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The following is a description of Cathyl's relationships and interactions with other characters in Monster Musume: Everyday Life with Monster Girls.


Kimihito Kurusu[]


Kimihito and Cathyl.

After the fight with her boyfriend, Cathyl sought Kimihito's help to Milk her, even when he was a complete stranger to her, as she was overdue to be milked and her chest was getting painful. Thanks to him, she realize that her boyfriend was not cheating on her and they both reconciled. In chapter 43, Cathyl remembers how gentle Kurusu was when he was milking her and then she blushed.

While Cathyl is often stern and quick tempered towards Kimihito, she actually likes him very much for his gentleness and friendliness. When Kimihito was insecure in Chapter 59 about leaving the ranch without saying anything to the other ranch girls, she said soothingly that he had worked more than enough and later during the full moon she took strong sleeping pills together with Merino, so that they would not lose control to their animal instincts. This shows that Cathyl also cares a lot about Kimihito, because she did not want to endanger him by herself. It is hinted that she may have some feelings for him.

Cathyl's Boyfriend/Farm Owner[]

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Cathyl is in a relationship with the farm owner, but their relationship is not really the best. In Chapter 33, Cathyl was convinced that the farmer would cheat on her with several other women, until Kimihito finally discovered that these "women" were actually the farm animals.

While the farm owner says he sincerely loves Cathyl, it is shown that he is not as empathic as Kimihito has demonstrated to be. In the omake at Volume 8, Cathyl got into an argument with him again because he "treated her like a cow" and, in Chapter 43, Cathyl silently cursed the farmer for always milking her as roughly as the dairy cows.

Kimihito's homestay girls[]


Miia and Cathyl know each other, but have no special relationship with one another. In Chapter 43, Miia offered to work part-time in Merino and Cathyl's ranch, which they both agreed to (even if Cathyl found it pretty rude how Miia described the job). However, Miia was soon very upset when she learned that the job involved selling her breast milk, which was not an option for Miia anyway, as Lamia do not produce breast milk outside of pregnancy.


Cathyl didn't interact much with Papi, but in general they seem to get along.

Centorea Shianus[]

Cathyl and Centorea did not get off to the best start, as Cathyl spoke rather carelessly about the accident in which Kimihito was injured. This aversion was heightened when Cathyl asked Centorea how she was dealing with her breast milk. For Cathyl this was a normal question, but since Centaurs, unlike Minotaurs, do not lactate outside of pregnancy, Centorea was deeply offended by this question. Eventually, Centorea showed understanding for Cathyl's situation, as she had discovered the breast pumps through Papi, but it can be assumed that Centorea would be angry at her again if she found out that Cathyl forced Kimihito to milk her.

Farmyard Members[]


Cathyl is particularly good friends with Merino, to the point where the two can always be seen together. While they trust each other, however, Merino was too embarrassed to ask Cathyl to shear her, while it was out of the question for Cathyl to ask Merino to let her milk her, although both urgently needed to be done.

Cott & Ton[]

Cathyl doesn't seem to have a particular relationship with Cott & Ton but they usually get along. However, Cathyl can sometimes get very upset about the escapades of the Barometz twins, for example when the two create pamphlets for the farm, where a "special offer" would have been that visitors could milk Cathyl.

Residents of Black Lily Ranch[]


Like her veteran, Mil respects Cathyl very much and both seem to get along very well. However, that did not stop Mil from telling the other girls at the ranch that she would rather be milked by Kimihito because she heard Cathyl say that it was more pleasant than being milked by machine, even though Mil also heard Cathyl saying that she did not want anyone else to know it.


Like her veteran, Cream respects Cathyl very much and both seem to get along very well.


Like her veteran, Urt respects Cathyl very much and both seem to get along very well.


Like her veteran, Cara respects Cathyl very much and both seem to get along very well.


Like her veteran, Chizu respects Cathyl very much and both seem to get along very well.

Ranch Pan girls[]

Cathyl hasn't interact much with the Pan girls, but they seem to get along.

Ranch Satyr girls[]

Cathyl hasn't interact much with the Satyr girls, but it can be assumed that she doesn't particularly like them due to their lustful nature. In an omake for Volume 14, Cathyl beats up the Satyresses when she found out about their plan to use pamphlets to bring more farmhands to the ranch to be milked by them. Just like Kimihito and Merino, Cathyl also doesn't seem sure what she should think of the fact that the rest of the Minotaur girls and Pan girls are now being milked by the Satyresses.