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Chapter 32
Chapter 32 Cover Page
Release May 24th, 2015
Publisher Tokuma Shoten
Author Okayado
Previous Chapter Chapter 31
Next Chapter Chapter 33
Character Debut Ils Nineta

Monster Musume: Everyday Life with Monster Girls (モンスター娘のいる日常, Monster Musume no Iru Nichijou) Chapter 32 is the thirty-second chapter of the Monster Musume: Everyday Life with Monster Girls manga series.

Written and drawn by mangaka Okayado (Inui Takemaru), this chapter was released in Japan on May 24th, 2015, by the Japanese publishing company Tokuma Shoten within the seinen manga and anime magazine, Monthly Comic Ryū.

The chapter was later gathered as part of the series' tankōbon volume Monster Musume: Everyday Life with Monster Girls Volume 8.


In the early morning, Miia enjoys the amenities of the Onsen Town during a tour with Kimihito, from the delicious onsen eggs or the warm foot bath. Even though Miia takes up the entire room at the foot bath due to her long snake lower half, much to the disapproval of the other tourists, whereupon Kimihito tells Miia that it's time for her to go out of the bath, which she does. As she and Kimihito continue to walk through the town, Miia is surprised to see that, unlike the Arctic Inn, there is no snow in the town at all and she adds that Yukio's snow powers as Yuki-onna are "pretty crazy".


Yukio strictly demands that Kimihito's homestay girls write reports about their experiences at the Arctic Inn.

With regret, Miia says that she wishes that the other homestay girls could have come with them, but Yukio has strictly demanded that each of them should write a report (much to their stress) for the evaluation of the Inn with as much detail about their experiences as possible. But Kimihito has already finished his report yesterday and Miia finished her report this morning after hitting the bath, so the two of them can now treat themselves to this free time. Rachnera has also already finished her report, but when Kimihito and Miia told her that they wanted to go out, she rejected the offer to come with them because she was just gonna laze around, with Miia amusedly saying to Kimihito that Rachnera can be real a homebody.


The Shinto Shrine.

Kimihito is surprised that they have already walked all the way through the Onsen Town, before Miia suddenly discovers a shrine near them. Kimihito comments that the forest outside the Onsen Town is a strange place for a shrine and, in response to Miia's question about the fox statue at the entrance, explains to her that it probably represents the fox god Inari. As the two enter the shrine, Kimihito is pleased to see that someone has taken good care of this old place. Miia excitedly asks Kimihito if people in Japan pray for love at shrines, but the next moment the two of them are startled when loud screams of horror suddenly sound from further ahead.


A terrible monster?

Full of panic, three human men rush past them, shouting something about a "Mon". While Kimihito and Miia watch the three flee, perplexed, Miia laughs in amusement at the idea of whether they saw "some creepy shrine monster". However, Miia immediately stops laughing when she turns around and actually sees some kind of monster behind her.

Miia gets a terrible shock and faints, much to Kimihito's dismay, who is just able to catch the Lamia before she falls to the ground. However, the "monster" also reacts to Miia's fainting with dismay and says that she went too far and didn't mean for things to go this way. While Kimihito looks on in confusion, the "monster's" shape suddenly changes into the appearance of a young fox-like Liminal girl with nine tails. The girl says to Kimihito that her office is in that direction and tells him to follow her, which he does with the unconscious Miia in tow, although he is still too perplexed by what he has just seen.


Ils the Kitsune (nine tailed fox).

After Miia comes to, the girl introduces herself to Miia and Kimihito as Ils Nineta, adding that she is a Kitsune and a participant in the Extraspecies Exchange Program who works here as a shrine maiden. Kimihito asks her what was that all about, to which Ils proudly explains that Kitsunes have the ability to transform into anything and take the form of many different things through their tails. However, Kimihito says that he actually wanted to ask Ils why she scared people like that. Offended by Kimihito's unimpressiveness, Ils asks him if he isn't surprised by her abilities, although Kimihito says that he already knows someone who can transform into anything, remembering Doppel.


Ils' "plan" to attract more shrine visitors.

Regarding Kimihito's question, Ils explains that the Shinto Shrine of her host family is destitute, because since it is too far away from the Onsen Town, visitors are scarce, the offering box is empty, and they rarely sell any charms. So Ils has determinedly tried to attract more visitors, believing that the shrine will surely become famous as a "haunted shrine" if she turns into a monster and scares people. After this explanation, Kimihito and Miia are not sure what to think of Ils and Kimihito points out that an abandoned shrine where monsters jump out would lead to people staying away from the shrine out of fear instead of visiting it, in other words the opposite of Ils' intention.


