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Chapter 36
Chapter 36 Cover
Release August 24th, 2015
Publisher Tokuma Shoten
Author Okayado
Previous Chapter Chapter 35
Next Chapter Chapter 37
Character Debut Octo

Monster Musume: Everyday Life with Monster Girls (モンスター娘のいる日常, Monster Musume no Iru Nichijou) Chapter 36 is the thirty-sixth chapter of the Monster Musume: Everyday Life with Monster Girls manga series.

Written and drawn by mangaka Okayado (Inui Takemaru), this chapter was released in Japan on August 24th, 2015, by the Japanese publishing company Tokuma Shoten within the seinen manga and anime magazine, Monthly Comic Ryū.

The chapter was later gathered as part of the series' tankōbon volume Monster Musume: Everyday Life with Monster Girls Volume 9.


After Sebasstian announced that Mero had been kidnapped, a startled Kimihito asks the Fishfolk butler why or when this happened. Sebasstian says out of breath that he doesn't know, but that it most likely happened during the ruckus with the stingrays and the crabs. Sebasstian desperately asks what they should do now, since he will be blamed as head butler, whereupon Kimihito angrily makes it clear that he should rather worry about Mero.


The butler fears that Octo has kidnapped Mero.

Kimihito asks Sebasstian and Flounnder if they might know who might have kidnapped Mero, and if it might be the woman they mentioned in the car while driving to the hotel. The two Fishfolk butlers loudly confirm that the princess's kidnapper is none other than Octo, the Scylla, as the note with the kidnapper's message is signed with "O". They add that there are rumours that Octo could use her alleged witch powers to summon dangerous creatures and that the stingrays and crabs must have been caused by her.

When Sebasstian and Flounnder argue about why Octo would kidnap Mero, Miia and Centorea get annoyed in the dispute and asks who Octo actually is and why they are so wary of her. Sebasstian and Flounnder are clearly uncomfortable with this question and hesitantly say that this is a long story. They explain, to Miia and Centorea's confusion, that the Mermaid society is dealing with a serious elopement problem.


The Mermaids' elopement problem.

Mermaids love tragic romance, especially tragic romance that involves another species. And more often than not, they go after humans, which means that the number of young Mermaid women who are meeting humans by the seashore and eloping with them has increasing dramatically. Embarrassed, the two Fishfolk butlers explain that even the King of the Mermaids (Mero's father) actually eloped with a human woman, with the result that the relations between Mermaids and humans are not doing very well since then. Miia and Centorea are totally perplexed by this story because they don't know what to think of it.

When Kimihito asks what this has to do with Octo, the two Fishfolk butlers loudly say that it's all because of her and that Octo is just like the witch in "The Little Mermaid" who is tricking these couples into eloping. They add that Octo must be plotting something horribly evil because of the kidnapping of the princess and immediately turn to Kimihito and his house guests to save Mero.

While the girls react differently to this request (Rachnera, Papi and Suu rather calmly, Miia scared and Centorea happy about the seemingly chivalrous act of saving a princess), Kimihito says that of course they want to save Mero, but also asks the two Fishfolk butlers if they know where Octo hides out. Sebasstian and Flounnder confirm this, however, as if this knowledge were a matter of course and bring Kimihito and the girls onto their boat, where after a short journey they reach a sea cave in a cliff wall.


An embarrassing and disturbing confession.

When Kimihito asks Sebasstian and Flounnder, confused, how they knew where Octo's cave is, the two Fishfolk butlers embarrassedly admit that they wanted Octo to turn them into handsome Mermen butlers. So they secretly went to see Octo, but without success, whereupon Kimihito and Rachnera are not sure what to think of the two butlers. After Kimihito and the girls get out of the boat, Kimihito asks the two Fishfolk butlers to tell everyone what's going on, whereupon Miia points out that Ms Smith and the MON usually take care of this kind of stuff.

But then the two Fishfolk butlers simply drive away in their boat, announcing that they could lose their jobs if they told someone they tried to go to Octo beforehand, which leaves Kimihito speechless about so much irresponsibility, whereby Centorea notices that they have no choice but to go forth. Before entering the cave they decide that Papi (due of her poor dark vision) and Suu (because of the water in the cave) should wait outside, even if they both don't like it very much.


The friends enter Octo's cave.

As they enter the cave, the girls warn Kimihito that the ground is slippery due to the water, which is more dangerous for a bipedal person than for Miia with her snake tail or Centorea and Rachnera who have more than two legs. Suddenly, Miia winces when suddenly something in the water touches her tail and she holds on to something that in the dark, thinking it would be Kimihito. But then it turns out that Kimihito is behind Miia.


