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Chapter 51
Chapter 51 cover image
Release February 18th, 2017
Publisher Tokuma Shoten
Author Okayado
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Monster Musume: Everyday Life with Monster Girls (モンスター娘のいる日常, Monster Musume no Iru Nichijou) Chapter 51 is the fifty-first chapter of the Monster Musume: Everyday Life with Monster Girls manga series.

Written and drawn by mangaka Okayado (Inui Takemaru), this chapter was released in Japan on February 18th, 2017, by the Japanese publishing company Tokuma Shoten within the seinen manga and anime magazine, Monthly Comic Ryū.

The chapter was later gathered as part of the series' tankōbon volume Monster Musume: Everyday Life with Monster Girls Volume 12.


When Curie flies out of the broken window into the night, Papi tries to shout something to her, whereupon the Vampire girl, to prevent Papi from following her, scares off the Harpy with a shriek and flies away. Scared, Papi tries to follow her anyway, but immediately afterwards crashes into a pile of cardboard boxes because of her night blindness.


A neccessary theft.

While Papi is still lying on the floor in a daze, she is suddenly approached by the two Owl Harpies she met last night at the Inter-Species Cultural Exchange Exposition. Papi quickly remembers the night-vision googles which the Owl Harpies sold at the exposition and tells them that she needs one, but the Owl Harpies don't understand Papi's request, much to her frustration. Fortunately, Papi discovers one of the night vision goggles in one of the overturned boxes and pursues Curie with it, much to the dismay of the Owl Harpies, despite Papi's apology about this necessary theft.

Kyuri's true form

Curie shows up in front of Papi and sadly asks her why she followed her.

Curie's trail leads Papi to an old abandoned church, where she ends up and looks around for the Vampire. When she finally doesn't find Curie, she calls for her and says not to hide because they are friends. Then Curie, who was watching Papi the whole time from the stairwell, lands behind Papi and sadly asks her why she followed her.

When Papi wants to approach Curie happily, Curie tells her in a sharp tone that she shouldn't get closer and adds that she has a dark side that Papi doesn't know. Curie explains that what Papi sees and believes they are friends is just a facade, as their true nature is that of a Vampire, a savage species. Curie sadly adds that she can never make amends for what she did to that person and that Papi therefore should leave her alone and never call her as her friend.

However, Papi then speaks of her forgetfulness, such as the fact that she can't remember names or directions very well and is also the worst at learning, much to Miia's annoyance. Papi explains that this is the reason why everyone, including herself is of the opinion that she is a "dummy". While Papi approaches Curie, she goes on to say that although she is not too smart, she will never forget the really important things.

She hugs Curie and says that even if Curie might not want it herself, Papi will never forget that Curie is her friend, because that is really important and because she is a friend, which is very important to her. Curie is moved to tears by these words and also notices that this is the first time that Papi has not messed up her name, even if this puzzles Papi because she thought she had never messed up Curie's name.


Wladislaius's ghost rises from Curie's shadow.

All of a sudden, however, Curie freezes with wide-eyed fright and when Papi asks worriedly what's going on, Curie suddenly attacks her and begins to lick her neck. When Papi asks again, shocked, what is going on, Curie pauses and says, in a voice that is not her own, that Curie is currently asleep. Before Papi can ask, the ghostly outline of a man arises out of Curie's shadow and when his shape takes of clearer outline, it can be seen that it is the Ghost of Curies' father, Wladislaus Drakulya.

Wladislaus says that instead of his incompetent daughter, he will respond to the true calling of the Vampires and that humanity's blood will become their nourishment. However, Wladislaus' plan is not to turn humans into Vampires, because he considers them weak, because they posses neither fangs nor wings. Instead, Wladislaus wants to use the Vampire Virus to turn strong species such as Lamias, Devils and Harpies, whom he describes as "warbeasts", into Vampires.

