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Ch57 - Cara Profile

This following is a description of Cara's relationships and interactions with other characters in Monster Musume: Everyday Life with Monster Girls.


Kimihito Kurusu[]


Cara and Kimihito.

Despite her shy nature, Cara is initially one of the few farmhands to help Kimihito with his work; using her strength to carry heavy loads for him. As with all of the farm's Minotaurs, she quickly takes a liking to him because of his milking skills. Her relationship with him is strong enough that he is one of the few people to realize how sensitive and delicate she really is. She also likes to be spoiled by Kimihito, making her the only one on the ranch to receive his special treatment, which led the other Minotaur girls to become jealous of her.

Farmyard Members[]


Like her senior, Cara respects Cathyl very much and both seem to get along very well.


Although she is a Pan, because she is also her senior, Cara respects and appreciates Merino.

Residents of Black Lily Ranch[]


As her superior, Cara respects Mil very much and both seem to get along very well.


Cara and Cream get on well with each other.


Due to the fact that both Cara and Urt are shy and meek, Cara wants to be closer with Urt. However, Cara's inability to communicate makes Urt scared of her constant stares.


As the strongest Minotaur girls on the ranch, Cara and Chizu get along well with each other. So much so that both of them united to attack the Satyresses after they overturned Mil.


The exact relationship between Nubi and Cara is not entirely clear. Cara probably doesn't like Nubi that much due to her lusty nature, although Cara still allows her and the other Satyr girls to milk her. When the Satyr girls returned in an infant state in Chapter 71 by drinking Meamil's milk, Cara allowed Nubi to drink milk from her breasts, which Cara was apparently embarrassed about, but not overly uncomfortable with.

Other Ranch Minotaur girls[]

Cara looks like she gets along with all the other minotaur girls at the ranch.

Other Ranch Pan girls[]

Cara looks like she gets along with all the other pan girls at the ranch.

Other Ranch Satyresses[]

Cara has no hostility to the Satyresses. Later, under the influence of the full moon, Cara was willing to attack the satyresses simply for believing that they were wanting to monopolize Kimihito just for themselves.