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Chapter 52
Chapter 52 cover image
Release June 20th, 2017
Publisher Tokuma Shoten
Author Okayado
Previous Chapter Chapter 51
Next Chapter Chapter 53
Character Debut Nega-Suu

Monster Musume: Everyday Life with Monster Girls (モンスター娘のいる日常, Monster Musume no Iru Nichijou) Chapter 52 is the fifty-second chapter of the Monster Musume: Everyday Life with Monster Girls manga series.

Written and drawn by mangaka Okayado (Inui Takemaru), this chapter was released in Japan on June 20th, 2017, by the Japanese publishing company Tokuma Shoten within the seinen manga and anime magazine, Monthly Comic Ryū.

The chapter was later gathered as part of the series' tankōbon volume Monster Musume: Everyday Life with Monster Girls Volume 13.


The chapter follows on directly from the previous events, when Suu stands in the parking lot of the Tokyo International Exhibition Center at night and discovers the tanker truck with the mysterious being. A man climbs down from the tanker truck and pauses as he notices something out of the corner of his eyes. He doesn't spot Suu, however, as she quickly took on the form of a traffic cone through her transformation abilities as a Slime. The man tells some of his colleagues to hurry up with the removal as they have to get this stuff to their company while everyone else is busy shipping stuff out from the Expo.


Suu opens the tanker truck.

While the men are still talking to each other, they don't notice how Suu secretly sneaks to the tanker truck and carefully places her Slime head feeler on the truck. As a result, she senses the being's thoughts inside and freezes for a moment while the being silently looks at her. Suu then reverts to her blob form and climbs onto the tanker truck. She finds a lock on the back end of the tanker, which she loosens with her feeler and then pries open the lid with her hands.


Suu waves goodbye to the being before noticing her missing hand and quickly regenerates it.

At that moment, however, the truck starts up, causing Suu to lose her balance. Suu loses her grip on the lid, which falls down, cutting off her right hand, which splashes into the liquid inside the tank to her shock before she falls off the vehicle. Looking at the departing truck, Suu sees the being looking at her as it slowly prepares to climb out of the tank. Suu happily waves goodbye before noticing that her right hand, which fell into the tank, is missing. She quickly regenerates that part of her to show the creature that she's fine.

While Suu is still squatting on the floor, someone approaches her and when she turns around, she sees the four girls from MON. They tell her that the other girls found Kimihito (after he was kidnapped by Curie) safe and sound. The MON girls then take Suu home, although she is still looking thoughtfully and a little sadly after the departing tanker truck.


The police officer saw the unknown being.

A few days later, early in the morning, the Bicycle Police Officer is on his usual morning patrol near the river that runs through Tokyo. He notes that it's pretty foggy that day and that there's almost no point to patrol if he can't see anything. He jokingly says to himself that it feels like some crazy monster is gonna show up out of the fog, but his laughter gets stuck in his throat when suddenly a giant figure rises from the river next to him, which actually looks like a monster. The police officer then screams in sheer terror.


Kimihito tells Miia about the rumours about the unknown being in the river.

Meanwhile, on the balcony of the Kurusu house, Kimihito, Miia and Lala are busy hanging out the laundry. Miia is happy that things have finally calmed down a bit and there is peace for a while after all the excitement with the dangerous Liminals and the Expo. However, Kimihito says with a sigh that unfortunately that's not the case and tells Miia that there have been rumours lately that some kind of Nessie has appeared in the river, much to her shock.

Kimihito asks Miia if it could possibly be a Liminal, but Miia replies uncertainly that she's never heard of a "Nessie" Liminal species before. To calm herself, Miia asks Kimihito if maybe people are just seeing things, but Kimihito points out that apparently there are many people who have seen the being, making it more likely that there is at least some truth to these rumours.

The conversation between the two is interrupted by Papi saying that she's going out for a bit today because Kii wants to play with her today. Before Papi can fly off, however, Miia asks her, confused, that she had told Kino before that she would hang out with her today. Papi, startled, realizes that she had done this, whereupon she asks what she should do now. Miia chides her that she can't keep double-booking people like this.


A triple dilemma.

At that moment, the phone in the living room rings. Kimihito picks up the phone and then, after a short chat, turns to Papi. He tells her that Curie called and wants to know when Papi is coming to play with her today. Miia sighs realising that Papi accidentally triple-booked while the Harpy's head starts to smoke while she thinks but has absolutely no idea how to solve this dilemma.

