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The 23rd Chapter of Monster Musume: Everyday Life with Monster Girls.


After Kurusu Kimihito went on a date with M.O.N(Tionshina,Zombina, and Manako), he saw a mysterious woman in the middle of the road. As Kimihito took her home, It was revealed that she was D. D managed to lose her head, so everybody decided to help look for her. After finding her, she introduced herself as a Dullahan, a reaper of souls. After bringing her home, they had a conversation, regarding why she sent that letter to Kimihito. It turns out, that letter was a warning, because Kimihito is on the brink of death.

Characters Kimihito KurusuMiiaPapiCentorea ShianusSuuMeroune LoreleiRachnera ArachneraLalaThe Racist CoupleBicycle Police Officer
Items and Terms Nintendo WiiDullahanBondage
Locations Kurusu HouseSakanoshita Park

Key pointsEdit

  • A new character, Lala, a Dullahan, has been introduced.
  • The Mysterious case regarding the threatening letters to Kimihito has been solved.
  • In the end of the chapter, it has been revealed that Kimihito is on the brink of death.


  • According to Kimihito, Miia has Apotemnophobia, also called the fear of an amputated body. A strong evidence of this is whenever Lala dismembers her head, Miia seems to be afraid and even faints.
    • Although this is not the specific phobia that Miia has.
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