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The following are quotes said by or relating to Cathyl. Quotes may vary slightly depending on whether readers use the official or fan-based translations.


Volume 8[]

"Hey!! Ya'll okay? Sorry 'bout that! I went 'n dropped 'em like a big 'ol klutz!"
Cathyl on her first encounter with Kimihito, Centorea and Papi as she apologizes for the accident with the logs falling down, Chapter 33
"Hey, you."
"So... uh... How do you take care of... well... you know..."
Cathyl (embarrassed)
"T-take care of what?"
"Your milk, your milk! Do you get that guy to milk you?"
"Wha?! He most certainly does not! I have no milk to give! Where did that come from?!"
"Oh, huh. I just thought since ya had huge knockers, you were like me..."
Cathyl when she asks Centorea if Kimihito milks her, accidentally insulting the Centauride, Chapter 33
"Huh?! Wh-Wh-What did you say?!"
"I said milk my tits, god dammit! I can't do it by myself!"
"Why don't you just ask Merino?!"
"And how'm I supposed to face her after she milks me, huh?! It'd be way too awkward!"
Cathyl forces Kimihito to milk her, Chapter 33
"If you hurt me, I'll knock ya into next tuesday!"
Cathyl threatening Kimihito before he milks her, Chapter 33
"Gh... that idiot... goin' off and cheating on me... Who the hell would take their lover to a farm of all places? And he's got so many girls..."
Cathyl (sad)
"Megumi, Yuki, Midori, Sakura, Tomoe"
"Th-those are the names of the girls he's cheating on me with! How the hell do you know them?!"
"Well... those are all names of his sheep and cows."
Cathyl when she learns from Kimihito that her boyfriend didn't cheat on her because he didn't talk to women but to the animals on his ranch, Chapter 33

Volume 11[]

"Though, I am glad that special milker we ordered for you showed up, Cathyl."
"B-but... ya know, I really don't like this... it's sort of... rough like... that damn farmer... he always milks me roughly just like with the dairy cows... if he was more... gentle... ah... like he was..."
Cathyl expresses her displeasure with the farmer and the new Minotaur milking machine, while she recalls how gently Kimihito milked her in contrast, Chapter 43

Volume 14[]

"I thought you could... milk... milk me by hand again..."
Cathyl (shy)
"Wha... why...?! You've got milking machines, you know...!!"
Kimihito (startled)
"I hate those damn machines...!! How they like, suck the milk outta ya...! The feeling of havin' milk left over drives me crazy!!"
Cathyl to Kimihito, Chapter 56
"Seconds here!!"
Cathyl (upset)
"C'mon~ I said I was sorry... Now that everyone found out, there's really nothing we can do about it..."
"Just shut up!! Make with the seconds already!!"
Cathyl angrily demands a second at breakfast while getting upset that now all the other ranch girls know that Kimihito milked her by hand, even though it wasn't his fault, Chapter 57
"Ya know...ya did plently a' work here...Don't go worryin' about that stuff. Just keep your chin up and head on home. The Pan Fauns can do housework too now. And we've got tha machines for milkin' We'll be fine, don't worry 'bout us."
Cathyl to Kimihito as he worries about just walking off the ranch without telling anyone, showing a mostly hidden empathetic side of herself, Chapter 59