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Chapter 53
Chapter 53 cover image
Release August 7th, 2017
Publisher Tokuma Shoten
Author Okayado
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Character Debut Mr President

Monster Musume: Everyday Life with Monster Girls (モンスター娘のいる日常, Monster Musume no Iru Nichijou) Chapter 53 is the fifty-third chapter of the Monster Musume: Everyday Life with Monster Girls manga series.

Written and drawn by mangaka Okayado (Inui Takemaru), this chapter was released in Japan on August 7th, 2017, by the Japanese publishing company Tokuma Shoten within the seinen manga and anime magazine, Monthly Comic Ryū.

The chapter was later gathered as part of the series' tankōbon volume Monster Musume: Everyday Life with Monster Girls Volume 13.


The chapter begins in the evening when Kimihito and Miia peer cautiously over a hedge at a huge building just outside of the town. A sign near the building reads Black Lily Advanced Materials Laboratory. Miia cautiously asks Kimihito if that's really the place where the men took Suu to, to which Kimihito says it should be, although he's not really sure. He quietly calls Centorea, who is pulling a ladder wagon with Lala's headless body in it.

While helping Lala's body to get off the ladder wagon, Kimihito explains to Miia how Lala threw her head into the truck of Suu's kidnapper in the previous chapter. So, by using her head, Lala can now find out where Suu is, although Miia gets an uneasy feeling from this method. Kimihito puts down Lala's body and says that according to her "head sensor", Suu should be in that huge building. However, Lala's body points her finger at different of the building in turn, to which Miia notes that the sensor is not that precise.


Centorea insists that they must rescue Suu as quickly as possible.

Unsure, Miia turns to Centorea and asks if they really should have come before Ms Smith, especially since they went to all the trouble of contacting her beforehand. Centorea doesn't want to hear about it, however, saying they can't stand idly by knowing full well that Suu has been captured. Meanwhile, in the background, Lala's body sneaks away in search of her head. Concerned, Kimihito tries to stop her at first, but then he stays with Miia and Centorea.

Meanwhile, Ms Smith has arrived at the Kurusu house, where she is quite perplexed to learn that Kimihito, Miia, Centorea and Lala have left without her. Mero explains that Centorea insisted that they leave as soon as possible, to which Ms Smith annoyed but also impressed, says that Centorea really is a warrior through and through.

Meanwhile, Kimihito wonders why there is such a huge building out here and what it could be. Miia suddenly has a thought and asks Kimihito about a rumour of a broker who brings Liminals illegally into the country and that this building could be their company. Kimihito listens to this thought and asks if Miia means the same "broker" who brought the three dangerous Liminals (Killa, Kino and Curie) into the country. Unsure, Kimihito asks Miia if she really thinks this building would be for something like that.


Miia's concerns about the rumours.

Miia then says that according to the rumours, in exchange for bringing Liminals into the country, the broker then forced them all to work as slaves in some kind of facility, to which Miia is shocked to think that this building might really be a forced labour camp. Uncertainly, Kimihito admits that this suggestion would explain the remote location of the building outside of Tokyo, prompting him and Centorea to imagine, horrified, that Suu might now also be forced to work as a slave in the building.


Centorea tries to attack the building without thinking.

Outraged, Miia asks Kimihito if maybe these people would resort to kidnapping Liminals merely to ensure a steady work force. However, this train of thought infuriates Centorea, who, due to her sense of honour, considers it unforgivable that someone could exploit the weakness of innocent Liminals to treat them like slaves. She then draws her sword and charges towards the building to "do justice". Frightened by this hasty and ill-considered action, Kimihito tries to stop Centorea, shouting to her that the forced labour camp whole thing was just a guess and that they have no proof of what this building is really all about.

Before Kimihito and Miia can do anything, however, a spider silk lasso flies at Centorea from behind, which wraps itself around her braid and violently throws the Centauride to the ground. Stunned, Kimihito and Miia turn to see Rachnera who threw the lasso from a nearby house. Annoyed by Centorea's hasty reaction, Rachnera asks the Centauride what she was thinking while Centorea complains about her sore neck.

