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Bar Zetto N is a private bar located in one of Tokyo's red light districts that has been refurbished to cater for liminal clientele and voluntarily presents itself as a participant in the Liminal Employment Pilot Program.

While the other bars around the district had little more than counters to sit at and drink, Zetto N had a lot of space, filled with upholstered chairs and sofas. The building was arranged so there was ample room for even the largest liminals to stretch out and enjoy themselves. It seemed accessibility had been a key consideration in its design.
The bar is located close to the border between two prefectures. Which means it gets a lot of small-time gangland members from both prefectures (not serious yakuza) who want to throw some weight around in opposing territories despite its "high class" appearance.


  • The bar is run and managed by a 30-something, slender man with toned muscles visible through his slim-cut suit and apron. Simply nicknamed "Master", he is an incredibly patient man who believes that bartending is about customer service. That, while the drinks are important, what really mattered was that the customer has an experience they can't find anywhere else. He radiates a natural calm and prefers to keep things "classy". Which is part of the reason why Lilith comes to the bar often.
  • Lilith is a regular at the Bar Zetto N, she also takes advantage of the perverted old men in the red light district posing as a school student and makes a lot of pocket money from them via performing "JK Business".
  • On the day of the Liminal work pilot program, the bar manager only invited regulars who knew that they would have liminals working to minimize any disruptive behaviour.
  • One of the regulars of the bar is a male Werecat.
  • "Mohawk Guy" is famous around the red light district. He wanders the cabaret clubs and bars and gets the female employees drunk, then molests them while their guards are down. Places keep banning him and he came to Bar Zetto N because he had nowhere left to go. Even Lilith hated him. Unsurprisingly speciesist and sexist, "Mohawk Guy" believes that liminals are "kinda stupid" although he does believe it would be cool if they got jobs at the cabaret clubs; as he believed there would be no problem with getting them drunk and molesting them instead of the human waitresses.
  • The managing director of the Tomas Theater and the manager of Bar Zetto N are friends who share the same idealism in regards to liminal merging into human society.

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