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Chapter 29
Release December 31st, 2014
Publisher Tokuma Shoten
Author Okayado
Previous Chapter Chapter 28
Next Chapter Chapter 30
Character Debut Centorea's Mother

Monster Musume: Everyday Life with Monster Girls (モンスター娘のいる日常, Monster Musume no Iru Nichijou) Chapter 29 is the twenty-ninth chapter of the Monster Musume: Everyday Life with Monster Girls manga series.

Written and drawn by mangaka Okayado (Inui Takemaru), this chapter was released in Japan on December 31st, 2014, by the Japanese publishing company Tokuma Shoten within the seinen manga and anime magazine, Monthly Comic Ryū.

The chapter was later gathered as part of the series' tankōbon volume Monster Musume: Everyday Life with Monster Girls Volume 7.


In the early afternoon Centorea is training near the river, trying to hit a target with a lance. To her frustration, however, she doesn't manage to hit the centre mark, despite her best efforts. Finally, Kimihito comes to her, gives her some water and suggests that they should head back, because he's got to get lunch ready. While Centorea drinks from the bottle, Kimihito says that she is sure to be fired up that her mother is coming to visit today. Centorea, however, replies in a gloomy mood that she will indeed have an unavoidable battle today, whereupon Kimihito thinks to himself why everyone seems to have issues with their parents, remembering Miia's Mother and Papi's Mother.

While Kimihito goes back to his house with Centorea, she is unsure about Kimihito holding her lance as others might think he is her squire. At this moment, Kimihito receives a phone call from Mero, who tells him that someone has come to the house and is shouting at her and the other girls quite violently and telling them to open the door immediately. Kimihito assures Mero that they are really close, but is interrupted by a loud scream from the direction of his house. Centorea notices with a sigh that she knows this voice.


Centorea's mother thanks Kimihito.

Centorea's Mother is standing in front of the front door and still demands quite loudly that the door should be opened for her. Finally, Kimihito has enough and calls to her from behind that she doesn't have to yell like that. When Centorea's Mother notices him, she asks him directly if he is Centorea's host family and thanks him for his ceaseless effort to support her daughter. When they hear that Centorea's mother is at the door, Kimihito's houseguests curiously open the door. Centorea's mother greets the girls happily, as it is a welcome sight that her daughter's bonds are so strong (although Rachnera is annoyed because she can't stand people with loud voices).


Centorea introduces Kimihito to her mother.

When Centorea hesitantly approaches, her mother greets her happily and says it's great to see her daughter in fine health. However, she quickly gets to the point and asks Centorea, much to Kimihito's confusion, where her "teaser" is. Centorea moves closer to Kimihito, whereupon her mother asks what she is doing, since Kimihito is just her host family. Centorea explains, to Kimihito's embarrassment, that he is the master she has sworn her fealty to.


Centorea is arguing with her mother.

Centorea's Mother doesn't take this explanation very well, however, and says in icy tones that she sent Centorea abroad to find a teaser, even though Centorea loudly makes it clear that she had already told her she wouldn't do such a thing. Centorea adds that she has been searching for a master instead, but her mother fiercely says this is a "deviation" of the Centaur customs that they have adhered to for generations.

She adds that if Centorea's master were winsome, she might be able to excuse this "pretentiousness", but not this "unremarkably average man", where she looks at Kimihito with disdain. This also makes Centorea angry and makes it clear that her mother knows nothing about her master and that she can't forgive any insults directed at her master. Centorea's mother, however, sticks to her opinion that "this man" can't be Centorea's teaser, whereupon a rather heated argument breaks out between them.


The problems of breeding racehorses.

Kimihito is still confused because he doesn't know what a "teaser" is. But suddenly someone says that this is a term used in the breeding of racehorses, and when Kimihito looks around, he sees, to his amazement, the exhausted Ms Smith. Ms Smith says she came along with Centorea's mother, before explaining to what the term "teaser" is all about. Breeding racing horses is a difficult process because a mare who is not in oestrus can quickly become violent. If the breeder makes the mistakes of letting a stallion near a mare without due caution, the mare can kick and seriously injure the stallion. For this reason a teaser horse is used in breeding to get the mare in heat.


"normal" male Centaurs.

Kimihito, now understanding the term, asks confusedly why Centaurs need a teaser, whereupon Ms Smith explains that Centaurs only breed with the strongest. This tradition is a relic of Centaur past. For centuries, Centaurs were a violent, militaristic race that lived battle to battle. Only the strongest lived to reproduce. As a result, Centaur males have become muscular, vulgar, violent beasts that value only brute strength. Ms Smith shows Kimihito some photos of "normal" male Centaurs, but the sight upsets him deeply, as they are muscled like gorillas and have beards like dwarves.

Ms Smith adds that recently, however, Centaur woman have started liking gentler, more visually palatable men and that this change in taste has caused the Centaur birth rate to dwindle. For this reason, the Centaurs have started to use male humans as "teasers" to put Centaur woman in a state so that the male Centaur can mate with her (where Rachnera states that this is too crazy even for herself).


Daughter against mother.