Meanwhile, Miia herself receives a call from the priest of the shrine, who tells her to work immediately. Since the EXPO, the shrine has become very popular (maybe because of the photo gallery in Chapter 48) and that's why the priest needs all the available employees right now because he's totally swamped. While Lala gets a little shock from the smoking Papi, Miia hastily tells Kimihito that she has to go to work right now and sets off.

While Miia says goodbye to Kimihito, he hears the voices of Mero and Centorea from below the balcony. The two girls are having stressful phone calls, Centorea with Ms Smith and Mero with her mother. As Kimihito puts the laundry in a basket, he overhears even Rachnera in the attic talking to someone on the phone quite loudly and annoyed. Kimihito admits that everyone is really busy today.

At that moment, Lala suddenly sees something that scares her and excitedly tells Kimihito to come with her. Amazed, Kimihito follows her and sees what upsets her; Suu is standing in the living room and asks someone (apparently telepathically) if they can hear her. Surprised, Kimihito realizes that it's actually pretty weird for someone to call Suu since this never happened before.

Satellite Suu

A strange spectacle.

At that moment, Suu starts acting really strange, making loud beeps and whistles like a radio. As she does so, her tentacles and hands take the shape of satellite dishes as if she were searching for a signal. Kimihito and Lala look at the situation in confusion when suddenly Suu actually receives a signal. A voice speaks to her in Suu's head and says that she wants to meet her.

Suu then happily says okay and then moves to storm past Kimihito and Lala to the front door. Terrified, Kimihito tries to stop Suu by asking where she is going, but the Slime girl ignores him. Lala then tries to stand in Suu's way and says she can't get past her, calling Suu an "amorphous bringer of disaster". However, Suu then lunges at Lala and knocks out the Dullahan girl with her usual Slime tentacle groping. While Lala is twitching on the ground, Kimihito can only watch as Suu runs out through the front door.

Horrified, Kimihito says that Suu is in "auto-groping mode" and is already imagining how she will cause a "giant sexy disaster" in Tokyo if they don't stop her. He yells to Lala to follow Suu, but the Dullahan girl, still battered by Suu's attack, is slow to get to her feet. Remorseful that he didn't immediately check on her, Kimihito apologizes to Lala, while she moans slightly reproachfully that Suu's attack was awful.

Lala and Kimihito give chase, with Lala eventually spotting Suu running into an alleyway between two buildings. She notes that, contrary to Kimihito's fears, Suu doesn't seem to have attacked anyone yet. Kimihito thanks her and the two runs to the alley. He says that alley should be a dead end, so now all they have to do is figure out a way to stop Suu there.


Suu cannot be stopped by the bars.

However, this hope fails because the alley doesn't end in a dead end but in a high metal fence. Suu just squeezes her Slime body through the bars and keeps running on the other side. Bewildered, Kimihito wonders if Suu has always been able to move around like that, while Lala states that "there is no technique that can halt the flowing river". Kimihito quickly pushes a crate left in the alley in front of the fence, which he and Lala can use as a step to climb over the fence.

On the other side, however, they see Suu running to a wall. With her Slime body, she simply slips under the door to the other side. Kimihito tries the doorknob, but he can't open it because the lock is on the other side. Lala and Kimihito are at a loss as they don't know how to continue following Suu and Lala suggests that maybe they should go back for now. However, Kimihito warns that they would then lose sight of Suu.

As he looks around the alleyway, however, his eyes fall on a rope and some iron bars. Then he looks up at the wall and then at Lala (to her queasiness) when he gets an idea. Kimihito hesitantly tells Lala that he needs her help with his idea, although he feels uncomfortable when he thinks about what he has to ask her for.


A very painful "plan".

Kimihito's idea is for him to tie the rope to Lala's ahoge while she holds one of the iron bars in her mouth. He then throws her head over the wall while holding onto the other end of the rope, so Lala's head can use the iron bar on the other side to open the lock on the door. In practice, however, this idea proves to be very painful for Lala (since the rope is tied to her hair), so much so that she sheds tears while holding the iron bar. Kimihito, feeling guilty, apologizes to her despite insisting that this is the only way they can reach the lock on the other side. As Kimihito talks, Lala's body slouches behind him and eventually writhes on the ground as Lala's head and body feel the same pain.

