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The Black Lily Ranch is a farm ranch owned by the Black Lily Advanced Materials Laboratory.

While possessing livestock like a normal ranch, the Black Lily Ranch is staffed exclusively by female Minotaurs, Pan Fauns, and Satyrs as part of a ploy by the president of the Black Lily Advanced Materials Laboratory to use the ranch to produce and sell Liminal milk and Pan wool.

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  • The ranch, and the story arc surrounding it, is possibly inspired by Okayado's Minotaur's Milking Ranch artwork series and its popularity.
  • Kimihito Kurusu is blackmailed into working at the ranch to cover up the expenses he and his household girls inadvertently caused during the escapades with Suu and Nega-Suu, as well as ther services the girls used afterwards at Black Lily.
    • In Chapter 56, the first night Kimihito spends at the ranch, the moon is about half full. The last night of Kimihito's stay at Chapter 59 was a full moon, meaning Kimihito's stay at the ranch was approximately half a moon or two weeks.
  • Merino and Cathyl are hired for their expertise in ranch-work as overseers for the newly opened ranch.
  • The ranch's bath is filled with milk due to the water's temperature causing the girl's breasts to relax and freely lactate while they are bathing. Due to this, the bath is a mixture of Minotaur, Pan and Satyr milk that is said to aid in providing nutrients to the hair and skin.
  • In Chapter 71 the ranch is referred to as "Dairy Farm" (as seen on Centorea's Smartphone). It is believed that this is the ranch's official name to the public, as Mr President didn't want to choose a name that directly indicates a connection to the Black Lily Laboratory due to the ranch's semi-legal nature of selling Liminal milk.

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