Ms Smith goes on to explain that, even more recently, some Centaur woman have rejected this practice (which Miia fully agrees with) and instead to look for a "noble lord" to be their master, as they once did long ago. Kimihito states that they are trying to go against their own culture, but the conversation comes to an abrupt end when Centorea and her mother begin to fight each other with their swords.


Centorea's mother accidentally kicked Kimihito.

Centorea makes it clear that she refuses to mate with a brute whose only merit is strength, whereupon her mother replies whether Centorea instead intends to mate with Kimihito and asks whether she is certain she can do such a thing. Kimihito tries to stop the two Centaurines, but he accidentally gets a rather violent hoof kick from Centorea's mother, which incapacitates him.

While Centorea's mother apologizes and Ms Smith thinks that Kimihito "is fine", Centorea can't forgive her mother for this injury to her master and challenges her to a duel for her future and the honour of her master. Centorea's mother accepts this challenge, but before the two can start fighting each other in the middle of the open road, Ms Smith stops them and chooses another place for them to do it.


Polt announces the duel.

The location chosen by Ms Smith turned out to be Polt's Kobold Stadium, with Smith and Polt as announcers commenting on the duel between Centorea and her mother. In addition to Kimihito's house guests (except Lala) the girls from the MON team Zombina, Manako, Doppel and Tionishia) are also present as spectators.

While Polt enthusiastically announces the duel, Miia asks Ms Smith why they came all the way out here and even borrowed the stadium for it. Ms Smith replies that they would have been arrested if they had staged the duel on Kimihito's front door and apologizes to Polt for this bother. Polt said casually, however, that that would not be a problem and that they could borrow the stadium whenever they wanted. Miia wonders whether Polt is super rich, but also worries whether Kimihito is going to be alright when they left him at home. Ms Smith, however, frivolously says that Kimihito is used to getting hurt, to which Miia agrees, albeit hesitantly.

Meanwhile, Kimihito is riding his bike through the city to the stadium, stressing to himself that at this rate, Centorea's gonna lose. He takes a look at a box labelled "custom made" that he has in his bike basket and that he has to give this to Centorea before she loses.


The "goddess of jousting".

In the meantime, the duel between Centorea and her mother starts in the stadium, with both Centaur women running towards each other with lances and shields like in a jousting tournament. When Polt notices that the fierce attack has shaken Centorea's stance, Ms Smith says that she can understand if it were so, whereupon Polt turns to her in astonishment. Ms Smith explains that according on the information she has, Centorea's family is known among Centaurs as the strongest there is and her mother is undefeated in jousting. She is called the "Goddess of Jousting" with Ms Smith noting that this doesn't look good for Centorea. As the duel goes on, Polt asks why they aren't wearing armour, whereupon Ms Smith explains that according to Centaur law, duels must take place without armour, as they place their very lives on the line in these duels.

When Ms Smith makes a few comments about the "dynamic movements" she sees on the field (the boobs bouncing up and down) Centorea hisses angrily and embarrassed that Ms Smith should be silent if her commentary is in jest. However, someone yells to Centorea that she shouldn't get too distracted, whereupon she barely blocks a blow of her mother's lance with her shield. Frustrated and exhausted, Centorea notices that the duel is strangely unbalanced, because while her mother always hits the centre of her shield, Centorea continues to miss the centre of her mother's shield.

While Centorea is still wondering why she can't aim properly, someone suddenly calls a timeout and when Centorea turns around, she sees Kimihito, who is still completely out of breath from his ride to the stadium. When asked by Centorea, Kimihito said that she can't win like this and gave her the box labelled "custom made". Centorea opens the box in confusion, but turns bright red with embarrassment when she sees the contents, whereupon Kimihito quickly leads her to one of the side corridors of the stadium. Kimihito assures Centorea that she should be able to do her best with it, although she is still embarrassed to use it in front of the others.

The match resumes shortly thereafter, with Ms Smith and Polt commenting that it seems that something was given to Centorea a few minutes ago, wondering what exactly it was and how it will help her. When Centorea lands a well-placed hit on her mother's shield, Polt notices that Centorea just now seems to be a different person with that move. Eventually Ms Smith notices what was different when she sees Centorea's breasts aren't bouncing anymore and realizes that the special item she was given was a bra. Ms Smith explains that the reason Centorea couldn't properly hit her mother's shield before was because her bouncing breasts were breaking her balance, but now the bra is belaying her boobs. Embarrassed and annoyed, Centorea calls for Ms Smith to cease her analysis and hits her mother's shield with another well-placed strike.

In her mind Centorea thanks Kimihito for preparing such a wonderful item for her, but suddenly the bra breaks with a loud snapping sound. Polt is confused and notices that a custom made bra should actually have a longer lifespan, whereupon Ms Smith suspects that Centorea may be embarrassed of the size of her breasts and therefore ordered the bra one size too small. Rachnera notes with astonishment that Centorea had ordered the bra with a band size of 103 cm and that it is still not big enough.