Ils wants to help save the shrine- because of Inari Sushi.

Resigned, Ils says that she wants to help save the shrine because she has to repay her dept to the shrine master, since he took her in despite his poverty. Kimihito thinks to himself that Ils seems more sensitive than he thought, but Ils ruins this good impression again by saying that her main concern is that the shrine head cannot buy rice or tofu without money to cook his Inari Sushi, that Ils loves so deeply. While Kimihito and Miia again think to themselves that this is "awful" and that Ils is a trickster, the Kitsune says to Kimihito that she would like them to give her ideas.


Miia suggests the idea for a tokusatsu show to Ils.

While Kimihito and Ils are still discussing, Miia's gaze accidentally falls on the television, which has been running in the background the whole time and on which a Tokusatsu Show with a magical girl fighting against libido monsters is being announced. The show gives Miia an idea and she asks Ils if she could perhaps put on a live show about a transforming heroine. Ils resignedly says that she has no money for this, but Miia, enthusiastic about her idea, tells Ils that she needs to take advantage of her ability to transform into anything and that she is sure that Ils will get a lot of kids and tokusatsu fans to attract shrine visitors.

However, Ils brings Miia's enthusiasm back down to earth by explaining soberly that she can only transform her body, not her clothes. So, even with her transformation powers, she has no costumes nor money with which to make them. She also can't hire actors to play the role of the enemies. But as Ils explains, the biggest problem is that she's fairly awkward, so she wouldn't be able to do any of the action scenes.


A surprising appearance of Rachnera.

The brief silence that follows Ils' words is broken, however, when a voice suddenly sounds from above Kimihito, Miia and Ils' heads and when they look up, they are surprised to see Rachnera, who has heard everything from the rafters. The Arachne announces that they can then start the preparations, and when Miia interjects that they don't have any money to, Rachnera replies that they will simply ask Ms Smith if she will give it to them. Kimihito wonders why Rachnera is so gung-ho about Miia's idea of the live show.


An audience that only consists of guys.

A few days later, Kimihito and the girls have everything prepared for the live show with a stage in the middle of the Shinto Shrine and all kinds with food and souvenirs. There were actually a lot of visitors to the event, but when Kimihito and Ils took a look at the audience behind the stage, Kimihito notes that there were no kids, but basically just guys. He points out that the advertising poster they put was a little "too sexy", although Ils doesn't think that's a problem, because whether young or old, visitors are visitors.

Ils then enters the stage with a microphone and thanks the people for coming and introduces herself to them and that she is a Kitsune who is working here as a shrine maiden. The crowd find's Ils performance cute, while she tells them a few things of the Kitsunes. Kimihito watches the action from behind the stage, thinking to himself that Ils is really going at it out there. However, his attention is distracted by an argument behind him.


Miia isn't thrilled about playing the villain...

Miia again loudly complains to Rachnera why she should wear this costume and play the role of the villain, which she doesn't like at all. Rachnera calmly replies that they have no other choice, since Ils is the main character and therefore only the role of the villain remains for Miia. A little offended, Rachnera asks if Miia doesn't like the costume the Arachne made out of her threads. Miia angrily says that of course she doesn't like it because she has always secretly wanted to be a magical girl and therefore wants something that is pinker and frillier. At that moment, Ils announces that she feels the presence of a monster, whereupon Rachnera tells Miia that that is the cue for her appearance. Still rancorous, Miia enters the stage.


... but quickly settles into her role as "Cobra Miia".

When Miia comes on stage in her rather dark-looking costume, the audience is quite impressed and also a little shocked. Rachnera, who is observing this with Kimihito, thinks the costume looks pretty well on Miia, although Kimihito doesn't really know what to think of it. Ils confronts Miia and asks her what cruel plans she's come to carry out. Miia then announces that she is "Cobra Miia" and that she is the leader of the evil organization "Monsters Evreedes" and that their plan is to take over the Onsen Town so that all the onsens will belong to them and only to them. Rachnera, impressed, says that Miia sure is getting into it, although Kimihito assumed that she is doing it out of desperation.


Miia drags Kimihito onto the stage.

