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Chapter 38
Chapter 38 Cover
Release November 22nd, 2015
Publisher Tokuma Shoten
Author Okayado
Previous Chapter Chapter 37
Next Chapter Chapter 39
Character Debut Yuuhi Hajime

Monster Musume: Everyday Life with Monster Girls (モンスター娘のいる日常, Monster Musume no Iru Nichijou) Chapter 38 is the thirty-eighth chapter of the Monster Musume: Everyday Life with Monster Girls manga series.

Written and drawn by mangaka Okayado (Inui Takemaru), this chapter was released in Japan on November 22nd, 2015, by the Japanese publishing company Tokuma Shoten within the seinen manga and anime magazine, Monthly Comic Ryū.

The chapter was later gathered as part of the series' tankōbon volume Monster Musume: Everyday Life with Monster Girls Volume 9.



The doctors are completely shocked that Kimihito is ok, though he suffers injuries every day.

In the early afternoon, Kimihito lies on a bed in the Okayado General Hospital and is very bored. He thinks to himself that he's glad that his homestay girls took him to the hospital to make sure that he was alright after he almost drowned. But after the doctors examined him, they were completely shocked that he is completely alright and doesn't even has a single fracture in his bones, even though he suffers heavy injuries every single day (because of his homestay girls). For this reason, they insisted that Kimihito should stay in the hospital until they find out what is "wrong" with him, completely ignoring his hesistant protests.

Lala at Kimihito's hospital bed

Kimihito suddenly notices Lala next to him.

While trying to think of a way to get discharged, Kimihito is suprised to find Lala has been sitting next to him. Cynical anf grumily, the Dullahan says that Kimihito had finally noticed her, while Kimihito, shocked by her appearance, asks her why she is here. In her usual obscure way of speaking, Lala explains to him that she and the other homestay girls was worried of him, which is why she came to the hospital to check on him.

After Lala finished her speech, however, it turns out that Kimihito is in a room with several other patients who now looks over at Lala, puzzled. Embarrassed that everyone listened to her speech, Lala gives Kimihito a gift basket with fruits in the name of her and the other homestay girls. In response to Kimihito's question, Lala explains that she decided that the other homestay girls should stated at home because their combined presence would be too tight for Kimihito due to their large bodies. Lala adds that she also left Papi and Suu at home because the two wouls only spell disaster in a hospital, to which Kimihito agrees.


A Dullahan in a hospital is not a good idea...

In the next moment, a few of the Neighborhood Kids come to play video games with Kimihito. Lala is flustered as she does not know how to act with children in social situations, but regains her composure when she notices a girl hiding behind the door to Kimihito's room. Lala is surprised at this, but the next moment one of the other girls sitting on a chair in front of Lala accidentally bumps into her, causing the Dullahan's head to detach from her neck and fall into the girl's lap. This triggers a huge wave of panic and hystery among the other patients, with Kimihito thinking to himself that out of the whole bunch, Lala should probably the last person who should be in a hospital.


Yuuhi admires Lala.

Later, Lala's body searches outside of the hospital for her head when she approached by the hiding girl from before who has found her head. The girls questions Lala about her status as a death god. Lala sits her head back up and proudly confirms to the girl that she's a Dullahan, the "shepherd of lost souls" and a "death knight". However, the girl then just looks a Lala in silence for a lang time, whereupon Lala becomes unsure. In the next moment, however, the girl says with full of admiration that this is "so cool" and asks Lala further questions, which Lala, encourage by the girl's admiration, answers with some rather embellished words.


Yuuhi asks Lala about the death.

The girl introduce herself to Lala as Yuuhi and tells her that she has been in the hospital for a while and that it is hard for her to make friends, since everyone gets discharged before her. To Lala's amazement, Yuuhi asks her if she want to be her friend, to which the Dullahan unsurely agrees. Yuuhi then asks Lala about the nature of death and what happens to people when when they die. Lala replys that even though a person's body will die no matter what, the soul keeps living in the afterlife, whereby Lala means that there is nothing to fear.

