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Chapter 21
Chapter 21
Release January 11th, 2014
Publisher Tokuma Shoten
Author Okayado
Previous Chapter Chapter 20
Next Chapter Chapter 22
Character Debut Lilith

Monster Musume: Everyday Life with Monster Girls (モンスター娘のいる日常, Monster Musume no Iru Nichijou) Chapter 21 is the twenty-first chapter of the Monster Musume: Everyday Life with Monster Girls manga series.

Written and drawn by mangaka Okayado (Inui Takemaru), this chapter was released in Japan on January 11th, 2014, by the Japanese publishing company Tokuma Shoten within the seinen manga and anime magazine, Monthly Comic Ryū.

The chapter was later gathered as part of the series' tankōbon volume Monster Musume: Everyday Life with Monster Girls Volume 5.


In the early morning Kimihito walks through Tokyo with Centorea, whereby Centorea acts overprotectively towards her "master" (much to Kimihito's embarrassment) by warning him not to walk on the street side or by getting rid of passers-by. When Kimihito receives a phone call, Centorea requires him to give her his cell phone, fearing it might be a "scam call". However, the phone call comes from Manako, who is observing Kimihito and Centorea as surveillance leader from a rooftop. When Centorea asks her if she sees something strange, Manako first denies, but then hesitantly says that she is already seeing something strange.


Centorea in full armor.

When Centorea hears this, she is immediately determined to dispose of the supposed danger, even though what Manako meant by "strange" was the fact that Centorea is wearing her full centaurean armour. Manako adds that the plan was for Kimihito and Centorea to draw out the writer of the threatening letter with their "date", but with Centorea's armour it doesn't really look like a date.


Centorea literally "paints the Devil on the wall".

However, Centorea insists that they don't know what the "D" at the end of the letter could stand for and adds dramatically and with a certain paranoia that the "D" who wrote the letter could be a "Devil". Manako hesitantly says that she doesn't think a Devil would come to Japan, but Centorea is not convinced and says that she wanted to come even with more armour, but she didn't.

When some people finally turn around to Centorea unsettled (because they suspect this would be an event or cosplay because of the armour), Kimihito asks her to at least take off her helmet. Centorea does so, but is determined to announce that as long as she is by Kimihito's side today, she will not allow anyone to lay a finger on him, nor touch him by a hair. Kimihito is unsure what to make of Centorea's determination because he always thought she was serious, it's kind of scary.

As he looks around, Kimihito notices that Rachnera, who has been with them, is gone, whereupon the Arachne waves to Kimihito from an alley and explains that she will look out from the shadows today. She adds that it's funny to watch Kimihito and Centorea on their date, even though Centorea is embarrassed to say this is not a date.

While Centorea is upset about Rachnera, Manako on the rooftop thinks to herself that she hopes everything will be alright. Her train of thought, however, is abruptly interrupted when suddenly a voice asks what she's doing up here. When Manako turns around she sees a little girl approaching her, who asks about the gun that Manako is carrying.


The "little girl" is "frightened" by Manako.

Manako hastily covers her eye with her hair and tries to tell the girl that she shouldn't be up here, but a gust of wind blows Manako's hair from her face so that the girl gets a head-on view of her single eye. With a scream of horror, the girl runs back to the stairs of the roof hatch, calling Manako a "one-eyed monster". Manako is devastated that a little kid has run away from her again and sadly thinks that this world really hates Monoeyes.

Unnoticed by Manako, the girl giggles maliciously behind the door of the roof hatch and says that it's so easy to mess with "extra-species peeps". The girl says that she wouldn't want Manako to get in her way when she goes to mess with Centorea. She opens two zippers on the back of her hooded jacket, whereupon two bat-like wings emerge and it turns out that the "kid" is really a full-blown Lesser Devil (who outwardly looks like a child despite her age). The Lesser Devil girl introduces herself as Lilith and says that no human or extra-species person can avoid her as she will make everyone her "toy". With a nasty giggle, Lilith thinks to herself how to mess with Kimihito and Centorea.