Miia announces to the crowd that she will now take a "hostage". As she speaks, she grabs a surprised Kimihito from backstage with her snake tail, drags him onto the stage and triumphantly announces that he is a good hostage and might even want to join her organization. Surprised, Kimihito asks Miia why she dragged him on stage, implying that it wasn't even part of the script. Miia ignores his question and recites to him in front of the audience the benefits of her organization, such as that he will rule the Onsen Town with her and that they will provide him with room and board. The audience listen to Miia, with one of the audience members even saying that he would like to be her hostage himself.

However, Ils then stands in Miia's way and announces that she will not allow this, as the Liminal Exchange laws clearly prohibit a Liminal from harming a human. Miia then hits Ils with her snake tail, asking the Kitsune if she thinks she can stop her just by saying that. Ils is able to dodge Miia's tail swipe, although she falls over, and Miia taunts her, telling Ils that she doesn't scare her. With concern, Kimihito thinks to himself that Miia is too much into her role as villain.


Ils as a magical girl.

Ils gets back to her feet and called Miia as "sandayu dokumamushi", much to Miia's outrage at this vulgar insult, and Ils announces to the audience that she has no choice but to use her transformation abilities. This is also the keyword for Rachnera: while Ils is transforming, Rachnera quickly spins a costume for the Kitsune with her spider silk. Now Ils stands on stage in a more adult-looking form in her costume, while the audience applauds in excitement and amazement at Ils' abilities. Backstage, Rachnera is a bit exhausted because making clothes on the fly like that is pretty tough for her. Miia expresses again her bitterness that only Ils is playing the role of a magical girl, since Miia herself wanted that part so much.


Ils accidentally kicks Kimihito in his face.

Miia strikes at Ils again with her tail, but the Kitsune dodges by suddenly seeming to take off and is now flying through the air, much to the amazement of the audience. Ils announces that she is preparing for her final attack, the "divine kick" where she swoops down to kick Miia with her foot. However, Miia dodges to the side, so that Ils accidentally and violently kicks Kimihito in his face. While the audience watches the action with excitement, Ils is more puzzled than worried that she missed Miia, while Miia is worried about Kimihito and scolds Ils. Ils responds to Miia's anger that she should have stayed put during the kick, whereupon Miia, beside herself with anger, questions why she should have allowed Ils to kick her.


Rachnera is having a little too much fun at the show.

Miia turns to Rachnera, who is standing backstage, and demands that she cut it out already. It is also revealed that Ils' "swinging" is due to the fact that spider threads from Rachnera are attached to the Kitsune's costume, with which the Arachne can make Ils float through the air like a marionette. However, slightly embarrassed, Rachnera replies to Miia that she is having way too much fun swinging Ils around and that she aways wanted to try something like that. While explaining that normally she uses her threads to tie people up, Rachnera uses her threads to pull Ils' legs up, leading the audience to see Ils' panties under her skirt, much to everyone's brief shock.

Kimihito reprimands Rachnera that she can't go off-script, even though Rachnera says it's fine. Meanwhile, Ils wonders whether Rachnera's action was improvised, before the next moment she falsely and enthusiastically assumed that they are improvising now. Rachnera turns back to the script and reads the next part, which is supposed to consist of Ils hitting Miia with her "divine shot", then the fireworks in Miia's costume go off and then Miia leaves the stage. Miia isn't very enthusiastic about this part, but at that moment, Ils announces that "cobra Miia" is going to get her "final attack".


Ils as a ball.

However, instead that Ils hitting Miia with her "divine shot", she wraps her nine tails around her body while still floating in the air and, to Kimihito and Miia's amazement, turns into a whirling ball. When Rachnera notices this, however, she reacts with dismay and calls out to Ils that if she transforms, the costume she (Rachnera) made will also fall apart. However, Ils doesn't listen to Rachnera and charged towards Kimihito and Miia as a rotating ball, which she describes as "divine rolling crash". She hits the two of them on the stage with full force, causing Miia to fall to the ground, knocked out, while Kimihito is thrown backstage and collides with Rachnera, while the impact sends the Arachne face-first into the wall.

As the dust slowly clears, Ils stands up to her full height and victoriously announces to the audience that good has triumphed over evil. However, it turns out that exactly what Rachnera had feared has happened: during Ils' transformation into the ball, her costume made of spider silk also fell apart, meaning that the Kitsune is now standing stark naked on stage in front of the audience. The audience (consisting only of young men) expresses their enthusiasm with loud cheers, while Ils is puzzled instead of embarrassed.


Dinner with Inari Sushi.