The giant sea anemones.

When Miia, frightened, points her flashlight at the object, she's holding onto, it turns out to be a giant sea anemone and when Kimihito holds up his flashlight, it turns out that the entire cave is full of sea anemones. The anemones attack Miia and begin to grope her with her tentacles, especially her breasts, until she falls back, orgasmicly exhausted. When Kimihito rushes over to Miia, she tells him that she can't move, when suddenly he receives a phone call from Sebasstian and Flounnder.

The two Fishfolk butlers say there is something they forgot to tell Kimihito and tell him about the giant sea anemones and that their tentacles contain a crippling venom (which is why the two butlers couldn't see Octo before). Out of rage, Kimihito yells at the two Fishfolk butlers that they should have told him and the girls that before they entered the cave, with Rachnera commenting to herself that she will drown the butlers when they get back. But then Centorea announces that Kimihito does not have to worry, as she will cut a way to Mero with her sword and says that she will not allow herself to be defeated by sea anemones.


Rachnera binds the sea anemones.

However, Centorea's attack fails miserably despite her announcement and the anemones grope her breasts and ears with their tentacles. When the tentacles stimulate Centorea's nipples, it even feels pleasant to Centorea before she passes out from the crippling venom and orgasmic pleasure, much to Kimihito's horror. However, shortly thereafter, Kimihito himself is attacked by the tentacles, whereupon he is rescued by Rachnera, who ties the anemones with her spider threads and thereby effectively puts them out of action, proving that she's a more challenging opponent than the lamia and centauride for them to deal with.

While Rachnera is contemptuous of the anemones, Kimihito thanks her, but suddenly a long tentacle grabs him from behind and pulls him underwater, to Rachnera's shock. Then a woman with squid tentacles emerges from the water, who mockingly acknowledges Rachnera's skills but who in return has caught Kimihito. Rachnera realizes that the woman is Octo, the Scylla.


Octo holds Kimihito captive.

Octo confirms this and says that since they know this, they are probably here because of the princess. While Octo is mocking Rachnera, she begins to grope Kimihito with her tentacles, whereupon Rachnera angrily tries to stop the Scylla, but she is also tied up by her tentacles. Octo turns back to Kimihito ( while she continues to grope him with her tentacles), but suddenly a long thread wraps around the Scylla and ties her up in Bondage.

While Octo was distracted, Rachnera took the opportunity to tie up the Scylla with her spider threads. Octo then suspects that Rachnera intended to set a trap for her from the start, which Rachnera agrees to (which is actually not true, since she only set it up to mess with Octo). Octo mockingly asks if Rachnera's plan is to see who falls first. Rachnera mockingly says that she would like to see Octo trying, but has to admit in her mind that her chances are bad because the Scylla has the advantage in the cave.


Suu in maternal mode.

Rachnera's attention is then turned to Suu, who suddenly approaches the group in the dark of the cave. While Octo is confused that they still have someone with them (whereby Kimihito can finally free himself), Rachnera is confident of victory and asks Suu if she could help her here. Suu gently assures Rachnera of this, whereupon Kimihito notices that something is different about her and as Suu gets closer, Kimihito and Rachnera realizes, amazed, that Suu has assumed a more mature, motherly form. Confused, Kimihito suspects that this could be because Suu has absorbed the nutrients and water from the sea and since the sea is the "mother of life", Suu has become like a mother.

Suu then uses her usual tentacle rape to "help" Rachnera, but she gropes not only Octo, but also Rachnera (for no apparent reason) until both the Scylla and the Arachne collapse, exhausted from the orgasmic pleasure. Suddenly Kimihito hears a voice and when he turns around, confused, he discovers Mero, who asks what they're all doing there and worriedly asks about Octo. This leads to a situation in which at the moment Mero can't understand what is going on while Kimihito is trying to prevent Suu from "helping" Mero too, all while Papi walks through the cave in search of Suu, but can't see anything due to the darkness.


Fear of maternal Slime.

After the situation has calmed down somewhat, Octo invites Kimihito and his house guests to a Takoyaki meal in their house, which is located in the back of the cave. Octo apologizes in great detail for the trouble with the sea anemones, while she and Rachnera show mutual appreciation for their bondage and tentacle skills. However, when Suu also interferes in the conversation Octo and Rachnera said with horror that the Slime girl shouldn't go in the ocean again.

