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Chapter 50
Chapter 50 cover
Release January 19th, 2017
Publisher Tokuma Shoten
Author Okayado
Previous Chapter Chapter 49
Next Chapter Chapter 51
Character Debut Wladislaus Drakulya

Monster Musume: Everyday Life with Monster Girls (モンスター娘のいる日常, Monster Musume no Iru Nichijou) Chapter 50 is the fiftieth chapter of the Monster Musume: Everyday Life with Monster Girls manga series.

Written and drawn by mangaka Okayado (Inui Takemaru), this chapter was released in Japan on January 19th, 2017, by the Japanese publishing company Tokuma Shoten within the seinen manga and anime magazine, Monthly Comic Ryū.

The chapter was later gathered as part of the series' tankōbon volume Monster Musume: Everyday Life with Monster Girls Volume 12.



Ms Smith tries to calm Kimihito's homestay girls.

Early in the morning at the Okayado Hotel, Kimihito's household guests were shocked when they heard from Ms Smith that Kimihito had disappeared. Ms Smith tries to calm the girls down and asks if they really didn't all realize that Kimihito had gone missing yesterday. The girls say that yesterday they were all exhausted from searching for Papi and when they woke up this morning, Papi, who is still sleeping on the couch, had come back to the hotel anyways. While Miia and Centorea are close to tears or disappointed in themselves, Mero asks whether this is the work of the Vampire, which Ms Smith thinks is likely. She apologizes that she was on the event floor doing surveillance, searching for dangerous species and was therefore unable to keep an eye on Kimihito.


Doppel reprimands Ms Smith for using Kimihito as bait for the Vampire.

Thereupon, however, Doppel taps Ms Smith on the shoulder and whispers to her whether she really doesn't want to tell the girls that she used Kimihito as bait to try to catch the vampire, which even the Shapeshifter girl thinks was a bit much. Ms Smith whispers back that now is the time to avoid unnecessary confusion and distraction and that it's now important to do everything possible to move forward. Doppel mockingly replies that Ms Smith shouldn't try to make avoiding responsibility sound like some super cool movie line and that she'd be totally in favor of the girls calling Ms Smith a "damn alcoholic" (Since Ms Smith was at the bar while she should observing Kimihito) if she would tell the girls the truth about the events.


Miia fears for Kimihito's safety.

Before Ms Smith and Doppel can finish her conversation, Miia interrupts and worriedly asks whether Kimihito is really okay, as she fears that if he is bitten by a Vampire, he will also turn into a Vampire, as is often shown in movies. Ms Smith insists that there is probably no need to worry, because regardless of how dangerous Vampires are, infecting someone isn't so simple. As an example, she cites the Zombie Virus by Zombina, which can turn a human into a Zombie, but as long as the victim doesn't die immediately after being bitten, the antibodies will destroy the virus (whereupon Mero and Centorea learn that there wouldn't have been a "zombie pandemic" as they had feared recently).


Vampire are at the verge of extinction.

Ms Smith goes on to explain that Vampires in particular have a very low infection rate, so their numbers have been steadily decreasing and they are now actually on the verge of going extinct. However, Centorea then clarifies that even if Kimihito is not infected, the danger of having his blood sucked still remains and asks if there is nothing they can do to save him. Doppel says reassuringly that she already has checked the security footage from the show floor and that the suspect was in full view.


The surveillance footage with Curie.

As Doppel plays the video Ms Smith paused the recording and enlarges the picture showing Curie. Ms Smith explains that Curie is the only one who went into the private exchange program interview rooms but not come out and is therefore likely the Vampire. However, when Miia asks why Kimihito was in the room, Ms Smith, embarrassed by a convincing excuse, says he was likely looking for Papi.

However, as Ms Smith points out there is a problem: there are no surveillance cameras inside the interview area, so there is no recording of the crucial moment when Kimihito was attacked. Therefore, they cannot exactly know if Curie is the culprit and must first be sure if she is really a Vampire. When Miia asks how to do that, Ms Smith says that the girl was previously walking around with another Liminal person, whereupon Centorea asks meekly if the girl had an accomplice.


Ms Smith turns to Papi.

However, Smith says that there "definitely" wasn't and that the person probably just met the girl by accident and ended up walking around with her (which confused Miia, how Ms Smith knew this). Centorea asks if they couldn't just find and ask the person in question in this case, which Ms Smith confirms this before turning to Papi, who had just woken up, surprising everyone that she was the person in question.

When Miia hears this, she grabs Papi by the shoulders rather roughly and demands that the Harpy tell them everything she knows about the girl, whereupon Papi only stutters a few hesitant words. Centorea withholds Miia because she understands how Miia is feeling, but also realizes that such rough treatment will only make it harder for Papi to say something. When Papi still reacts hesitantly, Mero turns to the Harpy and gently asks her if she might be friends with the girl and therefore, in order to protect her, pretends she can't remember. Mero asks Papi to tell her about the girl, but when Papi just looks at her in confusion, Mero discovers, to her dismay and amazement, that Papi seriously can't remember anything.