In the evening, after the live show is over, Kimihito, Miia, Rachnera, and Ils eats dinner in the office of the Kitsune, which only consists of Inari Sudhi. Ils is really excited about the success of the live show, since they were able to sell all charms and shrine maiden goods. However, Miia points out that also everyone has seen Ils naked, but the Kitsune brushes this aside without concern, saying that this doesn't count since she was transformed into her adult form at that point. However, Kimihito is sceptical about Ils' opinion on this. Ils says with joy that the Shrine should be safe from now on, already thinking about how they'll keep doing these shows together. However, Miia interrupts this thought when she revealed to Ils that they will be leaving soon.

Dismayed, Ils asks why and says that she thought they were going to do shows every day to bring more visitors to the shrine. Angrily, Miia makes it clear that there was never any talk of such a thing and she tells Ils that she could hire humans who could take the roles of the enemies. However, Ils points out that because of the laws she could only fight against Liminals and that she can't control herself well enough to not hurt someone, with Kimihito remembering Ils' hard kick in his face on stage. He then asks Ils why she doesn't hire other Liminals then, but Ils questions where she's supposed to find them. While Ils fears that everything is over, the discussion is interrupted when suddenly someone speaks to her.


Ils comes up with a new idea.

The visitors are the three young human men who fled in panic from Il's monster transformation a few days earlier. The three apologize to Ils for disturbing her at such a late hour and explain that they are really big fans of hers after they saw the show Ils put on today. They add that they actually only came here because they wanted autographs of Ils, but now that they've learned that the Kitsune needs some help with her tokusatsu shows, the three offer to help Ils, saying that they will do "anything" she needs. This makes Ils' eyes light up with excitement again as she comes up with another idea for the show.


Shrine warriors vs monster.

The next day, Ils starts a new live show, with her three new human helpers fighting as "shrine warriors" against a human dressed as a fish monster. Kimihito watches the show with Miia and Rachnera, where they see that with Ils' idea there are actually no problems with the Interspecies Exchange laws. Meanwhile, on stage, the shrine warriors have put the fish monster through the wringer, with Ils only stepping in for the last act, transforming as a magical girl to hit the fish monster with her "divine shot".


Really a heroine or more of a villain?

Backstage, Kimihito, Rachnera and Miia discuss Ils' idea, with Rachnera thinking it's not as fun without her wires, with Miia pointing out that the Kitsune's performance for the last act is still pretty close to breaking the laws here. When they look at the stage again and see Ils standing over the actor dressed as a fish monster who is lying on the floor, while Ils laughing triumphantly and announcing her victory, however, the thought occurs to all three of them that Ils would probably be better suited for the role of a villain.


The Shrine master forbids Ils from eating Inari Sushi as punishment.

Miia asks the others uncertainly whether it wasn't perhaps weird to start a tokusatsu show in a shrine, whereby Rachnera questions incomprehensibly that Miia is only raising this objection now and not right at the beginning. Also a little unsure, Kimihito says that it should be fine, as long as the shrine master doesn't get mad. However, this is exactly what proves to be a problem in the end, because when the shrine master returns and finds out that Ils has put on a tokusatsu show during his absence, he gets mad and forbids Ils from eating her beloved Inari Sushi for a while as punishment, much to the dismay of the Kitsune.

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Key Events[]

  • Ils Nineta makes her debut and Nine-tailed Kitsune are revealed to exist.
    • Kitsune have the ability to change their shape, but this ability is less developed than with Shapeshifters (Doppel's species), as a Kitsune can transform their body, but not their clothes.
  • The town the Arctic Inn is located in is explored.
  • Rachnera seems to have a penchant for live shows, as shown by her eagerness to respond to Miia's spontaneous suggestion, much to Kimihito's amazement.


  • The front cover is a parody of magical girl series.
  • The credits shown on the TV set for the show "Sweetie Witch Makochan" include Inui Takemaru for Character Design.
  • While suggesting a Tokusatsu show, Miia mentions Transforming Rider (Kamen Rider) and Robot Hero (Metal Hero).
  • During the play, Luz calls Miia "Sandayū Dokumamushi"; an actor from the original Ultraman series (1966-1967) who later became a radio host famous for vulgar language.
  • Rachnera's sudden appearance at the Shinto Shrine makes it likely that she secretly followed Kimihito and Miia, even though she rejected their suggestion to come with them. It can be assumed that Rachnera intended to accompany them from the beginning, but probably out of concern about how the humans in the Onsen Town would react to her spider lowerbody, she decided to follow them this way, as also explained at in Chapter 21 by Lilith.

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