• Jaymiller923


    March 11, 2020 by Jaymiller923

    I wonder if Suu drank salser water, will she be bubbly?

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  • CyberRaptorX5074

    Aside from the abnormally beautiful and even sexy version of mythical creatures around the world, The Monster Musume-Universe belongs to my favorite Urban Fantasy-Settings (With more potential then one would guess on first glance). I like the idea of mythical beings integrating into modern society and the Cultural Exchange program. But.....

    One thing i was wondering.....where did all the liminals come from?

    Well, normally, most of the species couldn't evolve under normal circumstances, there must be Magic influencing the Evolution of all the Liminals, but due to the humanoid/mammalian body types, there must have been a magic-involved event somewhere between 66 Million years ago (The Time where 70% of all Life died out including the Dinosaurs…

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  • TyA

    Your New Wiki Manager

    August 25, 2019 by TyA

    Good morning everyone! I am TyA and I have the pleasure of being assigned the Monster Musume Wiki's Wiki Manager. Part of my job is to be a liaison between your community and full time fandom staff, so if you ever need staff help, feel free to contact me and I'll see what I can do!

    I'm also here to help your wiki with whatever you need! Whether it be help with templates, wiki bots, or anything else, feel free to leave a message on my talk page or contact me on Discord (@ty#0768). If I can't help you, I'll do my best to find someone who can.

    I look forward to working with you! [[User:TyA|]] 14:31, August 25, 2019 (UTC)

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  • Hulk10

    In my own personal verse of this world I'd make dragons true reptiles. There are other things I'd add too.

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  • Geemanona

    Created an idea on Idea Wiki, which is related to the Monster Musume world. Here the link:

    Yes, I know this is a short blog post... what do you expect, want me to tell you a joke. Fine.

    2 guys went up to a bar, I can't believe the 2nd guy dint duck. (Comedy Punchline drum music)

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  • Anubian2000

    I'm like seriously why are they doing it? I'm not being mean and all, but why are some random Fandom users doing simple stuff on character pages like ​Centorea's ​weight saying "The Size of Your Mom!"​, which thankfully Timjer kindly clean that mess up. I'm not saying this as a fan of this series, but a person who thinks people that put hard work to this wiki shoudn't have to clean the mess of random Fandom users.

    We must have slightly strong strict rules for this wiki, like stop putting false information on the character's bio.

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  • PrincessChynna

    Hi! I know I'm not the first person demanding the game to return. But I'm one of those people that were left unsatisfied by the shutting down.

    I love the designs of the characters and I was hoping to see a skeleton for the Halloween event. Instead they announced the game was shutting down.

    That was so unfair! I was hoping for other monster girls to join the game. But I still have hope that it will return someday. Till then I shall wait and keep writing my Monster Musume fan fictions.

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  • PrincessChynna

    Hi, fellow Monster Musume fans! Here you can suggest your ideas on new monster girls, and even describe them. So, have fun everyone!

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  • Hulk10

    I think they should take greater care to name these so as to make a distinction between a liminal species and a non liminal one that shares the same name, like the Bat, White Tiger, Queen Bee, Honey Bee, Salamander and others.

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  • Diablosscar

    I just had this error Yesterday (july the 24th) in which any attempt to log in Just says (the red text)The expiration date of the page has expired , please re-enter .

    The Log in Page is very slow to react. Clicking on boxes or selecting facebook/google takes a few seconds to notice my imput.

    I have been playing this for a while now and just incountered this. I can give more information if need be.

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  • BigBangOverlordBuster

    I wanted to write something becuase I am out of suggestions for the species in my fanfiction, There are some monsters that I wanted to add in my fanfiction, Monster Musume Fanfic: The Most Beastly of Them All 2 , but I can't pick out one cause there are a lot...IS it okay if you guys can help me choose which one of these mons can be in my fanfiction, thanks

    List of Suggested Species:

    1. Jikiniki (Japanese "Human Eating Ghost")
    2. Futakuchi-Onna (Japanese "2-Mouth Woman")
    3. Bathak (Persian "Nightmare")
    4. Black Annis (English "Iron Clawed Witch")
    5. Nanaue (Hawaiian "Human Sharks")
    6. Enenra (Japanese "Smoke Ghost")
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  • The Joseph Joestar

    It has come to my attention, this wiki has a nice little live chat room. And yet, no one uses it. The Monster Musume fandom is one of the more interesting anime/manga fandom I've been in. Th show itself is watched for a variety of reasons, ranging from the ecchi, to the humor in general, to just the change of pace it has to offer compared. Regardless of which you're a fan of, ithey would be nice to have a place to chat about all kinds of things with your fellow Monster girl fans, which is why I propose we all schedule a 'jumpstart' for the chat, in which we al meet . I will be in the chat periodically myself until the jumpstart is met, but I would suggest we go something like... 6:00pm EST, Tuesday? Discuss in comments

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  • Hulk10


    March 27, 2016 by Hulk10

    It seems to me that the rules on intersecies breeding about no sex is kinda silly. And unenforceable.

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  • WikiaRred

    I don't think Monmusu Online has an FB group so I made one. Everyone is free to join, but not permanently (unless you're a Monmusu Online player). Monmusu Wikia Admins will automatically be promoted to admin after joining. Link.

