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Centorea's Mother
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Physical Appearance
Monster Species Centaur
Gender Female Female
B-W-H B110(K)-W62-H??
Monster Profile
Relatives Centorea Shianus (daughter)
Unnamed Centaur husband
Media Debut
Manga Chapter 29

Centorea's Mother (セントレアの母親, Sentorea no Hahaoya) is the currently unnamed mother of Centorea Shianus. She makes her debut in Chapter 29.


Centorea's Mother is a rather youthful-looking centauride with fair-skin, yellow hair, horse ears, large breasts and a lower horse-half body. Her hair is tied back in a bun (however it was tied into a ponytail in her younger days) with three locks of hair loose in the front, her left lock is the longest, her right is middle length and the center lock is shortest of the three. Being modest like her daughter, she loves wearing unskimpy garments but her preferred choices are those with long sleeves.


Centorea's mother has a very proud and chivarous personality which resembles her daughter’s in many aspects, as she raised Centorea to be a knight from an early age. She is also very strict, as at first she seems to disapprove that Centorea has not followed the Centaur traditions and chose Kimihito as her master. However, this is only partially true, as Centorea's mother wanted to provoke her daughter into the duel to purpose, to prove to the other centaurs that a centaur descended from a human is just as strong as a centaur descended from strong male centaurs.

Like her daughter, Centorea's mother disliked the tradition of breeding with the strongest male centaurs. She fell in love with a human male that had been brought to her home as a 'teaser' (a handsome human male that was used to make centaur females willing to mate with the less than attractive male members of their own race) and chose to breed with him over her own kind. This resulted in Centorea's birth.

While Centorea's mother is usually honest, she can also be very secretive. A clear example of this is that throughout Centorea's adolescense she led her daughter into believing that the Centaur husband was her biological father and did not tell her daughter the truth about her birth until chapter 29.

Skills and Traits[]

Personal Skills[]

  • Master Jouster: According to information acquired by Ms Smith, her family has been the strongest amongst all centaurs with her being called "Goddess of Jousting".
  • Swordswomanship: She is an expert at wielding dual swords and being on par with her daughter.

Physical Traits[]

  • Centaur Physiology:
    • Breasts: Female Centaurs have large breasts for feeding their young, which are larger than human babies who require more nutrition. As shown in the Omake titled MonsterMilfs, her cup size is K compared to her daughter which is I which must be due to the aftermath of motherhood.
      • Breast Milk: Female Centaurs can lactate and produce a larger amount of milk. However this is rarely seen outside of pregnancy.
    • Taste Buds: As herbivores, Centaurs generally have twice as many taste buds as omnivores (e.g humans), while omnivores have over twenty times as many taste buds as carnivores (e.g Lamias).
    • Body Temperature: Centaurs have a standard body temperature of 38 degrees.
    • Centaur Ears: A Centaur's ears are capable of reflecting the centaur's mood as they are able to move much in the same way as a horse's ears.


  • Weapons:
    • Sword: Just like her daughter, Centorea's mother owns a large sword, which she always carries around in a scabbard. It is not known if the sword is real, but due to the Japanese weapons law in public, it is probably a fake sword just like Centorea's swords.
    • Shield: Centorea's mother owns a large shield with a lance emblem on it.
    • Lance: She is shown to be in possession of a medieval lance for Centaur jousting.


Centorea's mother was born into the Centaur family Shianus, and she says that her father, as is common in today's times, corresponded to the typical image of a male Centaur, namely that he was strong and nothing else. Over time, Centorea's mother gained the reputation of being undefeated in jousting among her already strong family, being referred to as the "godness of jousting" by the other Centaurs.

At the time, as is common amoung Centaurs, a human man lived with Centorea's mother as her teaser, but due to his kindness towards her, the two grew closer and eventually fell in love. Later, when it came the time for breeding, the Centaur man that Centorea's mother was forced to marry was actually supposed to mate with her, but before he had the chance to do so, he was beaten unconscious with a stick by the human teaser, who then instead has sex with Centorea's mother. She kept this secret from her people and later claimed to the Centaur man that he was passed out during the sexual act, which he believed her without asking.

The sexual act between the human teaser and Centorea's mother led to her becoming pregnant and giving birth to Centorea. As Centorea revealed in Chapter 45, her mother trained her in the ways of a knight from an early age. However, Centorea's mother concealed from her daughter the true circumstances of her birth and that she was of mixed blood, so Centorea would only learn this much later as an adult in Chapter 29. Some time before Chapter 3, Centorea's mother sent her daughter as a participant of the Cultural Exchange Between Species Bill to Japan, claiming that she should find a suitable teaser in her host family.

In reality, however, this was an lie, as Centorea's mother was fully aware that her daughter, like most Centaurides of the younger generation, would reject this tradition, and Centorea wouls look for a "master" instead. Centorea's mother had long been dissatisfield with the Centaur tradition of only mating with the strongest and from this she developed a plan with which she could challange Centorea to a duel during a later planned visit to Tokyo in order to prove to her people that a Centaur with mixed-blood can be just as strong as a Centaur who descends from strong male Centaurs.


She is introduced when she attempts to enter the Kurusu household to see her daughter, Kimihito and Centorea meet her outside. She thanks Kimihito for looking after her daughter but becomes angry when she finds out that Centorea hasn't found a teaser yet and that she made Kimihito her master. She and Centorea get into a fight to which ends with Centorea challenging her mother to a duel. After some help from Kimihito, Centorea ties with her mother. After the duel Centorea's mother reveals to Centorea that she's half human as Centorea's mother tricked her husband and mated with a human instead of the male Centaur; and that the duel with her daughter was to prove that children of Human and Centaur relationships can be as strong as pure blooded Centaurs and that the current Centaur mating traditions are outdated. Before she leaves she tells Centorea to marry whoever she wants.

Zoological Classification[]

Main article: Centaur

The Centaur (ケンタウロス族, Kentarosu-zoku) are a demi-human liminal race with the upper body of a human and the lower body of a horse. Herbivores, centaurs are normally found in grasslands and savannas, and are a race of nomads who become brave warriors in times of conflict.

Their civilization is ancient, by far the oldest of all the humanoid races known to mankind. Extremely proud and strong-willed, they differ from the other races in that they consciously suppress their urges during mating season.


  • While she was introduced without her name being introduced, being Centorea's mother, only her surname is known: Shianus.
  • In the Omake of volume 7, it is revealed that her centaur husband (who is not Centorea's biological father) has more than one wife.

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