As Lala finishes her explanation, a nurse comes to bring Yuuhi back to her hospital room. Before she leaves, Yuuhi hesitantly asks Lala if her soul will still exist when she dies. Surprised by the question, Lala is unable to answer and watches Yuuhi leave as the nurse takes her back to her room in the hospital.


Lala's dubious "gift" to Yuuhi.

Later that night, Kimihito is happy that he will be released in the next day or two, but is once again surprised by Lala's sudden appearance. Startled, Kimihito tells her to stop surprising him, but Lala covers his mouth and tells him to be quiet because she doesn't want that he wake up the other patients. More quietly, Kimihito asks Lala again why she is here in the middle of the night, before his eyes fall on a basket of rather creepy and disturbing-looking cat plush dolls that Lala has with her. Embarrassed, Lala explains that these are gifts for Yuuhi and that, because she doesn't have the slightest idea what a small girl would be elated to receive, she asked those around her for her opinion.

While Kimihito sees the creepy plush cats as a dubious gift for a little girl, he says that Lala didn't have to come so late. Lala then replies that she came to the hospital early in the afternoon and looked for Yuuhi, but she could not find her, und before she knew it, it was night. Confused, Kimihito asks her why she didn't just ask a nurse where the girl is, to which Lala, embarrased because of her social anxiety, evasively replies that she wants to ask him. Kimihito thinks for a moment before he hesitantly asking Lala if she's talking about the girl, who hid behind the door that morning, which Lala confirms.

Lala sad2

Lala is deeply shocked to learn about Yuuhi's imminent death.

Kimihito then sadly reveals to her that it is probably not allowed for anyone to visit Yuuhi because he has learned from the other children that she has been in the hospital for a long time since she has a terminal illness. He adds that after meeting Lala, Yuuhi was admitted to the hospital's ICU and that she may be will die that night. This news shakes Lala deeply as she remembers how Yuuhi had asked her that morning if she wanted to be her friend and if her soul will still exist when she died.

After Lala sits quietly in her chair for a while, Kimihito tries to calm her down, even though he himself is full of sadness that a life will end so young. However, Lala then replies in her usual obscure way of speaking that a Dullahan is like the manifestation of the death like the god Thanatos and that she has never break the taboo and give the gift that she can never to anyone else, even though she feel that it would be right in this case. However, Kimihito then just stares at Lala perplexed because he didn't understand a single word of that Lala actually wanted to say to him, due to her obscure way of speaking.


Lala hits Kimihito with her scythe to take him to the afterlife.

Embarrased, Lala suddenly hits Kimihito on the head with her scythe, causing him to faint and wake up with the Dullahan in the afterlife at the Sanzu River. Slightly annoyed, he complains to Lala that she shouldn't always bring him to the afterlive with a near-death experience when she just wants to talk to him. Apologetically, Lala says that its just too embarrassed for her if anyone hears what she wants to say to him. Grumly, Kimihito remembers that Lala had already bring him to the Sanzu River after he almost drowned by trying to save Mero. He says that he is already used with near-death experiences, although he admits that he always end up forgetting everything what happens when he is back in the world of the living.


Lala thinks that Yuuhi should have more fun in her life.

Kimihito asks Lala if she wants to talk about Yuuhi. Lala then says that it is only a matter of time before death comes to everyone, but even if the boy dies, the immortal soul lives on. For this reason, it is the same for her whether someone is alive or death, but although Lala herself is not sure why she feels this way, she thinks that Yuuhi deserves more fun in her life. She wants that Yuuhi make lots of friends and have a lot fun times and fall in love, like the other homestay girls.


Kimihito gives Lala siome advice.

Sadly, Lala says that as a Dullahan, who guides souls to their resting place, she is not allowed to change anyone's fate, but she still wants to save Yuuhi. Kimihito then replies to Lala that he think it's normal that she wanted to help someone if she can and asks her if she hasn't already changed Yuuhi's fate by meeting the girl and coming into her life. He reassuringly tells Lala that he doesn't think she has to worry about it that much because in the end, the most important thing is what Yuuhi herself decides what Lala should do for her.


Lala asks Yuuhi if she will power.