Manako gets a shock from this revelation due to her complexes of her own little boobs, whereupon Tio tries to cheer her up, albeit with modest success, as Doppel thinks. Since Centorea can't win this match with the broken bra and sees no other option, she beseeches Kimihito to restrain her breasts instead of her bra.


All or nothing.

At first, Kimihito tries in dismay to refuse, but Centorea makes it clear that she can't allow herself to lose this duel, as in that case she would not only lose against her mother, but also against the traditions of her race. Now that Kimihito understands the meaning of the situation, he gets on Centorea's back and holds her breasts with his hands. As they run towards Centorea's mother in a final encounter, Kimihito thinks to himself that they are also fighting the tradition of the Centaurs and Centorea's fate.

When the two Centaurides meet, an enormous impact shakes the stadium, with Kimihito being thrown from Centorea's back. After a brief daze, he asks if they have won, and it turns out that Centorea and her mother are both still standing. However, to their great embarrassment, their blouses ripped open during the collision, so that their breasts are now exposed. Polt announces the match as a draw (though Rachnera is sceptical) while Centorea looks worriedly after Kimihito, despite assuring her that "nothing has happened" to him.

At the same time, however, she is approached by her mother, who proudly announces that her daughter still has a way to go, but has really matured, as she has shown her. Centorea then realizes to her astonishment that her mother picked a fight with her on purpose, whereupon her mother explains that she is also dissatisfied with the Centaur tradition of being forced to bear only the strongest children. However, Centorea's mother could not silence those steadfast supporters of this tradition without presenting persuasive evidence.


When Centorea asks her mother, confused, what she means by "persuasive evidence", her mother says that she was born a child of a man who was strong and nothing else. However, Centorea was born of mixed blood and her strength remains the same, which proves that the Centaur's tradition is outdated and no longer holds any meaning. Centorea's mother adds that Centorea should forget about tradition and that she is free to marry a man of her choice.

Moved to tears, Centorea hugs her mother, when suddenly a low murmur can be heard between them. When Centorea and her mother embraced, they didn't notice that Kimihito was standing between them, causing his face to be trapped between their breasts. Centorea's mother is not happy about this and fires off a doozy of an alliteration, while she describes Kimihito as a "buffoon".


The truth behind Centorea's birth.

In the waiting room, Miia is amazed to learn that Centorea is mixed blood and realizes how weird that is because she though Centorea's mother married a strong man, just like the traditions said she should. When Centorea also turns to her mother uncertainly, she finally admits, embarrassed, that a human man lived with her as her teaser and that he was very kind to her. When it was time for breeding, it was actually intended that Centorea's mother should mate with a strong Centaur man, but the human knocked the Centaur man unconscious with a stick before that could happen. Subsequently, the teaser bred with Centorea's mother instead, while the idiotic Centaur man was believed the lie when she claimed he passed out whilst doing the deed.

When Centorea and Miia realize in total perplexity that this mean that Centorea's father was a human, Centorea confronts her mother that she had told her she couldn't mate with a human, even though her mother corrects her that she just said it would be difficult. While Miia asks blankly, why there are even male Centaurs, Centorea's mother asks her daughter why she is so worked up and whether it is because she has already done it with Kimihito, although Centorea quickly denies that.

In the meantime, Ms Smith asks a surprised Kimihito that the time has finally come to give her an answer to the question which of the seven girls among his house guests he would like to marry. However, unnoticed by the duo, Mero, Rachnera, and Suu overhear the conversation.

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Key Events[]

  • Introduction of Centorea's mother.
  • More details about Centaur society are revealed:
    • Centaurs were originally a very violent, warlike Liminal species that lived from battle to battle for centuries. For this reason, there is a tradition among Centaurs where they only bred with the strongest, but this tradition had the downside that male Centaurs in modern times have become muscular, vulgar, violent beasts that value only brute strength.
    • However, recently Centaur women have started liking gentler, more visually palatable men. As this change of taste led to a dwindling birth rate, the tradition arose of using a male human teaser for female Centaurs during the mating season, just like a real horse.
  • Polt's company owns a large stadium.
  • Centorea is revealed to be a hybrid, since her mother secretly bucked the tradition of the Centaurs by not mating with her husband, Centorea's stepfather, and instead bred with her human teaser, Centorea's biological father.


  • This chapter reveals Centorea's bust size, being the largest: 103 i. Much to Manako's irritation.
  • Centorea's mom is known to be the "Goddess of Jousting."
  • When Centorea is confronted by her mother about why she hadn't found a suitable teaser since she sent her away, to which Centorea says she wanted to find a master, not a teaser. Her mother says that was no excuse, "though I may have excused such pretentiousness if thy master were winsome." This winsome master she is picturing is a silhouette with the hair, armour, and cape of Griffith from Berserk.
  • Polt's announcement before the duel between Centorea and her mother implies that the population of the Centaurs is at least thirty million.
  • In the scene where Tio wonders that a pony isn't a baby horse, Zombina appears to be drunk on her beer. However, that was probably just a humorous joke , as Zombina later explains in Monster Musume: Monster Girls on the Job! that a Zombie can't get drunk at all. Also, Zombina is sober again a short time later while watching the duel, showing that it was just a joke.

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