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The following is a description of the Bicycle Police Officer's relationships and interactions with other characters in Monster Musume: Everyday Life with Monster Girls.


Kimihito Kurusu[]

The Bicycle Police Officer didn't interact much with Kimihito during the manga series. In general, Kimihito has a tendency to get into unfortunate circumstances with the officer in situations that have nearly led to Kimihito's arrest on more than one occasion, although the two are rather neutral towards each other.

The first encounter between Kimihito and the officer took place in Chapter 3, when the cop asked Papi where her host family was. Kimihito then claimed that, since he knew Papi would be deported if the officer found out that the Harpy had gone out without her host family, he was her host (which was not true at the time). However, the officer wasn't satisfied just with a verbal statement and demanded that Kimihito show him Papi's certification, which of course Kimihito didn't have. Luckily the situation was resolved in time by Ms Smith showing the police officer Papi's certification.

Second, in Chapter 15, the cop entered a warehouse only to find spider webs in the interior. He unknowingly located Kimihito who was taken hostage by the Arachne Rachnera. The cop ran out to call for help.

Later in Chapter 23, an unfortunate encounter again occurred between Kimihito and the cop at the Sakanoshita Park at night. Because Kimihito was holding Lala's lost head, the officer mistakenly thought that Kimihito was a murder, wrongly thinking it was the head of a dead victim. The officer threatened Kimihito with a gun, although he himself was overwhelmed with the situation out of fear. The unfortunate encounter was finally resolved when Papi accidentally crashed into the officer, knocking him unconscious.

Neighborhood Kids[]

The Bicycle Police Officer had heard a little girl screaming, but had arrived to the scene late. The Officer never really interacted with the children.

Kuroko Smith[]

There were up to two dealings that the Bicycle Police Officer had with the Interspecies Exchange Coordinator Smith.

First, Smith arrived with the documents for the cop to verify that Kimihito Kurusu was the host family of the harpy Papi.

Second, the Bicycle Police Officer told Smith, M.O.N., and the police that Rachnera and Kimihito were in an abandoned warehouse.

Purse Thief[]

The Bicycle Police Officer arrested the Purse Thief who committed crimes of theft and battery (injuring a person that is not accidental) as well as breaking the rule imposed by the Interspecies Exchange Bill because the Purse Thief tried to attack a centaur. However, this event only took place in the anime because in the manga series, the Bicycle Police Officer was not present when the thief was arrested in Chapter 4 and therefore never interacted with him in the manga.

Police Chief[]

The Bicycle Police Officer hasn't directly interacted with the Police Chief throughout the manga series, but he probably respects him as his superior.

Kimihito's homestay girls[]


Miia and the Police Officer only interacted briefly in Chapter 3 when he asked her and Papi where their host family was. Miia explained to him that Kimihito is her host.


Centorea Shianus[]

In the manga series, the Bicycle Police Officer has never interacted with Centorea as far as is known, but in Episode 2 of the Anime, the officer arrested the Purse Thief after attempting to injure the Centauride with her own sword.

Rachnera Arachnera[]


The police officer never interacted directly with Lala, but in Chapter 23, when he saw Kimihito holding Lala's head, he thought Kimihito was a murder with the head of a dead victim before the officer was knocked unconscious by Papi.



In Chapter 15, the Police Officer called the M.O.N team for assistance after hearing suspicious noises coming from an abandoned warehouse. Doppel thanked the officer for his report, but he hesitantly replied and seemed uncomfortable around her, presumably because she wasn't wearing any clothes.


In Chapter 15, the Police Officer called the M.O.N team for assistance after hearing suspicious noises coming from an abandoned warehouse, but he and Tionishia didn't actually interact with each other.


In Chapter 15, the Police Officer called the M.O.N team for assistance after hearing suspicious noises coming from an abandoned warehouse, but he and Zombina didn't actually interact with each other.


In Chapter 15, the Police Officer called the M.O.N team for assistance after hearing suspicious noises from an abandoned warehouse. The officer and Manako didn't directly interact with each other, but after the situation was resolved, he seemed to shy away from her, perhaps because was startled by the sight of her single eye.

Monster Community[]

Orc leader[]

The Bicycle Police Officer hasn't interacted much with the Orc leader, but since they're on different sides of the law they're not on friendly terms. Due to his work with the Japanese police, the officer has also probably at least heard about the incident with the P.O.R.K in Chapter 11. After the police officer arrested the Orc leader in Chapter 40, he was confused by the Orc's whimpering that "little girls are scary" after being traumatized by Doppel.

Papi's Mother[]

After the Bicycle Police Officer saw Papi's mother in Chapter 28 chasing both Kimihito and Papi, he ordered her to stop and asked if she had permission to go out without her host family (not knowing that she didn't have one). However, Papi's mother didn't quite understand what the cop wanted from her and asked him if he wanted to mate. This question shocked the officer deeply and he said she was disturbing the peace, although Papi's mother didn't understand what he meant by that.

Later at the end of Chapter 28 the police officer ordered Papi's mother to stop again after she was flying around with no underwear on, and in the omake of Volume 7 it is seen that he took her to a police station even though she received no punishment. It is likely that the Police Officer would be deeply embarrassed if he ever found out that he almost arrested his boss's wife.