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The Black Lily Advanced Materials Laboratory, also known as the Black Lily Research Facility, is a private business and laboratory led by Mr President outside of Tokyo that specialises in the study, production and selling of "liminal-products".

Running in conjunction, but separately, from the government run Cultural Exchange Between Species Bill, Black Lily Advance Materials Laboratory aids Liminal persons in travelling to Japan and provides them with food, board and employment in exchange for the opportunity to study products uniquely produced by their species (eg Honey Bee: Royal Jelly, Arachne: Spider Silk, Lamia: Snake Skin, etc).

General Information[]

The Black Lily Advanced Materials Laboratory is a research facility specializing in the sale of products produced by Liminals. Many Liminal species produce a host of products not otherwise found in human society (such as Pan wool, Arachne Spider Silk or Honey Bees Royal Jelly), for this reason many of these products are highly sought after and can be sold for a high price.

As Mr President, the head of the facility, explains in Chapter 53, the rumour persists that his firm is some kind of illegal immigration broker's front, even though, as he claims, the firm is in fact a legal Liminal immigration intermediary. The main difference to the agencies run by the Japanese government, however, is that the entry free for the Liminals is not cheap. In order to pay this free, the Liminals who come in work for the company by selling their products.

These products are either sold directly or are scientifically researched, for example to find out whether they can be used medicinally or cosmetically. Well-known examples of this are the scraped powder from the Unicorn's horns, which can cure numerous diseases, or the slime of the Bullywugs, which can be used as a moisturizing lotion for reptile Liminals, like Lizardfolk, after they have moulted. However, Mr President also emphasizes that his material laboratory only collects the excess material, so that the Liminals are not overburdened. The Liminals also receive generous payment for selling their products, such as Nicole Unicole, whose monthly payment is 1,500,000 yen.

One of the number one sellers of the Black Lily Materials Laboratory is Arachne Spider silk, which is why the company is quite well known among the Arachne. However, Mr President also pointed out that in the future it would be necessary to artificially produce Arachne silk, which is why the company is already researching it.

As Mr President explains, about 70% of the Liminals who enter Japan work for his company and many enjoy their works too. While many Liminals who enter Japan through the Liminal immigration intermediary of the Black Lily Laboratory work for the company, there is basically no obligation to do so and as long as the Liminals can pay their entry free, they can work whatever job they want. However, it's often difficult for Liminals to get a job in human society, as many human jobs are not suited to a Liminal's special needs. As such, Mr President doesn't force the Liminals to work for him, but ultimately it boils down to the same thing due to a lack of alternatives.


Although Mr President insists his business is perfectly legal, there are many who disagree, such as Ms Smith, who has already denounced the fact, that it's legally and morally illegal to sell Liminal products, such as Minotaur milk and Harpy eggs. Rachnera has also openly accused Mr President of doing everything he does for the Liminals, for selfish reasons only for its own benefit. In fact, Mr President admits that he often evades the law, which is just a euphemism for breaking it.

Another circumstance that casts doubt on the legality of the Black Lily Laboratory is the fact that they also illegally smuggle dangerous Liminals such as Killer Bees, Matango and Vampires into Japan. The incident with the Black Slime Nega-Suu is particularly noteworthy, as it almost led to numerous deaths.

Liminals who work for the Black Lily Laboratory[]



  • Rachnera reveals in Chapter 53 that Mr President was waiting to "save her" back in Chapter 15 in exchange for what would have cost six months worth of "resource production". However, she didn't call for his aid due to Kimihito being there to help her.
  • It is also revealed that the Laboratory had sent Kino, Killa and Curie toward the Kurusu House in an attempt to pressure Rachnera into meeting with them; while Rachnera agreed to meeting them in exchange for information on the girls she neglected to hold up her end of the deal and did not meet with the company until Chapter 53.
  • When Mr. President talks about the workers at the Black Lily Laboratory in Chapter 53, he repeatedly uses the word "girl". This seems to indicate that there are apparently no male Liminals who work for the black lily laboratory. The main reason for this is probably that the male Liminals do not produce certain products such as Royal Jelly or milk, which could be sold for profit.
  • Although it has been confirmed that the Black Lily Laboratory also deals in the sale of unfertilized Harpy eggs, it is not known for what the eggs are actually used. One possibility is that the eggs are eaten, but since Harpies are a sentient species, that would be more than morally reprehensible, even considering that the eggs are unfertilized.
  • In the real world, black lilies are a symbol of the unknown, the hidden deepths of the soul and the engmatic aspects of the life, whereby the black color of the flower also symbolizes. All of this meanings can be applied to the Black Lily Laboratory in the sense that it is a formal company but with hidden depths whereby the "dark" can also emphasize the sinister aspect that the legality of the company's operations can be questioned.

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