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The following are quotes said by or relating to Arbatel. Quotes may vary slightly depending on whether readers use the official or fan-based translations.


Volume 18[]

"What a pain...honestly, you harem rom-com protagonists are the worst."
Arbatel to Kimihito before she reveals her true form to him, Chapter 80
"I'm surprised you figured it out...It's as you said. I am Arbatel. I suppose bringing you here without brainwashing you was a tad prideful of me..."
Arbatel reveals to Kimihito that she didn't brainwash him on purpose when she absorbed his consciousness, Chapter 80
"...Wh...Why was I the only one to not be brainwashed...?"
"Hnn...as if you don't know. It's because you're a harem rom-com protagonist! The kind of person I hate most!"
Kimihito (blankly)
"What do you mean what?! How many girls are waiting on you hand and foot!! You some kind of polygamist?! That's just pathetic indecision because you can't pick a girl, isn't it!! I can't abide that kind of rom-com!!"
Arbatel reveals to Kimihito that she dislikes him and thinks he is a "harem rom-com protagonist", Chapter 80
"How foolish of you...Don't you know I'm the one who created this world? As if a single man like you could do anything, quite brazen of you. And where is your harem now? Well...not that I expected anyone to figure me out like this..."
Arbatel taunts Kimihito as she prepares to cast a spell to brainwash him as well, Chapter 80
"I can't be someone to...!! Fall in love at first sight...!!"
Arbatel (sad)
Kimihito (confused)
"To think I'd go from watching...to actually participating...!! I have no right to look over this perfect world anymore...!!"
Kimihito (confused)
"I'll...let everyone go...!"
Arbatel decides to release the consciousnesses of the absorbed people after experiencing a rom-com experience herself, while Kimihito doesn't understand the reasons for her sudden change of heart, Chapter 80