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  • WikiaRred

    Monmusu Online Campaign 04

    February 20, 2016 by WikiaRred


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  • WikiaRred

    Monmusu Online Campain 04

    February 20, 2016 by WikiaRred

    Here's the link

    And if you're to lazy to click a link, I've just saved you from a click. Here's what it says:

    In the limited time Gacha, energetic active Harpy "rare", and the familiar "Mia (hot spring version)" of (land species), "Rakunera (kimono version)" will appear.  Since the probability that meet in these three Mont daughter is in significantly up, please try us.  ※ After the publication period of this limited time Gacha is, it will be meet at the premium Gacha.

    Regarding the limited time Gacha, it will be able to draw a Gacha in 200DMM points only once per person per day. Please use all means to daily try your luck.

    New this time, we have to add the "with luxury benefits! New daughter confirm Gacha". Gorgeous with benefits! Bonus is ne…

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  • NoNameAnon


    January 12, 2016 by NoNameAnon
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  • Gabe000

    Yea im here to have fun

    January 4, 2016 by Gabe000
    • Yea im here to have fun and meet some new people 
    • I dont watch anime too much
    • I play games all day and hang on Memecenter 
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  • Snivinerior

    I apologize for my sudden disappearance from this wiki. I've been very busy lately and will continue to be so yeah... I'll still be not that active. And also, I thank Netherith [or whoever] promoted me as an admin. I promise to get back to editing ASAP. -- Snivinerior 18:22, December 3, 2015 (UTC)

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  • Hulk10

    Species Creation

    December 1, 2015 by Hulk10

    I created a species called a Dragomorph. Dragomorphs resemble Dragonewts except they are stronger and have larger wings. They are much more draconic than their cousins. They possess immense strength and durability. And they posses the ability to disguise themselves as humans, or turn into other animals and monsters. They can also turn into dragons. They are mesothermic which means that they can regulate their body temperature to a certain extent. They lack the Dragonewts scale weakness, and they can breathe fire. They generally forgo wearing clothes.

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  • Sparkystream

    First of all, talk pages are gross. This place should have message walls. 

    Also, this is written assuming you are already able to access the game and that you have a registered DMM account. Please let me know if you have any revisions for this is good, but directs very vaguely I think.

    Basically, although this is kind of for myself, it is a tutorial of what to do if you want to translate the game with no experience in Japanese writing:

    1.Attempt to interpret the screenshot of the actual source using

    2.Attempt to translate the interpretations using

    3.If the text is not recognised, write it yourself.

    4.Attempt to translate the picture of your writing using http://www.onlineocr.…

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  • Nymph-chan

    How many days are past from the Day when Mia came to Kusurus home and the Day, which shown in the First Anime Episode ?

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  • Frankenrock

    Hey everyone,

    Been a while since i last posted any ideas or thughts about the series, so time for an update. With the recent addition of an eigth main monster girl of Oct, though i have yet to read that chapter, I have begun to wonder jsut how many "main girls" the author intends to put in. 

    Lets be honest, the more monster girls there are in the series, the better. The side stories with the fox girl, the minotaur, and the monster security team was interesting and fun, a way to see more into how the monster girl world works. But as far as main love interests for Hito (kimohito), i feel as if there needs to be a cap. I personnaly htink that as of now there are plenty of main characters for the girls, since trying to give all of them adequate …

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  • Vincetick

    Hey, everybody!

    Nice to be a part of this "household" right here, lol. Anyway, is it okay if I added a "Differences from the Manga" section on each Episode page on the wiki so as to differentiate the anime adaptation from the original manga series? Because there's obviously a lot of differences between both, like some scenes from the Manga were either not present or omitted in the Anime or vice-versa.

    So is it okay if I do so? It's okay if you ignore or reject this idea, I'm cool with whatever decision falls down.

    Glad to be a part of this wiki by the way! Just began reading the Manga and watched the Anime a day ago, and interestingly, I've so far know enough of both.

    - Vince!

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  • Snivinerior

    So after spending almost all of my spare time today making this damn template work... I just can't. Instead of displaying the external image I posted, it just shows the link. I copied all the template codes in another wikia and tried to mess with them but to no avail, here's the link to the original code:

    And here's the template I created that won't work: Any help would be appreciated.

    In other news, I've started to create premade userboxes and posted a tutorial about it: Userboxes.

    Here's a sample:

    So that's about it. --' Snivinerior 14:08, August 1, 2015 (UTC)

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  • ShadOfSwad DeSmuME

    Hi everyone! How you all doing! I am proud to be part of this new wiki, and i must definitely thank my girlfriend! If it wasn't for her, i wouldn't have known about this awesome anime! So i hope to help in any possible way i can! ^^

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  • Frankenrock

    Second male lead?

    June 5, 2015 by Frankenrock

    so after reading all the chapters up tp the currently translated 34, I thought it might be a cool concept if Kimihito , (ill call him Hito to keep ot short), might due with having the next person to join in his pleasure/suffering to possibly be a second, reguallry appearing male characeter. before the Yaoi fans begin flocking, no offense, not as another member of his growing harem, but perhaps as a returing best friend. 

    comedy wise, i would think that a second male character would add to it overall, since he'd either be going though the same situation hito goes through, or hed simply be hteir as just the kind of best friend character who is glad he's not in hito's shoes.  Personnally, and this is just an idea that i though would be interes…

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  • Smokeyandthebandit


    April 14, 2014 by Smokeyandthebandit
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  • ClickWhirr

    Manako is best MON

    April 12, 2013 by ClickWhirr

    Cyclops love cannons. That is all.

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