Meanwhile, Kimihito tries to shop in a game shop , but when Centorea tries to accompany him (this time without her armour), she gets stuck with her back end in the door. Kimihito, dismayed, says Centorea shouldn't force herself, even though she insists she can't let him enter alone. Kimihito says that they don't really need to go shopping today, whereupon Centorea apologizes depressed. As Centorea walks backwards, however, she accidentally knocks over a toy machine with balls, the contents of which the roll across the floor. Kimihito asks startled, if Centorea is okay, which she is embarrassed to assure. However, while trying to pick up the balls, Centorea accidentally pushes Kimihito into a second toy machine, whereupon the employee of the shop worriedly asks if Kimihito is okay, much to Centorea's embarrassment.

After Kimihito has recovered, he and Centorea have a picnic in Yoyogi Park. Centorea is still quite uncomfortable about the accident, although Kimihito assures her that she doesn't have to worry about it. When Kimihito sees the sandwiches that Centorea made for lunch, he finds that they look delicious, even though Centorea admits she doesn't have much experience as a cook and figured this would be a way express her thanks as she is always relying on him. Kimihito still thinks the sandwiches should be delicious and takes one with tuna, with Centorea adding that she hasn't put anything strange into them like Miia.

When Kimihito eats the sandwich, however, he feels the taste is a little strange. Centorea asks him, how is the sandwich, to which Kimihito, since he doesn't want to hurt her feelings, says that they're pretty good, and that it has a gentle flavour and is very healthy, which Centorea is happy about as she tends to worry about it.

Unnoticed by Kimihito and Centorea, however, Rachnera had sat down on the tree above them and fished one of the sandwiches out of the box with her spider threads. She suddenly asks Centorea (who is completely surprised by the sudden presence of the Arachne) if she even tried the sandwiches before giving them to Kimihito and that it wouldn't taste like anything. Rachnera tells Kimihito that he doesn't have to try and sugarcoat it, whereupon Centorea turns to him, unsettled. Kimihito hesitantly says he thinks Centorea made the best of the ingredients she was using, but Rachnera says it doesn't taste like anything other than the ingredients.

Depressed, Centorea says that she can only eat fruits and vegetables and therefore can't try something that has tuna and eggs in it. Rachnera asks Kimihito if he wants some salt (which he accepts, but also wonders why she has it with her). However, Centorea gets up sadly and says that she needs to cool her head a bit and asks Rachnera to look after her "master" for her. Centorea starts walking a little bit into the forest of the park and is leaning sadly against one of the trees when someone suddenly speaks to her.


Lilith speaks to Centorea.

That someone is Lilith, but Centorea doesn't recognize that she is a Devil, as her horns, wings, and tail are covered by her hooded jacket. When Lilith asks what Centorea is doing out here, Centorea pours her heart out to the Devil girl in an emotional moment after which whenever she tries to repay the depth of the kindness and support of her master, it always ends up like at the picnic. She sadly adds that she thinks that the only thing she's useful for is to protect her master from his enemies and that she is of the opinion that she is not worth standing by her master's side.


Lilith hypnotizes Centorea.

When Centorea realizes that she is actually talking to a stranger who has nothing to do with the matter, she apologizes to Lilith for this "drivel". However, Lilith then puts her finger in front of Centorea's face and begins to hypnotize her by saying that there is already "something" that she can do for her master and that there is something "that would make any man happy".


Centorea under hypnosis.

A little later, Kimihito is walking down the way in search of Centorea, although he finds it weird that he can't see her anywhere at first. Immediately afterwards, however, he finds Centorea, rushes over to her and asks where she was. Instead of answering, however, Centorea grasps his shoulders and throws herself onto him. When Kimihito rubs his aching head, he asks Centorea in confusion what she is doing, but pauses when he realizes something is strange about her. Centorea then opens her blouse, so Kimihito sees her bare breasts to his shock.

