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Monsters Of a Neuro:

The 11th Chapter of Monster Musume: Everyday Life with Monster Girls.


When the Pioneer Orc Renaissance Kinsmen took over the Libido Doujin, demanding that all mainstream erotic manga be changed to "Orc x Royal Knight" and similar works, the police found themselves unable to act due to a loophole in the new Extraspecies Laws prohibiting violence against non-human sub-species.

Ms. Smith arrived on the scene to lounge around and complain about the instant coffee. She then informed the police that her people would handle the situation.

Meanwhile the Orcs captured a member of the Cultural Exchange Security Squad sneaking in through the ceiling. The leader boasted that Orcs were able to smell any woman within one kilometer. Although they found their captive attractive, their leader proceeded to fill the helpless woman with bullets, declaring that it was self defense.

Two other Orc searched the store and discovered a helpless girl, whom they excitedly declared looked just like the cutout stand-up display of "Sweetie Witch Mako-chan". The Orcs then pressed the girl up against the store window and taunted the police by molesting her. This was the opening Manako needed to snipe their guns out of their hands; firing from a rooftop two kilometers away. Tionishia burst through the wall to rescue the hostages. Zombina launched a surprise attack, revealing that she was merely faking death; since she was one of the Living Dead. When the Orc Leader tried to use her as a human shield, Doppel revealed her true form and kicked the Orc Leader in the chin. Finally Ms. Smith arrived to clean up.

A pan out reveals that the household had been watching this unfold on a recorded broadcast introducing Monsters Of a Neuro. Ms. Smith then complimented Kurusu on his coffee, and announced she'd invited some new coworkers over for dinner.

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Key EventsEdit

  • MON and its members are introduced.
  • It's revealed the Extraspecies Exchange laws also prevent law enforcers from harming Extraspecies in any way.


  • This Chapter marks the first debut of male Extraspecies.
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