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Chapter 16
Chapter 16
Release August 19th, 2013
Publisher Tokuma Shoten
Author Okayado
Previous Chapter Chapter 15
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Monster Musume: Everyday Life with Monster Girls (モンスター娘のいる日常, Monster Musume no Iru Nichijou) Chapter 16 is the sixteenth chapter of the Monster Musume: Everyday Life with Monster Girls manga series.

Written and drawn by mangaka Okayado (Inui Takemaru), this chapter was released in Japan on August 19th, 2013, by the Japanese publishing company Tokuma Shoten within the seinen manga and anime magazine, Monthly Comic Ryū.

The chapter was later gathered as part of the series' tankōbon volume Monster Musume: Everyday Life with Monster Girls Volume 4.


Kimihito wakes up and reaches for his alarm, he tries to turn it off, but when Centorea tells him "good morning" he realizes he is squeezing her boob rather than his alarm. Cerea tells him that breakfast is ready and leaves, leaving Kimihito wondering why she is being as clingy as Miia all of the sudden.

Rachnera introduces herself to the other homestays. Miia is infuriated when Rachnera addresses Kimihito as "honey", revealing she is now one of her rivals for Kimihito's hand in marriage. Miia watches as Rachnera quickly befriends Papi, Suu, and Mero. Miia looks towards Cerea, hoping she would not get along with Rachnera, she is speechless when she sees that Cerea is unfazed by Rachnera. Cerea explains that she is not suspicious of Rachnera as she was of Mero and claims that she would not object to her even if she did seem suspicious.

Cerea begins to stick very close to Kimihito, smushing him into the wall as she walks next to him. Cerea apologizes and offers to let him ride her. Kimihito asks why she is acting differently, Cerea reminds him that he is her master and that she will stay by his side. Cerea gives him more space when he explains he is going to the bathroom. Cerea stands guard at the door to the bathroom as Miia discusses Rachnera with her. Miia explains that she does not trust Rachnera because she thinks Agent Smith was lying when she dismissed the noises they heard last night and she is a runaway. Cerea reminds her that Papi was a runaway too. Miia explains that she feels suspicious of her because of the way she looks. Cerea criticizes Miia for judging her based on her appearance and reminds her that she should know better since she is also a liminal.

A scream coming from the bathroom causes Cerea to kick down the door. Miia and Cerea find Rachnera on top of Kimihito, bound in her webs. Rachnera lies saying she was in there and Kimihito surprised her so she slung him in her webs. Miia already knows this is a lie and begins to argue, but is interrupted by Cerea who claims she believes her, but tells her to not do this again. Miia argues with Cerea, stating that she was clearly lying. Cerea states that there is no proof that she lied and being suspicious of her lying is just as wrong as assuming things about her based on her body. Miia becomes suspicious that Cerea is lying about her trust in Rachnera and asks why she is acting clingy all of the sudden to which she gives the same answer she gave Kimihito, only with less passion.

Rachnera sets up a trap to trip Kimihito so she can catch him, but Cerea catches him instead at the last minute. Rachnera then gives Kimihito her top when he is doing laundry, Cerea covers Rachnera with her blouse and runs away. When Kimihito falls into his bed, he finds himself in a giant web. Rachnera descends from the ceiling to seduce him, explaining that Agent Smith told her that she requested him to marry one of the homestays. Cerea kicks down the door again, picks up Kimihito, and jumps out the closed window, running off into the city.

Cerea explains to Kimihito that his home is not safe with Rachnera there and trails off when she daydreams about running away and marrying him. Cerea stops fantasizing when she hears a phone snap a photo and remarks how she feels like they are treating her like an animal by staring at her. Cerea stops running when she realizes that just as the humans around her are judging her for looking different, she is no better because she has judged Rachnera based on her appearance. The man from The Racist Couple arrives with a gang and begins harassing Kimihito and Cerea. Cerea does not react to any of the verbal sexual harassment until they say start talking about Kimihito. Cerea draws her sword but the man reminds her that the Interspecies Laws do not allow her to attack them. Kimihito and Cerea are held down while the gang leader gropes Cerea. The gang leader states that she needs to be held down more when he is suddenly bound by webs, he looks back and sees some of his gang has been cocooned in webs, he looks up to see Rachnera descending on him. The members of his gang that were not tied run away in fear, afraid Rachnera will eat them. The gang leader tells Rachnera that she cannot hurt him because she will be in trouble when he tells the police about her, Rachnera threatens to kill him and he faints.

As Cerea is thanking Rachnera for the rescue Rachnera is tying Kimihito in her webs to seduce him. Cerea kicks Rachnera in the head, shouts that she doesn't like her, and explains she does not like her flirting with her master. Cerea finds her outburst inappropriate but Rachnera laughs at her, she explains that it is okay for her to be afraid of her since she is a giant spider, and that it is okay to love or hate anyone they meet. As they walk home Cerea reshapes her opinion of Rachnera: she still doesn't like her, but she knows she can trust her.

Cerea wants to make amends with her, so Rachnera ties her in webs when they get back home.

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Key Events[]

  • It's revealed that Centorea is just as possessive of Kimihito as Miia. However, she just hides it better.
  • Centorea's dislike for Rachnera is revealed.
  • Rachnera is revealed to also be in love with Kimihito.


  • The sword Centorea uses resembles Andúril, from The Lord of the Rings.
  • The plot if this chapter is basically a repeat of Chapter 12, with Centorea instead of Miia viewing the new member of the Kurusu household (Rachnera) with jealousy and as a rival for her affection towards Kimihito.
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