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The following is a description of Centorea Shianus's relationships and interactions with other characters in Monster Musume: Everyday Life with Monster Girls.


Kimihito Kurusu[]


Kimihito and Centorea.

Like all of her fellow home-stays, she is in love with him. Although unlike the other girls, Centorea's affections are in check, and therefore causes Kimihito far less injures than Miia does on a regular basis. But she does have times of being flustered and has fantasies of being Kurusu's wife, and having a baby together. Initially, the only intimate moment she had had with him was holding his hand while they walked home from the Extraspecies gym. Over time, however, she's started accepting her sexual desires more, to the point that she was happy to have him suck poison out of her bare nipple, even after it was revealed that she was in no danger whatsoever; it was heavily implied that she just really wanted to get intimate with him, on a more sexual level.

Kuroko Smith[]

Because of Ms Smith's constant laziness, Centorea considers her to be unfit for her job, agreeing with Miia. However, she does seem to show respect to Ms Smith when she's around. In Chapter 82, while talking to Kimihito, Centorea says that she thinks that Mr President brings less trouble than Ms Smith, which shows that Centorea doesn't really trust her due to the many problems she has caused them.

Purse Thief[]

She dislikes him after he tried to steal a passer-by's purse.

The Racist Couple[]

After the couple attempted to rape her, she, like Rachnera and Miia, despise the couple.


Centorea initially disliked Kasegi filming her and her room. After Suu blew Kasegi's cover, Centorea along with Miia and Mero became hostile towards him. Centorea was going to use her sword on Kasegi, but Kimihito attacked the con man instead.

Ren Kunanzuki[]

Centorea attempted to judge and evaluate whether the family of Ren Kunanzuki would take good care of Rachnera or not. Ren told the centaur the history before insulting her that she "smelled like animal".

Mr President[]

Centorea was wary of Mr President from their first encounter in Chapter 53, not least because of rumours that his company was an illegal Liminal smuggling ring. Much like Rachnera, Centorea often questions the legality of the Black Lily Laboratory, often getting into arguments with Mr President as seen in Chapter 53 and 72. She is frustrated when he always has a counter-argument ready for each of her arguments, and she often can't think of any good points to reply with.

As Centorea mentions in Chapter 82 in a conversation with Kimihito, she thinks that Mr President brings at least less trouble than Ms Smith does, although as Kimihito thinks to himself, that doesn't really make a difference since Ms Smith can't be trusted either.

Neighborhood Kids[]

Centorea only interacts with the boys when she was serving as a guide for Pegasania in Chapter 73 and was extremely infuriated by them when they humiliated her charge just to satisfy their lecherous desire.


Centorea encountered them when they were photographing Pegasania whom she was escorting and was annoyed by them but she doesn't know the true intention why they were doing it.

Fellow homestay girls[]


Initially, Centorea's rivalry with Miia was heated to the point of fighting each other for Kimihito's affections. Eventually, their rivalry became friendly as they respected and got along well with each other. However, both still often get into arguments with each other, partly because of their mutual jealousy, but also Centorea tends to distrust Miia due to her slightly mischievous nature.

As Centorea states in Chapter 45, she considers Miia's attempts at cooking far more dangerous than any Liminal and prophesies to Kimihito that one day Miia's food will be his end. This statement was probably partly meant to be humorous.

As implied in Chapter 78, Centorea doesn't seem to think that Miia is particularly clever, as when Miia saw an explanation for Arbatel's motive, Centorea said this was very smart for someone like Miia.


The two don't interact much but seem to have respect for each other.


At first she deemed her a threat but would later come to trust her but hates it when Suu molests her.

Meroune Lorelei[]

Centorea was aware of Mero's curiosity of Kimihito's relationship status and later pointed out that Ms. Smith was unusually respectful towards the mermaid. Centorea respected Mero whom she perceived to have come from a royal family and was floored upon the confirmation.

Rachnera Arachnera[]

Centorea greatly resents Rachnera seeing her as a contender for Kimihito's attentions. Upon her arrival, she had suddenly become hyper-protective of Kimihito mainly due to Rachnera's previous attempt to kidnap him as well as her distinctive lascivious demeanour. On the other hand, Centorea tried not to prejudice Rachnera just because of her appearance, but eventually, Rachnera's behaviour led Centorea into an outburst of emotion, and she openly showed her dislike to the Arachne. Although Centorea felt deeply guilty afterwards, Rachnera was amused and told her that it was okay and Centorea's own choice not to like her.

