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The following are quotes said by or relating to the Bicycle Police Officer. Quotes may vary slightly depending on whether readers use the official or fan-based translation.


Volume 1[]

"I heard there was a kid stuck in a tree around here..."
—The Police Officer arrives at the park too late after Papi has already saved the kid, Chapter 3
"Okay then, can you just show me your certification?"
—The Police Officer doesn't content himself with a verbal statement when Kimihito claims that he is Papi's host, Chapter 3

Volume 4[]

"Somebody called in and said they heard something in this old warehouse... but nobody's here... it's really dark and scary in here~ I wanna go home... Agh! there's something stuck on my head! Eek, a spiderweb! Gross!"
—The Police Officer anxiously examines the old warehouse for suspicious signs, unaware of Rachnera's presence with the captured Kimihito in the rafters above him, Chapter 15

Volume 6[]

"Freeze! Don't move, I'll shoot, I'll shoot, so don't move!! What's with the severed head?! You some kind of serial killer?!"
—The Police Officer confronts Kimihito in the park at night and mistakenly believes that Kimihito is a murderer because he is holding Lala's head in his hands, although the Officer himself is hysterically overwhelmed with the situation, Chapter 23

Volume 7[]

"Halt! You there, the Harpy with the long hair! Stop chasing those people! Where's your host family? Do you have a permission slip allowing you to be out on your own?!"
—The Police Officer confronts Papi's mother after seeing her chasing Kimihito and Papi, Chapter 28