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The following is a description of the Arachne leader's relationships and interactions with other characters in Monster Musume: Everyday Life with Monster Girls.


Her Boyfriend[]

The Arachne leader and her future boyfriend first met in Chapter 67 at the Sno Ball Hot Spring Resort in a somewhat chaotic incident when he accidentally tripped and litelly fell head first into her bosom. Instead on being angry, she immediatelly fell in love with him due to her shotacon complex and his matching boyish features. Because of her lack of experience interacting with strangers on an equal level, she was a little hesitant about starting a conversation with him, but in the end they formed a solid couple.

As seen later in Chapter 83, the two also enjoy masochistic BDSM practices with each other, with the Arachne leader stark naked, blindfolded, and bond with her own silk play the role of the sub, while her boyfriend in the role of the top tickles and stimulates her with various BDSM tools.

Kimihito Kurusu[]

The Arachne leader only briefly interacted with Kimihito in Chapter 67 at the Arctic Inn when she told him and his homestay girls that she and her tribe were not interested in participating in the Inn's onsen events. Due this brief and superficial interaction, it is not known whether the Arachne leader known that Kimihito is Rachnera's host.

Her Tribe[]

Rachnera Arachnera[]

The exact relationship between the Arachne leader and Rachnera is not known in all details, but after the Cultural Exchange Between Species Bill was introduced, the leader sent Rachnera to Japan as an participant in the program to learn whether Arachne could live alongside humans. This shows that the Arachne leader trusts Rachnera and believes she is capable enough to complete such an important mission successfully. However, she can also easily get annoyed by Rachnera's mocking manner when she demands a serious answer from Rachnera.

According to Rachnera, her tribe members tends to listen her but ultimately ignore her suggestions due to their insecurities when interacting with strangers, which probably also applies to the Relationship between the Arachne leader and Rachnera. Nevertheless, in the end she was willing to accept Rachnera's suggestion and take part in the daiting pool events of the Inn along with the rest of her tribe.

The other Arachne[]

As their leader, she commands a lot of respect among the members of her tribe and she seems to get along well with them. However, she was outraged when she saw the other Arachnes mixed with the crowd and pairing up with the human men at the Arctic Inn, angrily asking them if they had all forgotten their pride as Arachne. But she immediately forgot her indignation when she found a boyfriend herself (or rather he found her) and let the other Arachne to have their ways with their new relationships.