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Chapter 34
Chapter 34 Cover Page
Release May 24th, 2015
Publisher Tokuma Shoten
Author Okayado
Previous Chapter Chapter 33
Next Chapter Chapter 35
Character Debut Liz, Kinu, Sebasstian, Flounnder

Monster Musume: Everyday Life with Monster Girls (モンスター娘のいる日常, Monster Musume no Iru Nichijou) Chapter 34 is the thirty-fourth chapter of the Monster Musume: Everyday Life with Monster Girls manga series.

Written and drawn by mangaka Okayado (Inui Takemaru), this chapter was released in Japan on May 24th, 2015, by the Japanese publishing company Tokuma Shoten within the seinen manga and anime magazine, Monthly Comic Ryū.

The chapter was later gathered as part of the series' tankōbon volume Monster Musume: Everyday Life with Monster Girls Volume 8.


The chapter begins early in the morning when Kimihito stands in front of the Arctic Inn with Mero and Suu. Kimihito says this onsen trip was a lot of fun, while Mero agrees that this was the first time they've been on a trip together and that she would love to do it again. As they reminisce, Mero says the shrine festival was so impressive while Suu adds that the cow's milk (which she drank direct from the bucket) was yummy. However, what Mero is really excited about is to go to the renovated house, although Kimihito doesn't think that the workers made many changes to it.

As Kimihito looks around, he notices that Ms Smith is late and that they even sent Miia and the other girls to go get her, but they're still not back. He adds that it was also a good idea to ask them to bring Papi back too, since she really couldn't tear herself away from the farm (because she loved the chicks too much).

Unbeknownst to them, however, they are observed from a van by someone with binoculars. The person announces that the targets are confirmed and orders the three to be taken into custody. The van pulls up suddenly and stops right in front of Kimihito, Mero and Suu. Before the three can react, they are grabbed by two strong arms and dragged inside the van, which drives off immediately.


Liz and Kinu.

After Kimihito has recovered somewhat from the shock, he asks the two drivers who they are and why they took them into the van. The two apologize for the rough treatment and introduce themselves as Liz, a Lizardfolk woman, and Kinu, a red Oni. They explain that they are part of the private security company TALIO and that they have been charged with protecting the three.


The tasks of TALIO.

In response to Kimihito's question, Liz explains that they are, more accurately, the TALIO firm's Liminals oriented task squad. After the Extraspecies Exchange bill took effect, many different Liminal species came to Japan but at the same time disputes between those Liminals and humans also broke out. However, the bill made it complicated for humans to resolve these disputes (since it prohibits humans and Liminals from doing anything to each other, even arrests) and the disputes were also too petty for governmental organizations to deal with. For this reason TALIO was founded, a private enterprise by Liminals for Liminals since the bill doesn't prohibit Liminals from arresting each other.

Kinu proudly adds that they're special bodyguards for Liminal VIPs, to which Kimihito asks why a private security company should protect him and his girls. Liz explains that their client engaged them to protect the three and Mero hesitantly asks if they're sure they have the right people. Liz then turns to them (although she is driving), confident that they have the right people, and hands them the client's request form, whereupon Kimihito, startled, tells her to keep her eyes on the road so she can see where she drives.

Kinu reads out the request form telling them to find and protect X-O (and everyone with them). Kimihito doesn't quite know what to say to that since he doesn't know who "X-O" is supposed to be. Kinu asks the same question to Liz, but she annoyedly calls Kinu an "idiot" and that she should think. Liz assumes that "X-O" stands for "unidentified humanoid Slime", which would mean that Suu is the VIP. Kinu immediately agrees triumphantly, but Mero and Kimihito aren't sure what to make of it, with Kimihito wondering what's up with those two "nincompoops".

Desperate, he tells them they have the wrong people and asks them to let them out. However, Liz loudly refuses his request, saying that they must complete their mission and that they will show them how useful they are. Frightened, Kimihito calls out to her again to look at the road while the van starts to sway dangerously and drives in a Zigzag course due to Liz's lack of concentration.

A short time later they have to stop in Tokyo at the side of the road because the van has gotten a wheel stuck due to Liz's unfocused driving style. While Liz and Kinu are lamenting the incident, Kimihito rolls his eyes because he specifically told Liz to look at the street. With no choice, Liz decides to continue on foot, telling Suu that she needs to stay close to them as their VIP. However, Suu doesn't understand what a "VIP" is supposed to be, whereupon Mero explains the meaning to her and Kimihito adds that it means that Suu is more important than everyone here.


