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Chapter 15
Chapter 15
Release July 19th, 2013
Publisher Tokuma Shoten
Author Okayado
Previous Chapter Chapter 14
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Monster Musume: Everyday Life with Monster Girls (モンスター娘のいる日常, Monster Musume no Iru Nichijou) Chapter 15 is the fifteenth chapter of the Monster Musume: Everyday Life with Monster Girls manga series.

Written and drawn by mangaka Okayado (Inui Takemaru), this chapter was released in Japan on July 19th, 2013, by the Japanese publishing company Tokuma Shoten within the seinen manga and anime magazine, Monthly Comic Ryū.

The chapter was later gathered as part of the series' tankōbon volume Monster Musume: Everyday Life with Monster Girls Volume 4.


Ms. Smith's MON squad arrive at the cocooned up director's house after receiving a distress call from him. Zombina and Tionishia barge in demanding the assailant surrenders peacefully but Tionishia trips on a line of silk thread causing her to fall on Zombina. They both get up to see that the assailant, who is an Arachne, has fled the room. She is, however, spotted on the roof by Manako, who shoots at her. She misses though and the Arachne escapes, much to Manako's displeasure. Doppel, who was with her, finds a piece of paper that was shot out of the Arachne's hands.

Back at Kimihito's house, the girls are shown the paper by Smith which shocks them to see that Kimihito's home address was on it. Smith explains where it came from when they were called to his home and reveals that he wasn't registered as the Arachne's host family, which confuses her as to why she was living with him in the first place. Meroune asks why she would have the address and Smith assumes she wanted to visit a place with lots of liminals, though that seems to be untrue. Smith asks where Kimihito is and the girls explain he went out to catch a sale at the supermarket before it closed and he should be home soon. That is when the girls finally notice Papi and Suu carrying food in from the outside, which they say was lying in front of the house. It turns out Kimihito was abducted right in front of his own home while returning from buying groceries.

Kimihito wakes up in an abandoned warehouse to discover he is hanging upside down by spider silk, and comes face to face with his abductor, who expresses disbelief that he passed out when she grabbed him. The abductor, who reveals herself to be an Arachne named Rachnera Arachnera, says to Kimihito that she hates humans, and asks if he's scared if this is the first time meeting an Arachne. To her suprise, Kimihito takes his kidnapping rather calmly and instead asks for her to cut him down because the blood was rushing to his head. Rachera cuts him loose and asks if he is used to being kidnapped (which is true), and teasingly asks how long he can keep up the 'tough guy' act as she flashes her breasts a bit, causing him to try to crawl away from her. Rachnera, in her thoughts, reveals that she wants to see his true self after hearing about him, believing his niceness to be merely an act, but her expectations were off since he hasn't changed his behavior at all.

Just then a security officer comes by to check strange noises coming from the warehouse. Rachnera hides on the ceiling beams of the warehouse to avoid detection, while holding Kimihito. However, the position they're in pushes Kimihito's face against her breasts, though she says she will let him have a little 'fun' while waiting for the guard to leave. The position Kimihito is in, however, causes him to get aroused, which Rachnera notices much to his embarrassment. Eventually the officer leaves, though Rachnera lets go of Kimihito and suspends him from the ceiling while saying he is suspended by the thread she wrapped around his mouth. He asks why she is doing this to him as she claims she is 'punishing' him as she pushes her bare breasts against the back of his head and putting her tongue in his ear. Kimihito's endurance eventually causes him to bite through the thread, causing him to fall closely to the ground. Rachnera finally cuts him free while wondering to herself why she went that far.

Kimihito asks Rachnera why she is with him currently and not with her host family. Rachnera replies that she and her host family didn't get along, since they were expecting a less monstrous liminal, and didn't want to live with an Arachne. Because of this, they sold her off to the false director Kasegi when he approached them to buy her. Kimihito sympathizes with her, but she gets angry and says that that she is not looking for sympathy and is sick of humans, claiming them all to be hypocrites for telling lie after lie and only accepting people who they feel are the same as them. She proceeds to call Kimihito a hypocrite himself for being attracted to her human half and being supposedly repulsed by her spider half. Kimihito disagrees however, and claims (because of his leg fetish) that he finds her legs to be "sexy", to Rachnera's great surprise and shock.

Rachnera teases Kimihito by calling him a pervert for being supposedly attracted to spider legs and being desperate to have sex despite his claims he isn't a virgin. Suddenly the police (called by the security officer) arrive with Ms. Smith ready to send in the MON squad. Rachnera initially believes Kimihito called them and his actions were merely a ruse to keep her distracted, which only reinforces her beliefs about humans and decides to use him as a hostage to escape . However, due to Ms. Smith's choice of words about assaulting a male film director and him being unaware of Rachnera's earlier actions, Kimihito mistakenly believes the police are after him. Rachnera notices his turmoil over it and asks if he believes they are talking about herself, which he says no. Kimihito decides to turn himself in and tells Rachnera to find a new, better host family, before wishing her luck. This causes her to start laughing, much to the police's confusion. Rachnera then states that she is starting to like Kimihito.

Rachnera gives herself up and has a meeting with Ms. Smith, who apologizes for her negligence that ultimately caused Rachnera to be sold off, though Rachnera says she isn't looking for an apology from her. Rachnera does decide to manipulate Ms. Smith into letting her stay with Kimihito, arguing that since his home is one of the few places suited for liminals and that he doesn't discriminate against them. Ms Smith agrees to her desires, much to Rachnera's delight and Kimihito's dread.

Back at the house, Miia, Meroune, and Centorea get a feeling that they have to deal with a new rival, while Papi and Suu remain blissfully unaware as usual.

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Key Events[]

  • Rachnera's name is revealed.
  • Rachnera's past and motivations are revealed.
  • Rachnera joins the main cast.
  • The darker sides of the Exchange Program and Extraspecies discrimination are seen.
    • Rachnera was sold off by her host family because they weren't expecting a more monstrous Extraspecies.


  • It is revealed that Kimihito does have leg fetish like he said in an Omake chapter.
  • When Rachnera asked if he was a virgin he tries to denied it, this is contradict to what he says in Chapter 6
  • Rachnera is one of three monster girls to be revealed to have a full name, Rachnera Arachnera.
    • The other is Meroune Lorelei and Centorea Shianus.
      • Her name and that of her species are derived from the Greek mythology character Arachne, who once boasted of her spinning prowess being greater than the Goddess Athena, who cursed her with having the body of a spider as a result of her arrogance.
  • Rachnera is the second Monster Girl introduced whose name was not revealed in her debut chapter.
  • Interestingly enough, unlike Cerea who also has an animalistic lower body, Rachnera has human buttocks.
  • Her original host family is also the first to show the more serious fear of the extraspecies.
    • However, this may have been due to the fact that the media only features humanoid monsters, such as Catgirls, Bunnygirls and Doggirls, and thus were not expecting her demihuman appearance.
  • Rachnera reveals in Chapter 53 that Mr President was waiting to "save her" in exchange for what would have cost six months worth of "resource production". However, she didn't call for his aid due to Kimihito being there to help her.
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