As Rachnera rappels from the house, Miia says that they should be able to use the Arachne to sneak into the building along the walls. However, Rachnera says they don't need to do anything like that and points to the front door of the mysterious building, where at that moment a man suddenly comes out and approaches Kimihito and the homestay girls.


The mysterious man.

The man greets the group smugly, telling them he's been waiting for them all for quite some time, although he adds that the feeling doesn't seem quite so mutual. Kimihito, Miia and Centorea are confused as to why the man is talking like he knows them, but Rachnera just closes her eyes at his words in annoyance. The man then turns to her and says it's been a while, although he adds that he sure would have liked to have seen her again a bit sooner. However, Rachnera harshly insists that it's quite enough for her and that she never wanted to see him again in the first place. While the man is amused by her tone of voice, Kimihito wonders how the two know each other.

The man turns to the rest of the group and tells them he will lead them to Suu. When Centorea hears this, however, she angrily and loudly asks him if he is an "ally" of the "villains", who absconded with Suu. Centorea shouts out that they cannot believe a word from the mouth of a "vile man" who would force innocents to work as slaves; but Rachnera, annoyed by Centorea's words, roughly drags her back with a spider thread and tells her to shut up. The man insists that Centorea is right as he is afraid that he is unable to convince them with just words. Because of this, he asks the group to follow him into the building so they can see everything for themselves.


The entrance hall.

As the friends and the man enter the building, they find themselves in a huge entrance hall with counters for receiving guests. As Miia and Centorea look around, they are unsure what to make of this place and wonder if they are in a business here. At that moment, one of the employees behind the counter addresses the man who brought them in as "Mr President" and hesitantly asks him if Kimihito and the four girls are his guests. The man reassures her that everything is fine before discussing something else with her.

Kimihito, Miia and Centorea are confused by the salutation "Mr President" and whisper to each other who this man is. When Mr President calls them over, he hands them all four lab coats, explaining that this is mandatory for the area they are about to enter. He also insists that Centorea leave her sword (even if it's a fake) at the reception. After Mr President enters a secret code on a door, it opens, with Mr President telling Kimihito and the girls in advance that he thinks they will understand exactly what he and his company are doing here in this place once they have seen it.


The laboratory.

When the doors open, they enter a huge laboratory where human scientists conduct various research on Liminals. Some of the scientists take notes on Liminals sitting behind glass walls that replicate climate zones that match the Liminals' natural habitats, like an aquarium for Mermaids or a forest for a Dryad. Other scientists are busy carefully collecting samples of Liminals, such as the leaf of a Alraune or the wool of a Pan girl.

Unsure, Kimihito asks what all this is, whereupon Mr President explains that this is his company's resource collection and research laboratory. As he leads them through the lab, he explains that there are many who think his company is some kind of illegal immigration broker's front, when in fact his company is (according to him) nothing more than a perfectly legal Liminal immigration intermediary. However, he adds that the fee his company collects unlike the agencies run by the Japanese government isn't exactly "cheap", implying that his company does charge a large sum for the Liminals to enter Japan.

Mr President goes on to explain that he gets the Liminals who his company brings to Japan to work for him so they can pay their fee. However, this work doesn't consist, as he says, in "some boring, inefficient manual labor job that doesn't take advantage of Liminal's unique skills", as the government does, but in the rescource production, which is something only Liminals can do. Confused, Miia and Centorea ask what he means by "resource production" whereupon Rachnera annoyedly reminds them that they have already seen how she herself did it before when the Arachne collected her silk and sold it to a research institute. Embarrassed that he didn't think of it right away, Kimihito agrees with Rachnera.

Mr President says that many Liminal species produce a host of valuable products which aren't found in human society and that his company can sell all of these products for a pretty penny. To give the group an example, Mr President leads them to a set of glass doors through which they could see products made by Liminals being collected by his employees.


Three familiar faces with bad memories.