At that moment, Ms Smith suddenly receives a phone call from Manako, who is monitoring the Inter-Species Cultural Exchange Exposition, and learns that Curie has reappeared on the event floor. However, when Ms Smith asks how they can find out whether Curie is actually a Vampire, the girls at first have no idea either, before they suddenly look at Papi.


Papi has trouble remembering Curie.

When Papi is at the Exchange Exposition, she is soon noticed by Curie, who apologizes to Papi for suddenly running away last night. However, when Papi asks who she is, Curie tries to remind her of the events of the previous night, including that she misunderstood Curie's name as "coolie". Like the night before, Papi says that this name is strange, although Curie cannot say for sure whether Papi remembers her. Papi asks Curie to come with her, which Curie does, but hesitantly says that she is not that comfortable with bright places. While the two leave, Miia, Mero, Centorea, and Suu observe the situation in hiding, but fear that Papi will expose their plan and wonders whether this will really work out alright.

To work out the plan, Ms Smith had told Kimihito's household guests some information about the biology and abilities of the Vampires, such as the fact that they ingest nutrients by sucking blood (due to their underdeveloped digestive organs), while sleeping in coffins during the day (to protect against sunlight, however also as a species-wide habit), and they produce ultrasonic waves which can apparently be used to control bats. But there are also a few stories about Vampires that are completely fictional, such as that they could turn into mist or not showing up in mirrors.


Vampire weaknesses.

Then Ms Smith tells the girls a lot about the weaknesses of the Vampires, such as their sensitivity to ultraviolet rays (very dangerous), garlic and silver (allergic reactions) and crosses (more of a cultural taboo than a real weaknesses). Ms Smith explains that to find out if Curie is a Vampire, all they need to do is see if Curie has a negative reaction to stuff that Vampire's don't like. Miia and Centorea point out, however, that even if Papi got along well with Curie beforehand, the success of the plan is not very likely due to Papi's forgetfulness.


Curie is dismayed by what Papi told her.

The fear seems to come true when Papi almost reveals that she's taking Curie to a place with stuff that Vampires don't like. However, Curie is still so exhausted that she doesn't notice how obvious Papi is and asks Papi who she usually plays with. Papi then names Miia, Suu, the neighbourhood kids, and finally Kimihito, whom she describes as particularly nice. Curie asks if Kimihito is Papi's boyfriend, but Papi says that "hubby is hubby", an answer that confuses Curie. However, Papi then suddenly tells Curie that Kimihito was kidnapped last night, and asks Curie if she knows anything. This shocks the other girls in their hiding place, as no one would ask a suspect so directly. However, when Curie learns of this, she turns away and seems to feel very guilty.


Curie shows obvious discomfort with the things Vampires don't like...

However, Curie doesn't have much time to think of this as she and Papi reach the place where Papi was told to take Curie. The place is full of stuff that Vampires don't like, such as garlic, ultraviolet lamps and silver crosses. While Papi is enthusiastic about the garlic dishes, Curie clearly shows negative reactions. The other girls take this as evidence, but as Miia wonders what kind of place this is, the girls are suddenly approached by Moskii, who explains to them that this is a place for blood-sucking Liminals, who are often asked if they are Vampires. So this place is supposed to prove that they are not Vampires. Moskii explains that they also have a place with stuff that Vampires like.


...but also with coffins...

However, the girls attention is diverted when Papi and Curie go to the place with stuff Vampires like. One of the offers is a Vampire coffin where visitors can experience what it feels like to sleep like a Vampire. Papi urges Curie to try this too, but Curie reacts horrified to this thought and screams that she is afraid of dark cramped places. Miia, Mero and Centorea are utterly confused as this doesn't at all match their assumption that Curie is a Vampire.

Next, Papi und Curie go to a scaffolding where visitors can slide down on a rope to experience a Vampire flight. However, Curie is appalled by the height and says that it's crazy to jump down there with a rope. Papi then happily grabs Curie by the shoulders with her claws and flies around with her, but Curie screams in horror that this is worse. Miia, Mero and Centorea are even more confused as it would be strange that Curie would be afraid of flying if she were a Vampire.


... and she is afraid by the bat.

The next stand is an offer where visitors can see live bats, known as "Vampire's best friends". While Papi wonders why the bats are hanging upside down, Curie is appalled and says that she can't deal with bats. Papi doesn't notice this, however, and happily holds one of the bats in front of Curie's face so that Curie can see how cute they are, which only horrifies the girl more. Miia, Mero and Centorea are now quite perplexed, as it would be rather strange that a Vampire would be afraid of bats.


Curie faints at the sight of the blood, which is more than strange for a Vampire.

Curie is now quite stressed and says it's mean for Papi to take her to a place with things she can't handle, to which Papi apologizes. This causes Curie to cough because she is not used to yelling so much. This catches the attention of Leechi, who works as a waitress at the event, and offers Curie a drink, referring to it as her species' special recipe. Curie accepts the offer but is confused by the red colour of the drink and asks what kind of juice it is. However, when Leechi reveals that it is an artificial blood juice, Curie is horrified and suddenly falls over, much to the shock of Papi and Leechi. In a low voice, Curie says that blood is the one thing that she can't stand the most, before she finally faints.