Centorea says (under the influence of hypnosis) that she has heard that human males are quite fond of large breasts, but Kimihito, shocked, tells her that she should calm down and asks what is going on. Then Centorea pulls his shirt up and suddenly puts her breasts on his stomach, asking for forgiveness that she "only being able to offer him this in repayment for his kindness". Kimihito tries desperately to control himself, which turns out to be very difficult, as the feeling of Centorea's soft breasts turns out to be mental torture. He desperately tries to get away from Centorea, but in the process he accidentally massages her breasts, with Centorea full of sexual excitement telling him to do whatever he likes with her. At the end of his mental strength, Kimihito thinks to himself that he is going crazy and can't move his head.


The boar attacks Lilith.

In a nearby bush, Lilith observes the trouble she has caused with amusement and gleefully says that she just "motivated" Centorea with a little hypnosis. She wonders if Centorea will cross the line in a place like this, but her train of thought is interrupted when suddenly a loud rustle can be heard behind her. Annoyed, Lilith turns around and asks for quiet, but she falls silent, shocked, when the cause of the rustling turns out to be a large wild boar, which is now aggressively approaching the Devil girl.


Centorea knocks the boar unconscious with the log.

Horrified, Lilith runs away from the boar who starts pursuing her, but her scream of fear also alarms Kimihito and pulls Centorea out of her hypnosis. While Centorea wonders, dismayed, what she has done, Kimihito realizes that this must be the boar that's been hanging around the park. He shouts a warning to Lilith and throws his jacket onto the animal. It ends up in the boar's face, blocking its sight and causing it to crash into a tree. Kimihito is relieved at first, but the boar recovers quickly and now turns on him. Before the animal can attack Kimihito, however, Centorea jumps between them and knocks out the boar by cracking a log against its lower jaw.


Centorea is depressed.

Kimihito is impressed by Centorea's strength and thanks her, but Centorea mentions that it was nothing amazing at all. Kimihito says surprised that she doesn't have to be so humble, but Centorea interrupts him and says bitterly that she can't do anything else for him. She adds that she always wants to be of more use to Kimihito but she believes that she only causes problems when she tries to be useful. Close to tears, Centorea explains that she wants to be someone he can count on and wants to be someone he needs.


Kimihito hugs Centorea.

Thereupon Kimihito climbs on Centorea's back, whereupon she uncertainly turns to him. Kimihito says he twisted his ankle back there with the boar and asks Centorea if she'll let him ride her home. Centorea is unsure at first, but when Kimihito say's he counting on her, she agrees, but mentions that this is all she can do for him. Kimihito then hugs Centorea (to her surprise) and gently tells her that she is wrong because he is always counting on her, much to her delight. While Kimihito and Centorea are on their way home, Kimihito notices that "D" didn't show themselves this time either and is also wondering where the girl that was chased by the boar has gone.


Rachnera has bound Lilith.

Behind a tree, Rachnera watches Kimihito and Centorea with satisfaction before turning to Lilith, who has been tied up and gagged to a tree by her with her spider threads. Rachnera says that Lilith sure has some guts, trying to steal her "toys" away and asks if it could be that she is "D". When Lilith angrily begins to bite through the spider thread that is gagging her, Rachnera mistakenly interprets her trembling as a sign of fear and says with amusement that Lilith is so cute when she is scared. When Lilith hears this, she contemptuously replies that "if it isn't the pot calling the kettle black", to Rachnera's confusion.


Lilith makes fun of Rachnera...

Lilith sardonically says that it seems that Rachnera is only hiding in the shadows and follows behind everyone and she bets that Rachnera is just scared of showing herself to humans. Lilith adds that Rachnera pretends she doesn't care, but she is scared of being rejected by them because she is self-conscious of how humans see her spider body. The Devil girl continues to make fun of Rachnera not even trying to overcome her problem and giggles gleefully.


... which would prove to be a big mistake just three seconds later.

