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Physical Appearance
Monster Species Baku
Gender Female Female
Hair Black
Monster Profile
Occupation Exchange Student
Media Debut
Manga Chapter 65

Bahkurin is a female Baku who makes her debut in Chapter 65, as one of the numerous participants in the dating pool event at the Sno Ball Hot Spring Resort. However, her name is not revealed until later in Chapter 69 where she coincidentally meets Rem Nighdrem and decides to form a "symbiotic partnership" with the Nightmare girl which consists of having Rem gives nightmares to others, which Bahkurin then eats.


Her entire body is covered in short black fur except for a patch of white fur that covers her breasts, stomach and pelvic area and stretches around her back (similar in appearance to a swimsuit tan line), she also has white eyebrows. Bahkurin has well muscled arms and forearms and strong finger nails built for digging; she notably has only three fingers and a thumb per hand. She has a short black tail that slightly protrudes from her tailbone.

Although not obese, Bahkurin self-identifies as "a little curvy" due to her body being slightly heavy set. Her Hair is cut just above the shoulders except for one bang in the front that extends to her chest. The shape of her hair is reminiscent of the snout of a tapir.

In Chapter 69 she is seen walking through Tokyo donning a white long-sleeved shirt with a black high-waisted suspender skirt in similar style to a Virgin Killer Outfit.


Bahkurin has a quiet, polite and reserved personality, although she is not shy or insecure. She also doesn't like to eat as much as her body would suggest, although she is more amused than offended when someone suggests that she would eat a lot because of her build.

As seems to be a common trait with most monster girls, she has a promiscuous streak and is demonstrably quite sexually open as she has no problems with engaging in a group sex party with her two female friends (a Land Animal Harpy and a Kraken) and three human guys they had just met as a means to thank them for chasing off an undesirable man who was accosting them.

While Bahkurin is a very kind person, at times, perhaps unintentionally, she doesn't seem to pay that much attention to the feeling of others. This is seen in Chapter 69, when she and Rem wanted to give Centorea another nightmare, not realizing how traumatized Centorea was already. It might be possible that Bahkurin wasn't directly worried about Centorea's sanity because she would eat the nightmares caused by Rem right away, thinking that would avoid the negative effects for Centorea.

Skills and Traits[]

  • Baku physiology:
    • Dream Eater: As a Baku, Bahkurin can eat nightmares, although she can also eat normal dreams and normal food. As Bahkurin explains in Chapter 69, she can get by with normal dreams, but sometimes, she just wants to eat a nightmare.


  • Handbag: Bahkurin carried a handbag while wandering around town when she heard Centorea Shianus yelling about nightmares.


Bahkurin debuted in Chapter 65 along two other unnamed exchange students at the Sno Ball Hot Spring Resort. They bumped into the three unnamed male protagonists of the chapter before being approached by a few other men. Towards midnight, the protagonists again spotted them in the hot springs, but were beaten by Wani Otoko, who got too comfortable with the three of them. The male trio frightened off the fat man using "tactics", and the girls brought them back to their room to thank them.

Bahkurin reappeared in Chapter 69 after overhearing that Rem Nighdrem had trouble finding people to give nightmares to. Since her boyfriend had supposedly only had happy dreams, and eating nightmares is her specialty, a perfect symbiotic relationship was born.

Zoological Classification[]

Main article: Yokai

Bakus are a demihuman liminal species that inhabit the jungle and forest regions of Japan. They are thought to eat people's nightmares in Chinese and Japanese folklore and as such they are revered as powerful forces of good and holy protectors of mankind; with "evil spirits" and Yokai fearing and fleeing from their presence.


  • Bahkurin's appearance is based on the Malayan tapir; the largest of the four widely-recognized species of tapir and the only one native to Asia.
  • Although Bahkurin's species is referred to as a tapir in the official translation of the manga, she is actually a Baku, as can be seen from her name. The reason for this translation is that the Chinese word for Baku is the same word as that for tapir. This is due to the fact that the tapir species was unknown in Japan at that time when people used the Chinese word for tapir to refer to the Baku. It is generelly assumed that the appearance of the tapir influenced the description of the Baku in the Japanese mythology.
  • Bahkurin's nipples are inverted. Inverted nipples are a natural condition whereas the nipples, instead of pointing outward from the breast like most average nipples, are retracted inside the breast. As natural as having an "inny" belly button or an "outy" belly button, inverted nipples will harden, grow and 'pop out' just like an average nipple when stimulated, aroused and/or cold, and return back inside the breast afterward. Inverted nipples will also grow and protrude from the breast like an average nipple during pregnancy and breastfeeding. According to a study, about 10% of all nipples are inverted.
    • Bahkurin is the fourth Character in Monster Musume to be shown to posses inverted nipples; the first being Suu, the second being Ricotta and the third being Leechi.
  • Bahkurin's hairstyle is cut to resemble the nose/trunk of a tapir.

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