When Kimihito and his girls look behind the glass doors, however, they see three "very familiar" Liminals, namely Killa the Killer Bee, Kino the Matango girl and Curie the Vampire. As the group are startled and begin to recall their previous bad experiences with the three, Mr President explains to them that the samples those three girls produce (Killer Bee venom, Matango Spores and the Vampire Virus) are very special. However, he adds with a certain pride that he knew it would be worth smuggling the three girls into the country, whereupon Kimihito and his girls look at him suspiciously when they realize that Mr President is responsible for all the trouble that they had with Killa, Kino and Curie.

Mr President is about to continue with his explanations, but at that moment Kimihito suddenly hears some strange noises and when he turns around, he is shocked to see a naked Lizardfolk woman who is in what appears to be a very sexual pose with a Black Lily employee, whereby she also seems to be sexually aroused. Bewildered and shocked, Kimihito asks what that is, but Mr President calmly replies (and apparently even puzzled by Kimihito's reaction) that it is his company's shedding assistance program. He tells Kimihito that he must have done something similar himself since he lives with a Lamia. This causes both Kimihito and Miia to blush with embarrassment as they recall a previous event where he actually helped her shedding.

Mr President further explains to the group that his company is not yet too experienced with reptile-type Liminal's sheddings, but that they can never have too many lab samples. He adds that his staff also provide special care for the Liminals after moulting and that this aftercare is so good that the Liminals say it is better than a beauty spa and some of them come to his company just for this aftercare. During his speech, the staff rub a special substance on the Lizardwoman's body, much to her excitement. Insecure and curious, Miia asks about the substance and Mr President explains to her that it is a special moisturizing lotion that his company produce in house as a matter of fact.


The Bullywug girl.

Looking around, Kimihito sees a frog-like Bullywug girl in another glass container, with a substance dripping from her arms onto the bottom of the container. Unsure what to make of this, he asks Mr President what the girl is doing, to which Mr President explains that she produces the raw material for the aforementioned moisturizing lotion. He adds that the mucus in the secretion of amphibian and fishlike Liminals has extremely effective moisturizing properties and for this reason this mucus has now become an established feature in beauty products. However, the Black Lily Laboratory only collects the excess mucus that the Liminals secrete, so that they are exposed to absolutely no undue burden.


The Arachne silk production.

Kimihito turns to Rachnera and asks her if this is the place where she sold her silk, but the Arachne firmly denies this. Mr President says he wishes Rachnera would sell her silk to him too, since his company would give her a good price too, to which Rachnera only frowns in annoyance. He replies that they have in any case another girl who is supplying them at the moment. He points to another room where Kimihito and Rachnera see another Arachne of an unknown subspecies who appears to be visibly sexually aroused while a machine pulls the silk in a thick thread from the gland on her abdomen.

As Kimihito and his household girls watch as the machine collects the silk from the Arachne, Mr President explains to them that normal spider silk is five times stronger than steel, but Arachne silk surpasses even that. In cooperation with the Arachne species, the Black Lily laboratory would not only have a stable supply but also an increased production, which would make the silk their number one seller. However, Mr President also adds that in the future it will probably be necessary for his company to artificially reproduce Arachne silk. For this reason, his employees have actually already begun to research the silk.

With a smile, Mr President tells the group that naturally his company also takes care of the nutritional needs of all the Liminal girls working in his resource production department. When he mentions that the food in the staff cafeteria tastes great, Miia rolls her eyes in delight as she smells something nice. However, Mr President snaps Miia out of her reverie when he points out (to her embarrassing shock) that it's actually just the smell of the royal jelly. He points to a table nearby where a Honey Bee is standing with a lab worker.

The lab worker presses a pump bottle onto the Honey Bee's left breast and uses it to pump out the royal jelly formed in the breasts. Mr President explains that royal jelly is a highly prized and valuable resource because it is extremely nutritious and has a number of effective uses. The royal jelly they collect from Honey Bee Liminals is especially nutritious and even a small bottle can sell for a very high price.

