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The following is a description of Bahkurin's relationships and interactions with other characters in Monster Musume: Everyday Life with Monster Girls.


Wani Otoko[]

Bahkurin and her friends were immediately repulsed by Wani Otoko for his boastful behavior, a circumstance that was only compounded when he tried to harass them. After the three young men helped them, Bahkurin and her friends were quite grateful, which only illustrates how much they felt threatened by Wani Otoko.

Home-Stay Host/Lover[]

After the young men saved Bahkurin and her friends from harrasment by Wani Otoko, Bahkurin immediately chose one of them as their home-stay host, with Bahkurin saying that they would get along great as they were both "a little curvy". Bahkurin was also amused when the young man initially expressed his concern that he would not be able to afford a lot of extra food to cook for her that much and explained that she really doesn't eat that much regular food (feeding mainly on dreams). Finally, Bahkurin and her friends decided to "thank" the three young men with a sex group party, even though they had only just met and actually didn't really know each other.

Later in Chapter 69, Bahkurin throught dreamily about her host family and described them as wonderful. The only issue was that her new lover is so happy with her that he has had nothing but good dreams since her moving in with him and sharing his bed, and while she is happy with eating such dreams as her regular diet she does get a craving for nightmares at times, leading to her befriending Nighdrem to eat nightmares she produces in others.

Kimihito Kurusu[]

Kimihito and Bahkurin met in Chapter 69, but they have no special relationship with one another, and in essence they can only be viewed as passing acquaintances. Kimihito is probably getting along with Bahkurin in general, but he was quite angry when she and Rem tried to give Centorea more nightmares, regardless of how much Centorea was already traumatized by the torture. It is not certain whether Bahkurin either didn't notice how battered Centorea was or that she thought that nothing would happen since, as a Baku, she could eat Centorea's nightmares before they would further traumatized Centorea.

Kimihito's homestay girls[]

Centorea Shianus[]

After Bahkurin and Rem had entered into their "perfectly symbiotic relationship", they still needed someone who would be okay to give them nightmares. They chose Centorea without considering how much Centorea was already traumatized by the previous torture with the nightmares.

Monster Community[]

Rem Nighdrem[]

During an argument between Centorea and Rem, Bahkurin happened upon Rem's ability to cause nightmares. Thereupon, Rem and Bahkurin entered into a "perfectly symbiotic relationship", which consists in Rem giving nightmares to people while Bahkurin eats the nightmares. Both seem to have become close friends since then.

Land Harpy Friend & Kraken Friend[]

Bahkurin and her friends seem to have known each other for a long time and get on very well. They seem pretty open to each other as they didn't mind having a group sex party with the young men despite the intimacy of the situation.