers or participate in the dating pool events of the Arctic Inn, Chapter 67
"You are the one who chose this place for the meeting. Now give us your report. We shall hear whether we Arachne can live alongside humans or not. This is the mission you were tasked with as one of the expeditionary force. We are those who dwell in the shadow never shall we seek to live in the light. We survived as a species by stealing men in secret. Now however, the Extraspecies Exchange Act has changed everything. Should we continue as we have, our species will end... the time for change is now. Yet ours is an existence that causes pain for others. We shall not change our manners nor perform niceties contrary to our nature. Reject the outsiders and perish, or embrace a lie and live on. Rachnera Arachnera, we shall hear our answer. And by it, decide our destiny...!"
—The Arachne Leader to Rachnera, Chapter 67
"Unseemly... all of them cavorting in such a manner. How is this cultural exchange... I pity their weak will. We Arachne will not fall prey to such frivolities or scandalous behavi... Wha?! H-have you all forgotten your pride as Arachne...!!"
—The Arachne Leader is annoyed by the spontaneous pairing between the Liminal women and the human men in the Arctic Inn and then reacts indignantly when her tribe members mixes with the crowd in the same way, Chapter 67
"D... don't worry...! You... you don't have to be afraid...! How about... um... anyway...! Why don't... you come a little closer...!"
—The Arachne Leader tries to strike up a conversation with her future boyfriend, whom she immediatelly fell in love with because of his childish look, although she is a bit unsure about interacting strangers on an equal level with strangers due to her lack of experience, Chapter 67