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The following are quotes said by or relating to Bahkurin. Quotes may vary slightly depending on whether readers use the official or fan-based translations.


Volume 16[]

"So you guys are all participating in the dating pool, right~?"
Bahkurin at the first encounter with the three young men, Chapter 65
"We're both a little curvy, so I think we'd get along great~"
Bahkurin, Chapter 65
"I'm a Baku, you know~I might look like I dream about eating, but~ actually I really don't eat that much~"
Bahkurin is amused by her prospective boyfriend's concern that he will not be able to provide for her, Chapter 65

Volume 17[]

"My apologies for the late introduction~My name is Bahkurin, I'm a Baku~"
"A Baku? You mean that kind that eat dreams...?"
"The very same~"
Bahkurin introduces herself to Kimihito, Centorea and Rem, Chapter 69
"I'm not eating enough nightmares it seems~Honestly, searching for sleepers is just so troublesome~"
Bahkurin to Rem and Kimihito, Chapter 69
"Well...I can get by with normal dreams and regular food, but...sometimes you just want to eat a nightmare, you know~"
Bahkurin to Rem, Chapter 69
"I shall give nightmares and...!"
"I shall eat them! A perfectly symbiotic relationship as they say~!!"
Bahkurin and Rem form a partnership, Chapter 69