In their hiding place, Miia, Centorea and Papi are now finally confused and suspect that Curie might not be a Vampire after all, since in that case she would probably not collapse at the sight of blood. Mero also states that Curie has hands and therefore couldn't be a Vampire, which the other girls agree with, since Vampires have bat-like wings instead of hands. While Papi, Leechi and Moskii carry Curie worriedly to the backroom, however, Curie experiences a memory from her past while she faints.

The memory is about how Curie's father Wladislaus, tried unsuccessfully to get his daughter to drink blood with the blood of a dead chicken. Wladislaus viewed Curie's failure as absolutely pitiful, adding that their species is in decline and if this continues the Vampires will become extinct. Wladislaus says he believes Curie can stop this decline, but she refuses to do anything that he sees as a true Vampire, like flying or drinking blood. He also adds that he's certain that Curie's mother would grieve like he if she were alive. Wladislaus says that he wants the Vampire species to flourish again, but is plagued by a violent urge to cough the next moment and realize that he himself will not live long.


Curie's visit in her memory to the grave of her father.

Wladislaus' fears proved true and soon after he died. In the cemetery at his tomb, Curie meditates on his last words, where Wladislaus was convinced that humans had to fear the Vampires and that designating Vampires as a dangerous species would be an advantage, as it proves that they are feared. Before his death, Wladislaus demanded that Curie create the age of the Vampires in his stead, a task she dreaded.

Back in the present, Curie suddenly wakes up in the backroom to discover several boxes and bottles of artificial blood. Moments later, Papi comes into the room and wants to apologize to Curie, but Curie sadly replies that she's the one who should apologize. Before Papi can ask, she notices the empty artificial blood bottles on the floor, and asks Curie if she drank the blood, confused since Curie just passed out at the sight of blood. Curie sadly explains that when night falls she sometimes loses control of herself. While Curie continues to explain that she probably had something to do with "Hubby's" disappearance, she apologizes to Papi and when she takes off her coat, Papi sees that Curie has bat-like wings.

Meanwhile, the other girls are still searching for the Vampire, with Centorea noting with frustration that it seems they've played their hand completely to no avail. However, Suu then joins in the conversation and happily says that she has a hand. Miia turns to Suu in confusion, but backs away in shock when she sees that Suu actually found a hand, causing Miia to worry that the Vampire did this as an act of a hand fetish murders. However, Centorea quickly discovers that the hand is a fake and that she can control it by sticking her fingers in it.


At first amused laughter by the girls, then horror as it becomes clear that the idea is not at all unreasonable when they think about it more closely.

Mero then explains that this is an artificial hand for Liminals with wings, like harpies, that can slip these hands over their wings, so they can then be used like regular hands to make daily living much easier. Miia finds this interesting, while Centorea comments that if someone uses these artificial hands, they would never known they actual have wings. The girls laugh in relief, but then the laughing stops when they realize in horror that it's entirely possible that Curie was actually the Vampire they were looking for from the start, and that her supposed hands might just be artificial hands, which is why Curie's Vampire wings looked like regular arms.

The girls' suspicions are finally confirmed when Curie breaks a window in the back room and flies out into the night to avoid accidentally hurting Papi.

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Key Events[]

  • Ms. Smith informs Kimihito's house guests of his abduction and reveals Curie as the most likely suspect. Not sure if Curie is a Vampire, however, they order Papi to find out because she had befriended Curie.
  • Vampires are threatened with extinction, are sensitive to sunlight and UV light, and allergic to garlic and silver.
  • Both the Zombie Virus and the Vampire Virus have a very low infection rate; in the case of the Zombie Virus, the infection only takes effect if the victim dies immediately after being bitten. If this is not the case, the antibodies destroy the Virus.
  • Papi takes Curie to two places she thinks Vampires don't like and thinks they like. To everyone's amazement, Curie is also sensitive to the things vampires like and eventually faints at the sight of blood.
  • Part of Curie's past and her deceased father Wladislaus is revealed.
  • Curie flees from the Exchange Exposition.


  • There is a notable difference between the magazine and the tankobon versions; in the magazine, the unnamed mosquito-girl was originally shown to have only two arms, which contradicted her later appearances which showed her having four. This was eventually corrected with the tankobon release, where the mosquito-girl is consistently depicted with four arms.
    • Okayado states that their first appearance in chapter 49 and chapter 50 were very incomplete, and as an apology, he asked fans to choose to be one of the 20 male background characters that appeared in the chapter (that's why they all had numbers). He added them in the final release of the volume, along with fixes on the girls: a more gyaru mosquito + two more arms; a more shiny leech + some sort of eye emojis on her face; more makeup for the lamprey girl.
  • This is the second chapter in the manga series, after Chapter 43, in which Kimihito doesn't appear.

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