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Chapter 31
Release March 23rd, 2015
Publisher Tokuma Shoten
Author Okayado
Previous Chapter Chapter 30
Next Chapter Chapter 32
Character Debut Yukio

Monster Musume: Everyday Life with Monster Girls (モンスター娘のいる日常, Monster Musume no Iru Nichijou) Chapter 31 is the thirty-first chapter of the Monster Musume: Everyday Life with Monster Girls manga series.

Written and drawn by mangaka Okayado (Inui Takemaru), this chapter was released in Japan on March 23rd, 2015, by the Japanese publishing company Tokuma Shoten within the seinen manga and anime magazine, Monthly Comic Ryū.

The chapter was later gathered as part of the series' tankōbon volume Monster Musume: Everyday Life with Monster Girls Volume 8.



Miia is complimenting how great the hot springs are as she's soaking in one, enjoying the heat. Meroune then reveals that the hot springs they're in is part of an inn and the snow in the scenery is beautiful. Centorea then compliments how well-designed they are by the Japanese. Rachnera seems to be having discomfort being in the hot spring as she finds it too hot and refuses to admit it.

Kimihito just remains silent. It is then revealed that Miia, Centorea, Rachnera and Kimihito are sharing a rather cramp hot spring. Miia suddenly says to Centorea that it's rude to let her towel soak inside the hot spring and she tries to tug it away from the Centauride which embarrasses the latter, as this shows her bare breasts. Miia then complains loudly that there isn't enough room for all of them in the hot spring, to which Centorea vigorosly counters that she will not leave Miia alone with "her master", as she doesn't trust the Lamia in this regard due to her constant attempts to seduce Kimihito.

Centorea asks Miia that if she desires more room, she could also go to Papi in the other bath next to them. The Lamia replies that she wants to be with Kimihito since the Inn is a mixed bath. Miia gets out of the hot spring and asks Kimihito to go back into the indoor bath with her, although Centorea immediately follows her and suspiciously scolds Miia, saying that if she could honestly believe that she (Centorea) shall allow her to be alone with Kimihito simply because the Inn is an mixed bath.

Before Miia can reply, she accidentally pushes against the bath Mero is bathing in, tripping and falling into the bath, right in the Mermaid's lap. However, since Mero's bath is a cold bath, Miia gets an, for her as an reptilian Liminal, uncomfortable cold shock, while she complains about why there is a cold bath at the Inn. Rachnera also goes back inside as she can't take the heat any longer. Kimihito is left alone in the hot spring while he annoyedly wonders why he and his homestay girls ended up in this situation.

The Sno Ball Hot Spring Resort[]


Kimihito and his homestay are loocking forward to the onsen.

Some time before after the destruction of the Kurusu House, Kimihito, Mero, Suu and Papi are in a van driven by Ms Smith towards an onsen. As the girls play in the back seat, Kimihto asks Smith if Miia, Centorea Shianus and Rachnera have already arrived, which Smith confirms as they need to be transported by truck. Though Kimihito does notice Lala is not amongst either of them.

Kimihito tells Smith he's surprised she's taking them to an Onsen for free, to which Smith responds that he shouldn't worry as she always bothers him and steals his food, so in a sense she is repaying him. But she quickly notes that she is also scouting for a possible "business trip". When Kimihito is worried if the resort can handle his girls, Smith assures him that it is built especially for Liminals. However, since the resort hasn't had any Liminal guests yet, Kimihito finds out he once again gets volunteered to test it, like with Polt's gym, much to his annoyance.


Papi is thrilled about the snow...

As they arrive at the Arctic Inn, they find the entire area freezing and covered in snow. Before they have a chance to complain, Smith leaves then and drives off, telling them she is looking forward to their report. Kimihito complains that Smith should have mentioned the cold, as he would have dressed appropriately. As Papi starts to play with the snow, Kimihito, Mero and Suu are suffering under the cold, with Suu literally freezing solid.


... but Miia and Rachnera almost freeze into popsicles.

However, to top it all of, two apparent snowmen start to move, shedding the snow layers and revealing them to be Miia and Rachnera. The two reveal that the intense cold is having a negative impact on their snake-like and arachnid-like biology, forcing them to hibernate. Kimihito panics, fearing that Miia and Rachnera will die if they fall asleep, but just then Centorea (who is unaffected by the cold) arrives with the Inn's host and owner, a Yuki-onna named Yukio.