Piggyback VIP.

Suu thinks about it for a moment, before suddenly excitedly jumping on Kinu's back as well, holding on to her horns to be carried piggyback by the Oni woman. While Kimihito tells Suu that he only made an example, Kinu says that the Slime girl is heavy and asks her to let go of her horns as they are very sensitive. However, Liz tells Kinu that Suu is their VIP and that they have to follow her orders.


Suu gropes Kinu.

As if on cue, Suu says she's thirsty, and Liz quickly buys her a soda from a nearby vending machine. However, when Suu opens the soda, some of it drips under Kinu's clothes, much to her inconvenience. The next moment, however, Suu's eyes sparkle with delight and she tucks her Slime tentacles into Kinu's shirt and, while sucking up the soda, begins massaging the Oni woman's large breasts at the same time, much to Kinu's shock. While Liz shouts at her to bear it, Kimihito thinks that Suu hopefully doesn't form any weird habits out of this.

Suddenly, Liz stops abruptly and then shouts for the others to follow her because they are being followed by someone. Kimihito is startled by the news, although Mero states that she didn't notice it at all. Kimihito is initially impressed by Liz's attention and thinks to himself that no matter what he thinks of the two agents, they seem to still be professionals. However, this good impression is immediately nullified when Kinu also states that she hasn't heard anyone, whereupon Liz says that this situation is exactly when a spy would appear and that she saw it in a movie. Kimihito then thinks to himself that the two are just idiots.

Shortly thereafter, the five are in an alley that turns out to be a dead end. Kinu notes with amusement that Liz sure knows this stuff since that kind of thing happens in movies too, although Liz is too embarrassed to reply. However, their thoughts are interrupted when they suddenly hear loud footsteps approaching them and Kimihito is startled and wonders if they really are being followed by someone. He first tries to reassure himself that that's definitely not the case, but when he sees Liz and Kinu's faces frozen in shock, he's worried again.


A perfect camouflage but only for two out of five.

Mero then suddenly calls out to Suu that's it time to use "that technique". To the amazement of the others, Suu then spreads out over Mero and uses her shapeshifting abilities to take the shape and form of a trash compactor with Mero inside, perfectly camouflaging herself and the Mermaid. The others are initially deeply impressed by this, but the next moment they are startled and wonder where they should hide themselves, since there is not enough space in the "trash compactor".

As the footsteps get closer and closer, Kimihito looks around frantically until he discovers a large closet that is also in the alley. He then grabs Liz and Kinu and, despite their protest, pulls himself and them into the closet just in time and closes the door just before the pursuer enters the alley.

Inside the closet, the three are squeezed uncomfortably close together, not least to the limited space and Kinu's size. This is particularly uncomfortable for Kimihito as his hand is pressed on Liz's butt, much to her outraged. After they calm down, Kimihito asks if there really is someone following them, to which Liz explains that the client's request said there was a good chance that a certain dangerous Liminal person would try to attack the target. An extremely dangerous person who has many names like "the devil of our time", "the witch doctor", or "the witch of the deep sea".

While the three are still trying to behave calmly, a beetle suddenly falls from the ceiling of the closet and lands down Kinu's neck. This causes the Oni woman to panic so much that she screams hysterically. Liz tries to calm her down, but to no avail, as Kinu panics even more, causing the closet to shake, catching the pursuer's attention. Finally, Kinu rips open her blouse to shake off the beetle, but the sight of her bare breasts reflexively causes Kimihito to become sexually aroused with heavy nosebleeds. He quickly puts his hand over his nose, but some of his blood still squirts out of the closet's slits, so the pursuer now knows exactly where the three are hiding.

Now that they've been blown, the three are now considering what to do. Liz thinks that she has no choice and remove her pants and says she will amputate her tail (like a normal lizard) so they can escape while the enemy is distracted. Kimihito is shocked by this and asks worried if she will be okay if she does that. Liz then reassures him that he needn't worry, but then adds that Lizardfolk tail is also the organ that stores the body's nutrients and that the worst-case scenario if she cuts her tail off could be that she dies of malnutrition.

Lala's happy embrace

An embarrassingly honest moment for Lala.