A mistake, however, that she immediately regrets when Rachnera suddenly stands in front of her with eyes glowing with anger. Rachnera coolly says that she thought Lilith was a mischievous girl, but just like Papi, she seems to be just an adult in a kid's body. With satisfaction, Rachnera notes that this means she can punish Lilith like an adult, whereupon the Devil girl's screams of fear echo through the park.


Vegetable horror.

In the evening Centorea announces in the Kurusu House that from today, to lessen her master's duties, she will be on salad duty, and the other houseguests should make sure to eat every bite, and not be picky. Miia and Papi are not at all enthusiastic about this (since they are not vegetarians) but Centorea says sternly that there is no use complaining about it and that they won't get any meat if they don't eat their salad. Kimihito thanks her as he also believes that everyone should be eating more raw veggies, with Centorea saying that it is only natural that she helps him as she puts more vegetables on the table (to Miia and Papi's horror).

Centorea says that she was not of much use before and did not want to accept that there were things that she could not do. But from now on, she wants be doing all the things that she can help Kimihito with. Centorea silently thanks Lilith, because she believes what the Devil girl said helped her to get over all that (totally misunderstanding the situation).

A little shyly, Centorea asks Kimihito in return if it is alright for her to rely on him, as he relies on her, whereupon Kimihito kindly assures her that she can always count on him. Then Centorea asks Kimihito if he could bring Rachnera her dinner up to the attic (which is also Rachnera's room), because the Arachne told her that she is busy and won't come down. Kimihito goes upstairs with a tray and knocks on the trapdoor to the attic, whereupon Rachnera thanks him and says that he can just leave her dinner here. While he puts the tray down, Rachnera tells him that "that girl" wasn't "D", whereupon he asks confused who's "that girl".

Up in the attic, Rachnera has Lilith tied up half-naked with her bondage while she asks the Devil girl if there is anything she's been hiding or lying about anything. Lilith, however, enjoys this torture (masochistically) to the fullest and assures Rachnera that she is not hiding anything nor lying to Rachnera and asks the Arachne for a "reward".

Meanwhile, Centorea gets upset about Miia and Papi in the living room, as the two feed their salads to Suu so that they don't have to eat them themselves.

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Key events[]

  • Lilith is introduced, and Devils are confirmed to be a kind of Extraspecies
  • Some more information on Extraspecies physiology is revealed.
    • Centaurs are implied to be herbivores, as Centorea said she can only eat fruits and vegetables, and not things like eggs or fish.
    • Arachnes have lungs in their Spider abdomen, which is also used for breathing. Miia believes that they can breathe through their mouth, but this is yet unconfirmed.
  • It's shown Rachnera sleeps in Kimihito's attic.
  • It's revealed Centorea possesses a suit of medieval armor designed for centaurs, a lance, and a shield with a horseshoe emblem on it.
  • According to Rachnera, Centorea's sandwiches didn't taste like anything. This may due as Centorea's sandwiches is filled with eggs and fish, or for the fact that herbivores like Centorea have twice the amount of taste buds than humans like Kimihito, who already have 20 times the amount of taste buds than carnivores like Rachnera, and as such the others can't taste the subtle differences in the taste of the food that Centorea can; this is causing Centorea can't tell what's her sandwiches taste like. as stated above (About Centorea being a herbivore).


  • Kimihito's shirt reads "Life's a horse. Either you ride it or it rides you.".
  • Even though it was stated a few volumes back that Papi is an omnivore, she oddly displays a clear amount of pickiness in what they have for dinner, even demanding to have meat instead, even though she doesn't have a sense of taste, and shouldn't really care about what she's served.
  • Gameshop Otogi is an allusion to mangaka Otogi Kurokawa and the Otogi no Kuni no Soapland doujin circle. Specializing in erotic doujin featuring large breasted girls (a favourite of Okayado's), Kurokawa created fanart of Meroune Lorelei for Okayado and Okayado rendered the artwork on the inside wall of Gameshop Otogi for this chapter. Otogi Kurokawa would go on to also contribute a short comic for Monster Musume I ♥ Monster Girls Volume 2 and Monster Musume I ♥ Monster Girls Volume 3.

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