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Chapter 35
Chapter 35 Cover Page
Release July 24th, 2015
Publisher Tokuma Shoten
Author Okayado
Previous Chapter Chapter 34
Next Chapter Chapter 36
Character Debut Meroune's Mother, Octo

Monster Musume: Everyday Life with Monster Girls (モンスター娘のいる日常, Monster Musume no Iru Nichijou) Chapter 35 is the thirty-fifth chapter of the Monster Musume: Everyday Life with Monster Girls manga series.

Written and drawn by mangaka Okayado (Inui Takemaru), this chapter was released in Japan on July 24th, 2015, by the Japanese publishing company Tokuma Shoten within the seinen manga and anime magazine, Monthly Comic Ryū.

The chapter was later gathered as part of the series' tankōbon volume Monster Musume: Everyday Life with Monster Girls Volume 9.


After Sebasstian and Flounnder explain to everyone living in the Kurusu house that Meroune is a princess from an underwater kingdom who has been living as an ordinary girl, the two fishmen expect the others to show utmost respect to her. Centorea immediately kneels down after finding out that she's of royal blood, begging for forgiveness, causing Meroune to get embarrassed.

Meroune then proceeds to knock the Fishmen butlers out with a seashell when they get out of hand, with all the commotion waking Rachnera up. Kimihito asks Mero if he and the other girls should now call her "Mero-sama"; but Mero, who is embarrassed, explains to him that the Mermaid kingdom is just a small kingdom in a sea of many and asks the others to keep calling her Mero. Kimihito then asks Mero why her kingdom suddenly want her to come home, but Mero actually has no idea.

However, when they heard that, Papi and Suu start getting deeply sad that Meroune might leave them forever, although Rachnera comforts both of them by assuring that this is only temporary, and that they don't have to worry about her. She points out how Meroune, being a lover of tragic romance, is getting ecstatic over being separated from Kimihito by her mother's instruction. Mero also assures Papi and Suu that they don't have to cry, although Kimihito notices that Mero forgets a tear herself. Papi and Suu aren't really reassured anyway, which Rachnera comments with a sigh.

After Sebasstian told Mero where her mother, the Mermaid queen, is said to be staying at, Mero suggests inviting her friends over to visit her kingdom. While travelling in the limousine and a cargo truck for the larger homestays, Papi is enjoying the scenery when they're nearing their destination and Meroune notices that Kimihito is being very quiet during the trip. When being asked why, Kimihito answers that he didn't get to see much of the renovations done to the house and he later asks Sebasstian why Meroune was suddenly called back home. The Fishman explains that there's a dangerous villain after Meroune and that she's a Scylla named Octo.

They reach the hotel which bears a striking resemblance to a castle and it is designed for the accommodation of aquatic liminals. It is shown that there are two ways to enter it, one is to swim inside after jumping into a waterway outside and another is to walk inside it. Rachnera feels uncomfortable after looking at its architecture when she suddenly notices how Suu walks startled to the opposite direction from the hotel. The surprised Arachne goes after the slime girl while the rest of the gang enters the building.

After the door slams shut when they have already made their entry, water starts suddenly filling up the room, nearly drowning the air breathers among them as Suu along with Rachnera look on with shock. Mero then explains that this hotel is suited for aquatic liminals, so this is the usual way it operates. After Kimihito and his homestay girls are saved from drowning, Flounnder apologizes to them but Rachnera lightens the mood with her dark humour which offends Centorea.

Flounnder then leads them to a nearby hotel that carters to air breathers for them to spend the night but the gang voice out their reasons for being unable to do so. Flounnder tells them not to worry about it as they're close friends of Meroune who have been there when she needs them the most, her family will provide them for whatever they need and the gang decide to have some fun at the nearby beach.

The gang visits the beach after putting on their desired beachwear. Kimihito, Centorea and Papi, who are now wearing a Hawaiian shirt with boardshorts, a trikini top with a bottom designed for centaurs and a frilly two-piece bikini respectively, enjoys the view. The harpy suddenly rushes towards the waves for a swim and the centauride tells her to warm up before doing so. Kimihito and Centorea comment how Papi gets over her grief easily before turning their attention towards Miia who is now enjoying a massage from two Eel Mermaid masseuses in a skirtini.


Miia and Centorea enjoying the erotic massages done by the eel mermaid masseuses.

Miia gets aroused from a second massage by them which is specially designed to sexually excite lamias. On questions from the masseuses, Centorea decides to give the erotic massage a try too but she sees it as a challenge to resist getting aroused. However, she succumbs to it instead and like Miia, she becomes sexually excited. When asked by the masseuses if they want to become members of their massage parlour, both of them agree to, not just for the bonuses but because they enjoyed it too.

Kimihito turns his attention to Suu after seeing how sad she is because she can't enter the water. Flounnder suddenly interrupts their conversation and hands the Slime girl a wetsuit which enables her to do so. Suu then joins Papi in playing in the water after putting it on. However, even though Suu is well-protected thanks to the wetsuit, she's still able to absorb water to the extent of making it unzip by her expanding breasts. This shocks Kimihito but she assures him that she's fine by expelling excess water.