As the series goes on, Centorea has come to trust Rachnera to some extent, even if still somewhat resentful. Like the other girls, Centorea doesn't like it when Rachnera wraps her in bondage. However, in Chapter 26, Centorea was also concerned that Rachnera might move away to live with her original host family again. This shows that Centorea cares for Rachnera, although, as it can be seen from her reaction to Mero's question, she is embarrassed to admit it openly.

Rachnera, on the other hand, mostly gets along with Centorea, but that doesn't stop her from occasionally teasing her, much to the Centauride's annoyance. Rachnera also tends to be annoyed by Centorea's tendency to act rashly, as seen in Chapter 53 and Chapter 77.


She at first didn't like her but later like Rachnera accepted that if Kimihito was gonna die, Lala might as well get it over with. She also knew what her species was and explained to the other girls what she was. She then said she wouldn't mind Lala staying if she wasn't the "Grim Reaper".



Centorea generally doesn't interact much with Doppel, but they respect each other as friends.


Centorea generally doesn't interact much with Tionishia, but they respect each other as friends.


Centorea generally doesn't interact much with Zombina, but they respect each other as friends.


Centorea generally doesn't interact much with Manako, but they respect each other as friends.

Monster Community[]



Centorea hasn't interacted much with Lilith, but in Chapter 21, the Devil woman hypnotized Centorea just for her own pleasure to put the Centauride in an embarrassing situation with Kimihito. After the hypnosis was broken, Centorea couldn't really remember her encounter with Lilith and thanked her in her mind because, due to misunderstanding, she mistook the Devil woman for a girl who had given her advice.

Miia's Mother[]

When they first met in Chapter 27, Centorea didn't seem suspicious of Miia's mother at first, but that quickly changed when the Lamia revealed her sneaky nature and drugged Centorea along with the other household girls with the Lamia tee. This dislike was only further reinforced by the events of Volume 15, which made it clear to Centorea that she cannot trust Miia's mother due to her seductive and mischievous nature.

Centorea's Mother[]

She is Cerea's mom. Although she didn't like her mother's ideology on marriage, after a joust she later reconciled and was told that her father was actually human, making Centorea half centaur and half human. She also allowed Centorea to marry whoever she wants.



Centorea and Cathyl did not get off to the best start, as Cathyl spoke rather carelessly about the accident in Chapter 33 in which Kimihito was injured. This aversion was heightened when Cathyl asked Centorea how she was dealing with her breast milk. For Cathyl this was a normal question, but since standard Centaurs, unlike Minotaurs, do not lactate outside of pregnancy, Centorea was deeply offended by this question. Eventually, Centorea showed understanding for Cathyl's situation, as she had discovered the breast pumps through Papi, but it can be assumed that Cerea would be angry at her again if she found out that Cathyl had forced Kimihito to milk her.


Centorea generally gets along with Merino, but the Centaurine was quite angry when Merino asked Kimihito to shear her.

Cott & Ton[]

Centorea and the Barometz twins probably get along in general, but Centorea was quite upset when the twins wanted Kimihito to shear them just like Merino, to which Centorea agreed to do it herself, much to the delight of Cott and Ton. It should be noted, however, that Centorea was already in a pretty bad mood at this point, having felt offended by Cathyl (when the Minotauride had asked her if Kimihito milked her) and had seen Merino being sheared by Kimihito. Due to this, Centorea's anger and annoyance at this point was not directed specifically at the Barometz twins.

Flounnder & Sebasstian[]

Centorea doesn't have a good opinion of Sebasstian and Flounnder, mainly due to the two Fishfolk butlers' selfish nature, of always worrying about their personal disadvantages first in a dire situation, even when the lives of others are potentially in danger. Centorea wasn't sure what to think of the two butlers' confession either, as they embarrassedly admitted that they had secretly tried to sneak into Octo's cave so that the Scylla could use her supposed magic to turn them into handsome Fishmen.


Centorea didn't get off to a good start with Octo, due to the rumours and Mero's apparent kidnapping in Chapter 35. This aversion increased when Centorea was groped by the sea anemones in Octo's cave and when the Scylla showed affection for Kimihito. Still, Centorea was ready to help to clear up the negative rumours surrounding Octo and since then the two seem to get along, or at least be neutral to each other.