When Kimihito hears that, he grabs Liz's tail to stop her from cutting off, saying that they're not gonna be able to escape just because she's doing it. However, his hands slip off and he accidentally grabs her butt. Liz then calls him a "pervert" and smacks him with her lizard tail so hard that Kimihito is thrown out of the closet. Kimihito is dazed by this for a moment, but then he sees that the "pursuer" is actually just Lala and that he landed on her body. Lala's body, to his bewilderment, is hugging him lovingly while her head, which has fallen off from the impact, watches, embarrassed by her body's very expressive reaction.

After Kimihito got up, he also helps Lala up and asks her amazed what she is doing here. Liz and Kinu also confront Lala and ask her if she's the one who was chasing them. While Kimihito puts the Dullahan's head back on her body, Lala tries to explain to the two agents that she's not the tail, since she only chases the souls of the dead, not the souls of the living. However, her obscure way of speaking only makes Liz and Kinu more suspicious and they announce that they will arrest Lala, much to the Dullahan girl's shock. Kimihito whispers to Lala that the two can't understand big words.

When the two agents then actually make preparations to arrest Lala, she flees in terror. Mero and Suu, who broke her disguise and reverts to her normal humanoid Slime form, are also amazed to see Lala. However, Kinu then grabs Suu and throws the Slime girl at Lala to stop her from escaping, although Kimihito shouts at the Oni woman not to throw the VIP.

Suu lands on Lala and the two girls are thrown out of the alley in shambles. People out on the street jump in horror at the sight of the Slime and Dullahan mess, with Lala's body pulling her skirt down so no one can see her underwear in embarrassed horror. Kimihito moans about this huge deal when he is suddenly, to top it all off, approached by two Liminal girls who are uncomfortably familiar to him.


Two unpleasant acquaintances.

The two are Draco and Lilith, with Draco accusingly telling Kimihito that she wanted to see Miia, but that his house was under construction and that she thought Kimihito and his household girls had moved or something. Lilith, on the other hand, complains about why Rachnera left her and that she "can't live without her". When Liz and Kinu notices the two, however, they believe that they are also pursuers and want to tie them up too. Draco and Lilith on the other hand, although they don't really understand what the two agents are talking about, don't want to put up with it, which leads to a fight between the four.

While Kimihito is still moaning about the chaos and Lala is begging for someone to get Suu off her, Ms Smith suddenly and with an icy look and tone, asks the three groups what they are doing. As a result, everyone is so intimidated that the fight comes to an immediate end.

Shortly thereafter, in a parking lot, while Draco and Lilith sit sheepishly next to her, Ms Smith is talking sternly to two male human agents from TALIO, while Liz and Kinu stand nearby, dejected. When Kimihito asks the two why they made such long faces, they dejectedly respond that they are nothing but failures. They explain to him that the two TALIO agents Ms Smith is talking to are their partners, but that they honestly cause them nothing but trouble.

They add that that was why they wanted to carry out this mission perfectly but they ended up just failing all over again. They were also mistaken about the identity of X-O, with Mero, who is about to join them with Suu and Lala (who is still keeping her distance from the Slime girl after Suu's ordeal of groping), thinking to herself that she and Kimihito knew this from the beginning. Deeply depressed, Liz and Kinu say it's hopeless and that the other agents of TALIO should probably just send them back home after this. Kimihito tries to calm the two agents down, although he can't think of any words of encouragement at the moment.

However, Mero then joins the conversation and asks Liz and Kinu why they don't try taking some solace in the common saying that "everyone makes mistakes". She adds that she herself has also caused many problems for Kimihito and that she's nearly drowned him countless times. Confused by this statement, Liz tells Mero that lying to them won't make them feel better, but when the two agents see Kimihito turn his head away in embarrassment, their confusion turns to incredulous shock at recognizing his reaction by this that Mero was telling the truth.

Mero further encourages Liz and Kinu by saying that they're not used to things yet, and that she's sure they'll improve if they work hard to do better. Before the two agents can reply, Mero suddenly reverts to her royal mode, in which she says that her time together with the two agents was short, but that it was long enough to learn that they have wonderful hearts. She adds that she hopes that Liz and Kinu will continue to further their efforts as time passes, to which the two agents, overwhelmed by Mero's royal aura, agree with a bow. After this performance, Kimihito thinks to himself that he is now seriously wondering who Mero is.

