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Cathyl's Boyfriend
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Nickname Cathyl's Boyfriend
Physical Appearance
Gender Male Male
Hair Black
Eye Black
Personal Profile
Occupation Farm Owner
Media Debut
Manga Chapter 33

Cathyl's Boyfriend, also referred as The Farm Owner, is an unnamed human man who owns The Ranch where Cathyl, Merino, Cott and Ton reside. He makes his debut in Chapter 33.


Cathyl's Boyfriend is of a slim build with visually pleasing facial features. Due to his profession it can be assumed he is physically fit.


Most of the female cast, upon seeing a picture of him, agree that he is very Bishōnen and that they can see him being a "player". He seems to be almost as physically resilient and compliant as Kimihito Kurusu, and frequently forgives Cathyl for injuring him when she thinks he is cheating on her.


While Cathyl is in a relationship with the farm owner, their relationship is not really the best due to Cathyl frequently jumping to conclusions about what he is doing when he is not with her. When she heard him repeating the (feminine) names of his sheep and cows, she assumed he was cheating on her (having forgotten that they were the names of the livestock since she wasn't very good at remembering names). Convinced that her boyfriend was cheating on her with several other women, Cathyl refused to let him milk her in silent protest and so by the time Kimihito and Centorea happened by the ranch she was in a sour mood, frustrated and uncomfortable due to her breasts being backed up. Kimihito finally discovered that these "women" were actually the farm animals and brings this information to Cathyl, who realizes her mistake and apologises to her boyfriend when he returns to the ranch.

While Cathyl has remained a recurring character in the manga, her boyfriend has not been mentioned past chapter 43, even as she continues to seek milking relief from Kimihito. It is unclear if there is a reason for this, if they have broken up or otherwise.



  • Cathyl's Boyfriend is based off of a fan submission and as such is one of the first instances of Okayado placing Mob Characters into the manga.
  • While the farm owner says he sincerely loves Cathyl, it is shown that he is not as empathic as Kimihito has demonstrated to be. In the omake of Volume 8, Cathyl got into an argument with him again because he "treated her like a cow" and , in Chapter 43, Cathyl silently cursed the farmer for always milking her as roughly as the dairy cows.

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