Meroune's Mother[]

Centorea and Mero's mother, the Mermaid queen, haven't met in person yet, but Centorea doesn't like her due to all the schemes she has hatched, which put Kimihito and Mero in danger as well. At the end of Chapter 37, Centorea was also upset, that Mero's mother finally cleared up the rumours about Octo but didn't admit it was all her fault, effectively evading responsibility.


Centorea hasn't interacted much with Mil, but as seen in Chapter 71, the two know each other, although they are presumably just acquaintances. The two seem to get along or are neutral, although Centorea has some mistrust of Mil's affection for Kimihito since the events of Volume 14. In this regard, Centorea reacts particularly sensitively and annoyed when Mil enthusiastically tells her how she was milked by Kimihito.


Centorea and Sekmeti first met in Chapter 82, with Centorea thinking during the duel between Kimihito and Sekmeti that it was against the rules for the Mummy to summon a level 8 monster on the first turn (although Centorea didn't know that this was fully allowed in "classic style"). However, after the duel, Centorea and Sekmeti became friends due to their mutual enthusiasm for Duel Monmusus, with Centorea saying that Sekmeti played well, while Sekmeti said that it warmed her heart to hear from Centorea that the classic style was quite easy to understand.


Centorea and Abul first met in Chapter 83 after Sekmeti asked them to help her. Centorea seemed to get along with Abul at first and was excited due to her enthusiasm for Duel Monmusu when she saw the new card pack that Abul had. Like the others, Miia found Abul's admiration for the fantasy series Ikkyu-san strange and that she sometime spoke of Ikkyu as if he were a real person. Nevertheless, Centorea was willing to help the depressed Abul by suggesting to her to try asking riddles to adults instead of children, after the neighbourhood boys had shown no interest in riddles and had only took advantage of Abul to get snacks from her, only answering her questions with mocking nonsense.

However, after Abul finally embarrassedly confessed to them that she is a shotacon and had come to Japan because she wanted to gobble up boys, Centorea was shocked like the others and says that the whole part about the kids is Abul's problem. Since then, Centorea viewed the Sphinx with suspicion.

Centaur girls in the Centorea Arc[]

Alusia Van Dalsia[]

Centorea generally gets along with Alusia, but she is uncomfortably embarrassed and insecure about the tremendous admiration that the Lightweight Centaurine has for her. Throughout Chapter 68, Centorea worried that she would say or do something that would cause Alusia to lose her admiration for her.

Rem Nighdrem[]

Centorea's Relationship with Rem is not the best. After Rem asked Centorea in Chapter 69 to find someone for her to give a nightmare to, Centorea made herself available so Rem could give her a nightmare. However, Rem gave Centorea several nightmares in a row (which was not agreed to at all) and ignored Centorea's request to stop. Ultimately, Centorea was traumatized by the nightmares and although she recovered quickly from them, it can be assumed that Centorea has disliked Rem since then.

Cheron Du Pell[]

At the beginning Centorea didn't think much of Cheron and seemed to regard her as a bite naïve. Centorea helped Cheron as part of her work to aid other centaurs in the Cultural Exchange Program, but initially thinks that farm work is beneath her as a trained knight and so complies to Cheron's request with shame and frustration. However, she was eventually impressed by Cheron's wise words, especially when she realized that Cheron was a famous knight of the Du Pell family.

All in all, Centorea has clearly the best relationship with Cheron among the Centaur girls in the Centorea Arc.

Meamil Airagu[]

Based on the fact that Meamil tried to seduce Kimihito and lied to Centorea in Chapter 71, her relationship to the Dairy Breed Centaurine can clearly be considered the worst of the Centaur girls in the Centorea Arc. Especially the unpleasant situation in which Meamil sucked the milk from Centorea's breasts made Centorea reluctant to remember this event even later.

Nicole Unicole[]

Centorea and Nico first met in Chapter 72 when Centorea agreed to give Nico advice on her problems. The two generally get along well but Centorea isn't sure what to make of Nico's obsession with idols and seems to think she's a bit crazy for spending so much money just to support ANM48. Along with Kimihito, Centorea also briefly speculated that the reason why Nico loves idols so much is because idols are pure like virgins, which is very important for Unicorns, before Nico insultingly rebuffed this assumption.

Pegasania Bellerophon[]

At first Centorea had a strong admiration for Pegasania and was particularly influenced by Pegasania's royal aura, which almost led to her undressing in public. But when Centorea finally realized that Pegasania, despite to her noble manner, was just as childish as Papi, she was completely disillusioned.