His thoughts are interrupted when Liz and Kinu's partners turn to the two agents. Liz and Kinu then apologize profusely for causing them so many problems and that the know their failure today has caused great losses for the company. But they promise to work hard to repay them for this failure someday, that they will be useful to them and ask to continue working at TALIO.


Two totally surprised agents.

However, to Liz and Kinu's total amazement, their partners reveal to them that they actually successfully completed the mission and the only thing they shouldn't have done was to have gone off on their own. Confused, Kinu says they got the wrong target, but their partners reveal to them that was because what they read as "X-O" on the client's request form is actually Katakana, the Japanese script. Now that Liz and Kinu know this, they look at the request form again and realize in disbelief that the "X-O" actually means "Mero" and that the target location was her home, the Kurusu house. When their partners hear this, they are visibly incredulous that Liz and Kinu had no idea and still brought the Mermaid and her companions all the way to Tokyo.

The one agent adds that the pursuer still didn't come after Mero, but Kimihito turns to him in astonishment and says he thought the whole "being tailed" thing was just that Liz and Kinu thought Lala was following them. Lala then joins in the conversation and explains in her usual obscure way of speaking that she was drawn to the scent of death that marked the group, but that those enlisted in the service of the underworld don't appreciate the disruption of the silence and that she was unable to encroach upon with the group.

But while Lala is talking, Suu touches her head with her head probe, reading her thoughts and telling the others in more understandable words what Lala is actually trying to say; she followed the group but Liz and Kinu were so loud that Lala felt like she couldn't just pop in. Kimihito, not sure what to think of that, notes that someone really was following them. While Lala complains to Suu about reading her thoughts, to everyone's amusement, Kimihito ponders why someone would request that Mero be protected on her way home and wonders if it was Ms Smith.

However, Ms Smith suddenly appears behind him on cue, startling him, and says it wasn't her. Looking deeply stressed, Ms Smith tells Kimihito that she was super busy dealing with stuff and didn't have time for "this crap". She adds that Kimihito and his household girls made even more work for her. Intimated and confused by Ms Smith's appearance (which he compares to Sadako), Kimihito asks her if that's why she didn't come to get him, Mero, and Suu from the Arctic Inn, to which Ms Smith apologizes and says she totally forgot that.


An encounter of the fishy kind.

Ms Smith is trying to explain that she was dealing with some visiting nobles when she is suddenly interrupted by two excited voices. Two male Fishmen appear behind her, whereby their appearance frightens Lala (with Suu mimicking Lala) because they really look like two fish with arms and legs. The two Fishmen worriedly asked Mero if she didn't fall harm to any strange people and if the agency they hired performed their job to the utmost. Mero addresses the two by the names Sebasstian and Flounnder, much to Kimihito's amazement that Mero knows the two.

Concerned, Mero asks Sebasstian and Flounnder what they're doing here, whereupon the two loudly say that it's obvious. They announce that this is an order from the queen and that she wants Mero, whom they address as "Princess Meroune", to come back home. When Kimihito hears this, he is speechless when he realizes that Mero is a princess.

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Key Events[]

  • The existence of TALIO is revealed, a private security company specializing in escorting and protecting Liminal VIPs and arresting Liminal criminals.
  • Liz, Kinu, Sebasstian & Flounnder make their debut.
  • Draco and Lilith make an appearance.
  • Mero is confirmed to be genuine royalty, specifically princess Meroune, and is urgently summoned back home by the queen as someone is hunting her.


  • The fight between Draco/Lilith and Liz/Kinu is notable in that their species are partly similar to each other: Draco (Dragonewt) versus Liz (Lizardfolk) and Lilith (Devil) versus Kinu (Oni), although in the latter case the similarity is just chiefly due to the horns.
  • Kimihito comments that a tired Smith looks like Sadako.
  • In one of the memories at the beginning of the chapter, Kimihito, Mero, Miia and Rachnera are startled when Suu drinks the cow's milk from the bucket. This is because raw milk from a cow's udder usually contains harmful microorganisms and can therefore lead to health problems. The concern was unnecessary, however, as Suu, as a Slime, is immune to diseases.
  • Kimihito's suspicion that the workers didn't make that many changes to the Kurusu house would later prove humorously wrong in Chapter 45 and Chapter 46, as Mero's mother made numerous alterations to the house to the point that it could even been flooded.

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