Yukio welcomes them and tells them the inside of the inn is warm. Kimihito and Centorea are amazed that the resort, just like Polt's gym, is run by a Liminal. Yukio tells them to take Miia, Rachnera, Mero, and Suu to the resort via the iced causeway she created. The Yuki-onna insists that's the only help she can offer and for them to carry them themselves, with Kimihito thinking to himself that that's cold.


Kimihito and the girls warming up inside.

After an exhausted Kimihito and Cerea drag the freezing girls inside, Miia quickly recovers on the Inn's heated floors and asks Kimihito to have those installed in their house as well. Yukio explains the heated floors were installed to make their guests more comfortable as well as prevent her from accidentally freezing them by merely walking over them. As Yukio gives them a tour, she explains that the snowfall only began after her arrival, apparently oblivious to the effect she has on the environment. She shows them to their room, which is very large and luxurious. Miia, Rachnera and Suu are very pleased and spread out over the Tatami covered floor, while Mero is intrigued by the Cypress wood bath.


Yukio shows the girls the various facilities of the Arctic Inn.

Before they have a chance to settle, Yukio shows them the room containing the Onsen baths. The girls are impressed by the size, though Rachnera complains about the heat. Yukio appears before them wearing a bulky environmental suit, apparently to protect her from the heat generated by the Onsen. She shows them the baths built for Liminals, and Cerea is pleased to see they come in many different sizes, allowing even her large body to submerge. Likewise, Suu is happy to see a shallow pool for her, as she cannot submerge in large bodies of water, and Rachnera is happy to find a mist sauna, as she cannot tolerate high temperatures that well. Papi desperately wants to swim in them, but is restrained by Kimihito.

Finally, Yukio shows them the Rotemburo, or outside bath, which makes Miia very excited. However, Yukio reveals that, since they do not have enough space, the resort is exclusively mixed bathing, much to Kimihito, Miia and Mero's shock, Cerea's embarrassment, Rachenra's delight and Papi and Suu's indifference. Yukio explains that, because of that, they have a severe lack of female customers, and the few male customers that did come, were scared off by Yukio's cold and intimidating disposition.

Miia immediately wants to take a mixed bath with Kimihito, but when he and Cerea protest, Yukio asks that he does it regardless as she wants to hear their opinion. Soon all the girls, excluding Rachnera and Suu who are in the outside bath and while Miia is still a bit cold; all of them, especially Papi are enjoying themselves. Though Cerea is embarrassed that her breasts keep floating upwards, which causes Kimihito to get aroused. Miia then suggests they all start to come up with ideas to help the Inn get back in business.


Mero's suggestion.

Kimihito proposes a snow festival, though Mero says it would take too many people. Papi suggests building a pool, though Kimihito says it would cost too much. Mero suggests that Yukio performs in a musical parody of "Frozen", though Miia complains about the copyright issues. Miia then proposes an "all-you-can-eat onsen egg festival", but Centorea chastises her for thinking with her stomach. Finally, Centorea suggests a "dating bathing event", but Kimihito wonders if that's possible if women are against the mixed bathing to begin with, only to find out none of the girls mind.


Sophisticated Suu.

Miia then suggests that Centorea use Kimihito as an example of how the dating event would go, much to the centaur's shock. However, in her embarrassment, Centorea fails to make a good impression and instead acts like the event's host. They are interrupted by Suu, who has changed her appearance to mimic wearing glasses and holding pen and paper. Acting surprisingly sophisticated, Suu asks Kimihito multiple questions about his personal and professional life. Miia theorizes Suu's changed behavior may be because she absorbed the mineral rich water of the bath.

Miia then coils herself around Kimihito and announces it's her turn. She starts to seduce him and tells him that with her, he will be satisfied every single day. When Cerea complains, Miia gets angry at her and Papi jumps against Kimihito and says that with her, they can play every day. Cerea then says that if he marries her, she can protect him and Mero says that she instead can support him financially.

Kimihito gets overwhelmed and as he tries to run away. Upset because she thinks running away isn't fair, Miia tries to hold him back, but in doing so, she accidentally pulls Kimihito's towel away, exposing his nether regions to the girls for the first time. Mero loses consciousness, Papi can only mutter "Papi saw everything" and Cerea and Miia hastily try to cover him, only to trip over each other. Suu's only comment is "small".


A severe and literally cold rebuke.

