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The following are quotes said by or relating to Centorea Shianus. Quotes may vary slightly depending on whether readers use the official or fan-based translations.


Volume 1[]

"Truly, I am most taken by the enchantment of this Japanese land! Never did I dream that I would encounter my destined partner by charging into a crossroads at full speed!"
Centorea by her first encounter with Kimihito, Chapter 4
"This the first time since coming to this country, nay, since I was born, that a man has protected me with his body and his life...! That is why I, Centorea Shianus, swear my fealty to you, as your servant...! Master... will you accept these words...?!"
Centorea pledges allegiance to Kimihito, Chapter 4
"D... did she say "Darling"?! Who are these women?! Thou adulterer!"
Centorea to Kimihito after learning he is also living with Miia and Papi, Chapter 4
Centorea Shianus to Papi, Chapter 5
"Isn't that a bit of an exaggeration? You don't serve me..."
"Do not say that! Centaurs are valiant knights who value their loyalty above all else. That is why we search for a master whom we can serve! My father, and his father before him all lived in that way! Before I am a woman, I am a knight! This is the heart of our species! Do not dare call it an exaggeration..."
Centorea passionately tells Kimihito about the nature of the Centaurs, Chapter 5

Volume 2[]

"There are many creatures like us that thou humans are ignorant of. That Slime just now was one of them."
Centorea tells Kimihito about Slimes, Chapter 8
"For I shall protect you! Trust in my sword! ...be it only a practice sword. I shall not allow such an inferior creature to bring you to harm!"
Centorea expresses her willingness to protect Kimihito from the Slime, Chapter 8

Volume 4[]

"Just so you know, I have no objection to Rachnera-dono joining us here. I didn't feel anything wrong when Meroune-dono joined us, either. And anyways, I don't have the nerve to try and meddle in those sorts of things."
Centorea claims to Miia that she doesn't mind that Rachnera is now also living in the Kurusu house, Chapter 16
"I... I am grateful for thy actions... and I apologize for being judgemental, but... I hate you!! Don't touch my master! Master... belongs to me!! He is not your plaything!!"
"Gh...! What... what have I said... to be so rude to my saviour what a fool I am... Maybe I should just go home... thank you for all you've done, master..."
Centorea expresses her true opinion about Rachnera in an emotional outburst before she is wracked with guilt afterwards, Chapter 16
"Goodness... I couldn't think of anything to say back to her. It is true that I do not like her, but... perhaps I can rely on her."
Centorea's thoughts about Rachnera after the Arachne told her it's okay if she doesn't like her, Chapter 16

Volume 5[]

"We do not know what that "D" could be! That is why I am fully prepared to take it on! The "D" who wrote the letter could be a Devil like this!!"
Centorea fears (paranoid) about the identity of the threatening letter's writer, Chapter 21
"I... I can only eat fruits and vegetables, so... I-I can't try something that has tuna and egg in it..."
Centorea expresses her regrets about the sandwiches she made for Kimihito, Chapter 21
"I... I can't do anything else for you... I always want to be of more use to you, so I can stay by your side... but I... I only cause problems when I try to be useful... I don't deserve to stand by your side... I want to be someone you can count on... someone you need... that's what I want to be for you, and yet..."
—Deeply saddened, Centorea expresses her fears to Kimihito that she doesn't deserve a place at his side, Chapter 21
"...I was not of much use before. I did not want to accept that there were things that I could not do... that's why, from now on, I'll be doing all the things I can do to help you!"
Centorea expresses her newfound confidence to support Kimihito, Chapter 21

Volume 6[]

"We'll cast aside our home, sully our names, and escape solely for the sake of living! Yes, honour through dishonour! The deeply held desire of every knight! Yea...! And the escaped knight and master continue their journey to outrun their pursuers...! Ceaselessly searching for a safe refuge to call home, 'till the end of time...! Then one day, unbeknownst to the two, a deep bond begins to grow between them..."
Centorea gets lost in her imagination as she thinks about how she and Kimihito flee from their "pursuer" (Lala) to save him from his "death fate", Chapter 24
"Gggreeeeeaaat!! Why are these carrots so good?! They're so fresh and juicy!! They're sweet, but have such a deep taste!! It's like the carrots are alive!!"
Centorea falls into an enthusiastic euphoria after eating the carrots from the vendor in the shopping mall, Chapter 25
"I heard from Ms Smith... apparently Rachnera's old host family sold her to another person..."
Miia (startled)
"I do understand that living with Rachnera may be... difficult, with the way that she is, but that doesn't mean you can sell her like that! This is a good chance to test her. To see if she's prepared to take Rachnera in!"
Centorea tells Miia about Rachnera's past and her decision to test Ren, Chapter 26
"Then, why do you want her to live with you again? Do you plan on selling her for money again?"
"To be completely honest, I don't think you're fit to be with Rachnera. Even I cannot handle her, my bones are on the verge of breaking when she "plays" with me... I don't think that anyone could have complete control over her."
Centorea, speaking to Ren, expresses doubts about her suitability to host Rachnera, Chapter 26
"Miia... might my room actually smell like a barn?"
"It's fine, I'm used to it."
"So it smells?!"
Centorea asks Miia about the smell of her room, Chapter 26