Lala takes this advice to heart and leaves after bringing Kimihito back to the world of the living. Later that night, Yuuhi is lying in her hospital bed with a respirator when Lala suddenly appears next to her bed. She asks Yuuhi if she wants power and holds out an unknown object to the girl.

The next day Yuuhi is seen healthy and playing with the other Neighborhood Kids, much to Lala and Kimihito's joy. Kimihito turns to Lala and asks her what she wanted to talk to him about yesterday, since as usual after his return to the world of the living, he cannot remember his visits and conversations with Lala in the afterlive. Lala then responds with a smile that there is nothing in this world that could change the fact that all humans have to die at some point, but that there is no reason for Yuuhi to die now and that she can die after she had her fill of living, whereby she giving Yuuhi a loving look.

However, Kimihito begins to wonder because he finds it strange that Yuuhi recovered so suddenly and quickly from her terminal illness, although Lala embarrassedly avoids the question. At that moment, however, Kimihito notizes, to his amazement, how some nearby doctors are talking to Ms Smith and the MON-team. He wonders why they are here although he has the feeling that they are not here to see him.


Lala suddenly becomes extremely nervous at the sight of the MON.

Ms Smith approaches Yuuhi and ask the girl a few questions such as when did she feel better or of she was bitten by someone. Kimihito wonders about this until he notices that Zombina seems unusually nervous and that her always pale skin is now white like a ghost. He briefly thinks if she had bad circulation, only to laugh about his own joke since Zombina, as a Zombie, has no circulation at all. However, he stops laughing when he sees that Lala suddenly becomes also very nervous, causing her skin to turn even more blue than usual. Startled, Kimihito asks what's wrong with her, although Lala unconvincingly assures him that she's alright.


Smith reveals the shocking news that Yuuhi is now a Zombie.

Smith performing some tests with Yuuhi, revealing that the girl has dilated pupils, no heartbeat and is not breathing. At this Smith nervously reveals that Yuuhi did indeed die and is now a Zombie, much to Kimihito's shock. Yuuhi asks Smith what a Zombie is, although Smith quickly assures her that she has nothing to worry about and once she gets treatment, she'll be right as rain, just like Zombina. Kimihito is still in shock wondering why Yuuhi is suddenly a Zombie, but Lala then approaches Zombina and reveals that her tooth was stuck in Yuuhi, much to Zombina's horror as this means that she is responsible for Yuuhi's zombie infection.


Smith puts the MON under house arrest.

As M.O.N. tries to figure out when Zombina lost her tooth, Kimihito notices Lala is holding a pair of pliers, implying that she stole the tooth during the night. disbelieving, he wants to talk her about this, although Lala quickly silences him with a stern look. fearful of Smith's reaction if she finds out about her involvement in Yuuhi's transformation. Left with no other choice Smith informs M.O.N. that all members are under house arrest for Zombina's supposed negligence, much to the shock of the four. Kimihito thinks to himself that he will need to have Lala apologize to them at a later time.

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Key Events[]

  • Kimihito is admitted to the hospital after the events of the previous chapter.
    • The doctors are stunned to discover that Kimihito is perfectly healthy, although he keeps getting injured from living with his homestay girls. Because of this, they keep him in the hospital for some time for more tests, although eventually they have to let him go.
  • Lala befriends a girl in the hospital named Yuuhi Hajime. However, Lala learns from Kimihito that Yuuhi is suffering from a deadly disease and will die soon.
  • Unsure, what to do to help Yuuhi, Lala brings Kimihito to the afterlife where he gives her some advice on what she can do.
    • Kimihito reveals that he forgets what happens in the afterlife each time he leaves. For this reason, he can't remember the conversation between him and Lala the night before the next morning.
  • It is revealed that an infection with one of Zombina's teeth can turn a human into a Zombie. Lala secretly uses one of Zombina's teeth to turn Yuuhi into a Zombie to save her "live".
  • Due to the incident with Yuuhi, the girls of the M.O.N. are placed on house arrest by Smith.


  • Lala's favorite Food and Drink are "Ambrosia" & "Panacea".
  • This is the first and currently only chapter in the manga series that focused almost exclusively on Lala.
  • This is the first Chapter in the manga series in which a character actually died, even though Yuuhi has become undead.

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