After Kimihito and the girls struggle to their feet, Miia complains to Centorea that she shouldn't step on her tail, although Centorea angrily counters that it was Miia's fault that they were all tangled in the first place. However, the argument comes to an abrupt end when suddenly Yukio emerges from the water in her protective suit in front of them, much to their shock. Kimihito asks Yukio why she's here, to which Yukio says she whished to see things from the patrons' point of view. However, in a stern tone, she adds that she has to ask Kimihito and the girls to be quiet while they enjoy the rotemburo, even as she say this, icicles form in the water around the Yuki-Onna. Intimidated by this severe rebuke, Kimihito and the girls sheepishly apologize.

Much later, the girls are back in their room and have a delicious feast. While Mero and Centorea enjoy the meal, Rachnera jokingly teases that Miia and Papi wouldn't understand since they are both picky eaters. However, Miia and Papi ignore Rachnera's comment as they are way too enraptured by the onsen eggs and onsen buns. Rachnera notes that while it would be a pain to write a report, it's nice to enjoy moments like that, only to find out Kimihito is absent.


Kimhito finds Yukio in the bath with him.

Kimihito, meanwhile, is enjoying one of the interior baths by himself, happy that he finally has some peace, though he does feel guilty for leaving the others. When he announces that he is going to experience it to the fullest to form a proper opinion, Yukio thanks him, revealing that she is also naked in the bath, much to Kimihito's shock. When Kimihito asks why she is there with him, Yukio explains that she thought he was with the others and apologizes. Kimihito clarifies that he meant if she is fine without her suit, and Yukio explains that she is training herself to better tolerate the high temperatures.


Yukio raves about the young "master".

Deciding to socialize, Kimihito asks Yukio how she became the owner of the resort. Yukio reveals that she did her own homestay there, and was touched by the owning family's kindness. Especially once the son of the owners, the "young master", who was in love with her, prepared a special cold bath for her. This gave her the idea to modify the resort to cater to Liminals like her. When Kimihito asks if the two are married, Yukio denies this, though starts blushing and says that she is thinking about it, reminiscing about what she likes about the young master.


Yukio loses control of her powers.

However, Yukio's mood then drops as she reveals that she cannot smile as gently and warmly as the young master can, which has a tendency to scare her clients away and therefore thinks she has failed him. Kimihito tries to teach her how to smile, before telling her that she was genuinely smiling when she was thinking about the young master. Yukio then becomes so incredibly flustered that she loses control of her powers and starts to freeze the entire bath, Kimihito included.


Kimihito being unthawed.

Sometime later, Miia is keeping a freezing Kimihito warm with a hot drink and blanket, while Centorea tries to break the ice surrounding his feet with her sword. Lala also wordlessly sits next to him, which Papi takes notice of. Yukio feels very guilty and apologizes to Kimihito, fearing that she will have to close the inn for good. Kimihito then says that he knows how Yukio can make it up to them.


The young men and Liminal girls mingle.

A while later, four young men arrive at the inn and are greeted by a smiling Yukio. The men decide to bathe immediately and while they are very nervous about the mixed bathing, dramatically declare that this is what they have been training for for a long time. As they enter the baths, they are happily welcomed by a Lamia and a female Lizardfolk, Kobold and Succubus and the two groups quickly mingle and befriend each other. The narrator then mentions that ever since then the Inn has hosted several dating events between Liminals and human hosts.

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Key Events[]

  • Yukio makes her debut.
  • It's revealed that Slimes, Arachne, Lamias and Mermaids do not do well in snowy conditions.
    • In the case of Slimes, this is simply because their liquid bodies freeze in freezing temperatures, while Lamias and Arachne are vulnerable to cold temperatures due to their animal-like biology, as both snakes and spiders are cold-blooded. In the case of Mermaids, this is because, while Chapter 12 revealed that they can withstand cold temperatures, but ice and snow are problematic for them because the slime on their skin can freeze and therefore they cool down quickly.
  • It's revealed that Arachne and Yuki-onnas do not do well in hot environments.
  • Yuki-Onna, Lizardfolk and Succubi are introduced.


  • At the point wher Miia and Rachnera is about to hibernate, Kimihito quote a famous line from many disaster movies: "Don't fall asleep! You'll die if you fall asleep!"
    • This is a cliché line used by many disaster movies especially when it take in cold places.
      • This also implied by the text in the panel "Disaster movie scene."
  • Mero makes a reference to the Disney movie Frozen. Miia immediately lampshades this and breaks the fourth wall by worrying about a lawsuit.
  • This is the first chapter to actually feature liminal species originating from Japanese mythology; in this case, Yukio-Onna. Until this chapter, the series mainly featured liminal races based on legends outside of Japan, such as Centaurs and Harpies, which are based on Greek Mythology.

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