Finally, despite the pain, Lala manages to open the lock with some difficulties. Kimihito opens the door but accidentally slams it into Lala's cheek. Filled with grief, he apologizes deeply to her and tells her that he will cook whatever she wants for dinner tonight. Lala, still teary-eyed from the pain, tells him she wants curry.

Suu at the truck

A slimy stowaway.

After Lala recovers, the two continue to search for Suu and discover the Slime girl standing in front of a busy road. Kimihito sees this as a good chance of catching Suu and has a blanket ready to throw over her. Before he can get close enough to Suu, however, a large truck drives past her. Suu jumps on it, causing her to stick as a stain on the side of the vehicle, which then drives away with her.

While Kimihito is still staring at the truck, Lala quickly calls a passing taxi. As she gets in, the taxi driver asks her where to take her, to which she says she wants him to follow the truck. The taxi driver then jokingly asks her, if she's playing detective, but he pauses when, looking closer at Lala, a much more disturbing thought suddenly occurs to him.


An eerie thought...

The taxi driver thinks to himself that Lala's skin colour looks like her body is totally cold like a corpse and that he thinks her eyes would look like if one look of her would send him to the depths of hell. This causes him to break a sweat in fear that Lala is a Vanishing Hitchhiker, a ghost-like being that every cab driver is said to encounter at least once. Lala is confused by the taxi driver's fearful looks, as she doesn't understand why he is so afraid.


...in which the taxi driver feels horrified after Lala's head lands next to him.

The taxi driver tries to calm himself with the thought that Lala is probably just a Liminal and prepares to follow the truck. However, when he wants to drive away, Lala calls out to him to wait a minute. However, still frightened from his previous fear, the taxi driver slams on the brakes a little too hard, causing Lala's head to fall off. She tells him that one more person (Kimihito) is getting in and that she forgot to say that in the hurry.

The taxi driver, however, is horrified at the sight of Lala's head and begs her on his knees that he will take whoever she wants as long as she doesn't possess him or curse him to death. After dropping Kimihito and Lala off at the spot where the truck stopped, the taxi driver drives away in panic, adding to Kimihito's question that they should keep the money for the taxi fare as long as they leave him alone. Lala is just confused about this as she doesn't understand what caused the taxi driver to panic so much.

The place where the taxi driver took Kimihito and Lala is near the river that flows through Tokyo. The two spot the truck with the large patch of slime left by Suu on the side, and eventually spot the Slime girl standing near a railing and looking down at the river. Lala tells Kimihito that it's now time to capture Suu, although right now Kimihito is more concerned with why Suu came to this place in the first place. While he and Lala are still wondering about it, the mysterious being that Suu had freed from the tanker truck a few days earlier appears unnoticed by the two at the surface of the river and is preparing to climb out of the water.

Suu kidnapped

Suu is kidnapped.

In the next moment, however, a man suddenly appears behind Suu, who simply sucks up the Slime girl with a vacuum suction device. While the mysterious being quickly disappears under the water surface unnoticed by everyone, Kimihito and Lala are at first too shocked by Suu's capture to do anything, while the man takes the tank with Suu to a van, where another man is already waiting in the back to receive the container. After Kimihito regains his composure, he runs to the van to stop the men, but when they notice him, they just slam the back doors and drive away.


Lala's head as a stowaway in the truck.

Kimihito is left stunned as he tries to comprehend what happened, as the men simply took Suu away. The next moment, however, Lala taps him on the shoulder, and when he turns to her, he sees that only her body is with him as she gives him a thumbs up. Unnoticed to everyone, Lala has secretly thrown her head in the kidnapper's vehicle, which is now taking her to the place where the men are taking Suu.

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Key Events[]

  • A giant mysterious creature begins showing up randomly throughout the city.
  • Suu starts acting bizarre after being contacted by the mysterious creature and runs away.
  • Lala and Kimihito chase Suu around the city.
  • Suu is kidnaped by a group of strange men in a van.
  • Lala's head somehow becomes trapped in the back of the van.


  • This is one of few times where Kimihito accidently hurts one of his homestay girls.
    • Kimihito promised Lala that he would cook her curry that evening as an apology for her hardship, but given what happened later that evening (Suu's kidnapping and the incident with Nega-Suu), it is unlikely that Kimihito would be able to or has thought about keeping that promise.
  • It seems strange that Curie would ask Papi when she would come to play, since it was early morning, i.e. during the day, and sunlight is very dangerous for Vampires.
  • This is currently the last chapter in Monster Musume in which the Bicycle Police Officer appears.

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