Volume 7[]

"You sure are fired up about this... your Mom's coming today, right?"
"Indeed... today, I shall engage in an unavoidable battle...!"
Centorea prepares to meet her mother, Chapter 29
"What?! You know nothing of my master...! You may be my mother, but I shan't forgive any insult directed at master!"
Centorea argues with her mother after she calls Kimihito an "unremarkably average man", Chapter 29
"Unforgivable, mother... thou has brought harm upon my master! Mother! I hereby challenge you to a duel! I will place my future... and my master's honor on this duel!"
Centorea challenges her mother to a duel after her mother accidentally injures Kimihito, Chapter 29

Volume 8[]

"Wh...what about a dating bathing event?"
"Dating bathing? C'mon, that pun's a bit of a stretch. I'm trying to be serious here."
"This no pun! Lately, I hear that many onsen host dating events. Perhaps this resort would be a good place for something like that..."
Centorea proposes Kimihito and the other homestay girls her idea to attract more visitor to the Sno Ball Hot Spring Resort, Chapter 31
"Wha?! He most certainly does not! I have no milk to give! Where did that come from?!"
Centorea, deeply offended, rejects Cathyl's question if Kimihito would milk her, Chapter 33

Volume 9[]

{{Q|My ignorance is no excuse for the rude behavior I have shown thee, highness! Please forgive me for my insolence!|Centorea apologizes to Sebasstian and Flounnder for her "rude behaviour" towards Mero before she know that the Mermaid was a princess, Chapter 35|

"Nooo! No... not my ears... and what's this?! This... exquisite strength... this... technique! Ah!"
Centorea is initially horrified when she is groped by the giant sea anemones in Octo's cave but then she begins to enjoy it as the anemones start massaging her breasts and nipples with her tentacles, Chapter 36

Volume 11[]

"As a Knight as of this moment, I am in prime form. I have trained from childhood, honing my strength and skills all to fulfil my life's duty: protecting my master. I have sharpened my skills to the utmost limit. I will... I will not fail to protect my master! This I pledge, with the gods as my witness!"
Centorea mentally vows to protect Kimihito from any danger, Chapter 44

Volume 17[]

"Ahhhh!! At this rate!! After I finally got an adoring fan to call me for advice!! She'll give up on me before I show her any of my lordly majesty! What do I do... what should I do?!"
Centorea desperately seeks Kimihito's advice when she fears she may be making a mistake that will result in Alusia no longer considering her as her "senpai", Chapter 68
"She's so different from me...! Even as a knight, she's thinking about all Extraspecies...! The sights and the work... I was completely looking down on farm work... I have so much to learn even now..."
—Centorea's thoughts on Cheron after learning that Cheron belongs to the noble Du Pell family of knights, Chapter 70
"Her aura was powerful enough to suck in not just the pervy kids, but even the paparazzi...! It's not too much to call this "god-like charisma"!! Pegasania...!! Truly you are!! The king's vessel!! You bear the divine right of a ruler! One who will bring this world together!!"
Centorea's thoughts about Pegasania, Chapter 73

Volume 18[]

"Hey! Papi! When you're coming to school you have to use the gate! Flying through is strictly against school rules!"
Centorea, under the influence of Arbatel's brainwashing, takes on the role of a rules officer at Grimoire High School and rebukes Papi, Chapter 74
"This is against school rules! I heard there were students illegally entering school grounds for a so-called "test of courage"!! You might be students, but a crime is a crime! If you're in there, come out now!!"
Centorea at night at Grimoire High School, Chapter 76
"Yea... I didn't think Tionishia's goth Loli clothes would be this effective..."
Centorea after freeing Mero from Arbatel's brainwashing, Chapter 77
"Which would mean... if she really is the transformed Arbatel, she's achieved her goal, does it not...?! Which would mean...! Does this not mean we could soon be freed from this world...?! Truly we are blessed...!! To think all would be resolved with no effort expended on our part...!!"
Centorea to Mero while they monitor Maika, Chapter 79
"A crime is a crime! We cannot allow this to slide so easily!"
—After the protagonists are back in the Kurusu house, Centorea expresses her anger that Arbatel is not punished for her actions, Chapter 80

Volume 19[]

"Hold it! I activate my face down card "Emergency combination"! I combine Centaur Aya with Dragon of Earth! Dragoon Aya! Spiral Shocker!! Snake Princess Anaconda is defeated!!"
Centorea wins a game of Duel Monmusus against Miia, Chapter 82
"Ah, I suppose... even in classic style with unlimited powerful monsters, they're nothing against spell cards..."
Centorea analyses Kimihito's strategy with which he won the game Duel Monmusus against Sekmeti, Chapter 82
"It can be quite difficult to deal with children, it never goes quite how you plan."
Centorea to Abul, Chapter 83
"I think the whole part about the kids is the problem here..."
Centorea doesn't really know what she should think of Abul after the Sphinx hesitantly reveals that she wanted to gobble up young boys due to her shota-complex, Chapter 83


"To think that I would actually meet...you are the master I am destined to be with! My name is Centorea Shianus. I am a proud Centaur!"