But when Wladislaus takes control of Curie to get her to attack Papi, she manages to resist the control and bite herself in the wing so as not to hurt her friend. Wladislaus says icily that he will no longer allow Curie to betray him any further, but before he can do anything, a thread suddenly loosens from his ghostly form and floats to one of the windows, where suddenly Lala stands.


Wladislaus's ghost is exorcised from Curie.

When Wladislaus discovers her, he fearfully calls her a "god of death" whereupon Lala coolly says that the dead shall have no more dealings with the living, and whoever is already dead never has the right to do violence to the living. With these words, Lala without paying attention to Wladislau's pleading, cuts the thread that still connects him with the world of the living, whereupon the spirit of the Vampire dissolves and disappears.

When the connection between Wladislaus and Curie is broken, her locket falls off, rolls across the flour and is accidentally crushed by Centorea, who, together with Miia and Mero, reached the church on their search of Papi. Mero has the feeling that they have all just seen something incredible, although Miia is afraid of getting closer and was mumbling to herself that there are no such things as ghosts. When Mero thinks for a moment that she saw Lala who was hiding, Centorea says that she is good as disappearing and showing up.

Meanwhile, Papi worriedly asks Curie whether she is okay, which Curie confirms with gratitude after she realizes that her evil deeds were actually her father, by controlling her after his death. When Centorea notices this as well and says they don't have to worry anymore, Curie says guiltily that she did something to Kimihito, which causes Miia, Centorea, and Mero to freeze in shock for a moment.

However, their worries turn out to be unfounded when Kimihito suddenly appears unharmed in the church. Miia asks angrily because of the worries she has made about him, why he didn't let them know with his phone, even though Kimihito defends that he lost his phone during the kidnapping and tried to call them from the house, with Mero commenting that they all had their phones on silent. When Centorea notices a bag that Kimihito is carrying, he reveals to them that he made some iron-rich food and drinks for Curie because she looked like she was pretty anaemic.


Curie fears that she das done something to Kimihito.

Curie then groans in desperation that she has clearly turned Kimihito into a Vampire thrall, since it is not normal that someone would seriously worry about their attacker and would also make them lunch. The rest of the girls agree that this is not normal, but they also think that Kimihito is not really normal, much to his confusion. Curie hesitantly points out that Kimihito is covered in bite marks (caused by Leechi, Moskii and Yatsume), much to the girl's brief shock, although Papi reassures Curie that he never dies, no matter what happens to him.


Miia and Centorea see that Mero has the new wheelchair.

At that moment, however, Miia and Centorea notices that Mero has the new wheelchair from the expo, whereupon Mero explains, embarrassed, that her mother simply bought it. Miia and Centorea are now mad as hell, because they themselves have not bought the tail massager and the sneaker due to Mero's previous counter-arguments. While they are arguing and Mero is deeply embarrassed, however, Kimihito suddenly realizes that Suu is not with them.


An ominous premonition for the beginning of a new adventure...

Suu is looking for the other girls in the parking lot of the expo when she suddenly hears strange sounds from a nearby tanker. When she turns around in amazement, she discovers a mysterious creature staring at her from the tank truck.

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Key Events[]

  • It is revealed that Curie's evil deeds during the night are not due to her own will, but through the Ghost of her father Wladislaus, who after his death had taken control of his daughter in order to abuse her for his own purposes.
  • Curie is freed from her father's ghost, which was controlling her, by Lala using her Reaper's Scythe to sev through the spiritual thread that still anchor Wladislaus' ghost in the world of the living.
    • Wladislaus' ghost recognizes Lala, and fearfully calls her a "god of death".
  • Suu gets seperated from the rest and stumbles upon a tanker with a mysterious creature in it.
  • It's been noted by Wladislaus that the Vampire Virus can go across liminals like Lamias, Harpies, Devils, etc.


  • When Lala is revealed, she appears to be floating in midair.
  • When Papi reaches the church, the full moon can be seen above the building, although the full moon usually arouses the animal instincts of the Liminals, which is not the case in this chapter.

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