When Kimihito asks Octo why she kidnapped Mero (where Miia expresses her anger at the crabs and stingrays), the Scylla says, embarrassed, that there was something that she absolutely had to tell the princess. Desperate, Octo adds that she never wanted to do anything like that, which Mero agrees by stating that it wasn't a kidnapping because it was her choice to come with Octo.

When Miia and Centorea ask confused what Mero means by this, Mero explains that the rumour that Octo would tricking Mermaids into eloping with human men is a bold-faced lie. While it's true that elopement is quite a problem in Mermaid society, Octo has nothing to do with it, the Mermaids elope because they themselves want to elope. Although this rumour is baseless, the Mermaids also believe that Octo could "magick someone into eloping", turning them into humans or making them handsome (which makes Kimihito and his houseguests think of Sebasstian and Flounnder).


Everyone wants advice from Octo, much to her despair.

Desperate, Octo explains that everyone has come to her for advice because they think Octo is like a witch from a fairy tale who can solve all their problems with magic. Since Octo was really annoyed by these unwanted visitors, she finally settled the giant sea anemones in her cave. Annoyed, Octo adds that even Mero's father, the King of the Mermaids, came to her for advice, wondering if he wasn't dealing with his own problems.

While Octo sadly says that she just wants to be left alone, Centorea asks why this rumour spread, but Mero doesn't know either. Octo explains that she caused a stir with the crabs and stingrays to see the princess and resolve the misunderstanding. However, there was no way to talk each other in the hotel, so they ran away and Octo left a friendly note (although Kimihito notes that the "friendly note" looked more like a ransom letter).

Miia then suggests that Mero could use her royal authority to clear up this misunderstanding once and for all, but Mero sadly says that while she is a princess she has no power of her own, as the queen is the one with all the power. Octo is dismayed to this news, whereby Miia and Centorea also discover that there was no point in kidnapping Mero. When Rachnera also makes a mocking comment to Octo's situation, an argument between her and Octo starts up, which, however, ends immediately when Kimihito speaks up.


The friends come up with a plan.

Kimihito points out that if the Mermaids think the reason they took Mero back with them is because she was eloping, it wouldn't really help the current state of Mermaid-Human relations. But if they don't deal with that, Mero could really be forced to come home (which Papi really doesn't want). So Kimihito suggests finding a solution to Octo's problem and get the Mermaids to give up the eloping which the girls agree to.

Full of enthusiasm, Octo hugs Kimihito and says that she will later give him a "nice reward" later, whereupon Miia and Centorea give her some angry looks, while Rachnera says annoyed that they have to solve Octo's problem first. When Rachnera asks for suggestions, Mero announces that she will tell her mother the truth about Octo and then convince her mother to tell all of Mermaidkind the truth. While Kimihito and the girls are impressed with the plan, Octo expresses her concerns because while the queen appears to be a very serious, mature woman, she is also said to be very stubborn and strict. With these words, Mero remembers the previous conversation with her mother, but is nevertheless determined to carry out her plan.


A wicked smile that suggests something bad...

In the meantime, Mero's mother in the hotel thinks that Mero was taken by Octo, but doesn't worry, because, strangely enough, she already knows that Mero is not in danger. She happily thinks to herself that even if Mero learns the truth, everything will continue to go as she planned.

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Key Events[]

  • Full appearance of Octo.
  • The absorption of sea water gives Suu an overly maternal personality, as the sea is "the mother of life".
  • Octo is not a villain or sea witch with magical powers, although the Mermaids and Fishfolks believe so. Octo didn`'t kidnap Mero, she just wanted to talk to her to clear up the misunderstanding.


  • Despite being spelled as "Shianus" throughout the series, the Seven Seas' english translation has Centorea's last name spelled as "Ceanus" in this chapter.
  • The giant sea anemones in this chapter bears a strong resemblance to the Edwardsiella carnea sea anemone, only being bigger.
    • Octo keeps a collection of giant sea anemones in her cave to ward off unwanted visitors
  • The cover of this chapter have the characters dressing in parody of Dragon Quest.
  • Kimihito's shirt reads "Congrat's Monthly Comic Ryu's 100th Issue!".
  • Rachnera's (not serious) announcement, after Miia was attacked by the sea anemones, that she would "drown" Sebasstian and Flounnder for the delayed warning can be seen as ironic since the two butlers can breathe under water as Fishmen, which would make it impossible to drown the two, since drowning is, by definition, "killing by immmersion in a liquid". However, a fish (and presumably a Fishman) can suffocate if the fresh water does not contain enough oxygen.

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