Rachnera sitting on a rocky outcrop in a pretzel swimsuit.

Miia and Centorea, who are now too aroused by the massages, advise Kimihito to have one to ease his worries over his homestays but this only stresses him even more. Rachnera, who is now wearing a skimpy pretzel maillot, has been observing him from a distance with binoculars on a rocky outcrop while under the shade of a beach umbrella as she's fishing; she finds his behaviour in showing concern for his homestays humorous and cute but also agrees that he needs to relax occasionally before feeling a bite on her fishing line.


A seemingly eerie encounter.

The scene then cuts to Meroune in one of the rooms of the hotel, recalling her recent interaction with her mother which upset her, as the latter doesn't want her to participate in the interspecies cultural program anymore due to tensions between humans and merfolk happening recently. As she becomes lost in thought, a few Mermaid maids tell her that there's trouble in the hotel but assure her that there's nothing to worry about. After the Mermaid maids leaving Meroune alone, a mysterious tentacled being stealthily abducts her.


A bucket full of stingrays.

The scene later cuts back to the "air breathers", showing Kimihito, Miia, Papi, Centorea and Suu, enjoying some cup ice cream at a café. However, a riot suddenly breaks out when the hotel guests get out of the water, which puzzles Kimihito before Rachnera returns, wearing a coat over her swimsuit with a basketful of stingrays she just fished. These arise Suu's curiosity, and Rachnera tells Kimihito that it's strange as these are the only animals she could find in the sea as she warns the curious slime girl to be careful of handling them because of their stingers.


Suu with the crab.

While Kimihito is still wondering about the stingrays, he is approached by Suu, who wanted to tell him something the whole time and is now angry because she feels ignored. She asks him what "this round spiky thing" is, to which Kimihito reassuringly says that it's a stingray. However, Suu then holds up the animal she was referring with her question, to which Kimihito corrects himself when he sees that it's a crab. While Suu is happy that her question has now been answered, Kimihito wonders where this huge crab came from.


The crab attack.

Suu answers his question by pointing where a huge shoal of crabs are coming on shore and pinching everything in sight. The gang then hears a screech by Flounnder who shouts worriedly that the restaurant doesn't have enough fish to serve the customers as they were all badly damaged by the crabs, and that he'll be severely punished for this because he's the head butler. Just when the fishman is out of ideas, Kimihito comes up with one.


The girls are perplexed/slightly disturbed by Kimihito's sudden enthusiasm to help the cooks.

After finding out that the restaurant still has ingredients, he asks Rachnera to fish as many stingrays as she can and the arachne willingly does so with infatuation for him. The chefs then states that they don't know how to cook stingrays but Kimihito says he'll teach them and all they need to do is show him their ingredients. After examining the ingredients, he knows what to do and instructs the chefs in preparing them much to the shock of his homestays present there.

When he's done, the girls with Rachnera, Miia, and Centorea, currently wearing coats over their swimsuits, look on with interest in the sumptuous dishes he prepared. Flounnder thanks him gratefully for his help but Kimihito humbly declines any credit. Miia tells Kimihito that he should have asked her to help but Rachnera replies that it's best not to before the girls present there with the exception of the frustrated Centorea (who cannot eat the fish since Centaurs are herbivore) chows down and they enjoy the meal. Kimihito later gives Centorea a bowl of salad which in a way saves her from hunger.

Even after cooking for everyone, Kimihito continues helping out by washing the dishes. Flounnder and the chefs who are extremely grateful for his aid politely insist that he needs to take a well-deserved break which he declines. The girls who have been witnessing his actions start showing concern for him. The peaceful moment is suddenly interrupted by a horrified Sebasstian who yells that Meroune has been abducted and the chapter ends with a message on the door to her room saying "I'll be borrowing Meroune for a little while. "O"".

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Key Events[]

  • Introduction of Meroune's mother
  • Introduction of Octo (silhouette and low quality picture).
  • This chapter clearly showed Kimihito's cooking skill.
  • The Eel Mermaid subspecies makes its debut in the manga.


  • On the chalkboard sign for the eel massage have a mistranslation text, instead of "Eel lotion massage." The text reads "Aal lotion massage."
  • During the massage by the Eel Mermaids, Miia is visibly aroused as the Eel Mermaids massage the tip of her tail. This is a callback to the fact that the tip of a Lamia's tail is a very sensitive erogenous zone, as revealed in Chapter 1.
  • In the Seven Seas' English translation of Chapter 35, when Kimihito begins issuing orders to the Fishfolk chefs the statement "How will he use the secret ingredient!?" appears behind him. This statement is a frequently used phrase in the Japanese cooking show Iron Chef.
  • In one of the pictures that shows several Fishmen and Mermaids, a small Fishman is seen who looks like a fish with two human legs on his stomach, presumably a reference to the self-portrait avatars of the mangaka Shake-O (creator of Nurse Hitomi's Monster Infirmary).

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