Centorea angrily interjects that it doesn't matter how much Mr President's company would make selling these products, as it is still unforgivable that they would force the Liminals to work in their labs. However, Mr President amusedly dismisses the accusation that he is forcing the Liminals, explaining that if they don't want to work in his company, they are free to work outside as long as the can pay their immigration fee to the Black Lily Laboratory.


Unpleasant memories of fruitless job searches.

However, Mr President adds that it is very rough for Liminals to work in human society, since many human jobs are not suitable for Liminals, and that the most efficient course for them is to work in his resource production department. Miia and Centorea grimaces at Mr President's remarks as they recall how frustratingly difficult it was for themselves to find a suitable job in human society.

Almost casually, Mr President adds that his company offers top notch support for the daily lives of the Liminals who work in their resource production department, since his company has a company dorm and provides the Liminals with a stipend for it. Also, the Liminals who work for his company aren't tied to the Black Lily Laboratory forever because once they've paid back their immigration fee, they're free to leave if they want and can work wherever they want or find their own host family. However, the Liminals are also free to continue for the Black Lily Laboratory if they want.


Mr President enjoys general popularity.

At that moment, the Pan girl and the Alraune that Kimihito and his homestay girls saw when they entered the laboratory pass them. The two girls happily thank Mr President (to Centorea's disbelief) for buying her wool and telling him he can get pollen and nectar for the next appointment. Mr President warns them to be careful on their way home and when he turns back to Kimihito and the girls he explains to them that actually 70% of the Liminals stay in the resource production department. That's because his company not only pays them salaries, but also has extremely knowledgeable specialized staff on hand to provide excellent care of them all. As if on cue to his words, several other Liminal girls pass the group at this moment, all of whom greet Mr President cheerfully as they pass by.


An "average" monthly salary.

Still suspicious, Centorea stutters for arguments to question Mr President's actions but can't find any, much to her frustration. Then Mr President casually presents her and Miia with a note that states an average monthly salary and the eyes of the two girls widen when they see how high the amount is. Kimihito, Miia and Centorea look at the note in disbelief, with Miia saying she feels like an idiot now that she's working only part time. Mr President says there are also a few Liminal girls in his company who came to them through normal channels and asks Miia and Centorea if they would be interested too.


Ms Smith is suddenly there.

At that moment, however, a stern voice says that she believes that would be illegal and when the group turns around in amazement, they see Ms Smith suddenly standing behind them. Ms Smith chides Kimihito and the girls a little about rushing on ahead without her, while one of the receptionists standing next to Ms Smith tells Mr President apologetically that she tried to stop Ms Smith, but she wouldn't listen. Mr President sighs annoyedly before he turns to Ms Smith and says that as always she has not even a shied of politeness. With a sheepish smile, he adds that he wishes Ms Smith would at least call it "skirting the law" rather than just "illegal", but she sneers at how rare it is for him to realize he's actually doing something wrong.

However, the two then look at each other icily and start to discuss. Ms Smith slyly asks Mr President how a company that makes money from "resource production" would fare if it turns out if what they were doing was found to be illegal and that this must be hard on him if he can't really look after so many Liminals safely. Mr President, on the other hand, says that he is helping the Liminals with his work and that even if the law changes, there will always be loopholes. In a dig at Ms Smith, he adds that in his view it is the government's "ridiculous" regulations that unduly restrict the Liminal's freedom rather than protecting them.


A heated argument.

Ms Smith is just as cold in pointing out that even if the laws are somewhat unreasonable, they are still that what allows the government to protect the Liminals. She asks Mr President if he is so blind by constantly chasing short term profit that he lost sight of any kind of long term vision. The two continue to discuss for a while, with Mr President insisting that the Liminals should be able to create their own future without human interference while Ms Smith points out that the Liminals are in human society and that sudden change will just bring about chaos and confusion.

Rachnera shakes her head at the discussion between Mr President and Ms Smith, wondering what's the point since the two aren't going to come to an agreement anyway. Kimihito is intimidated by the argument and wonders if the two know each other or something. In the background, Miia and Centorea, seemingly not noticed the argument, are still looking at Mr President's note, with Centorea seriously considering that working at this company is worth a try, although Miia questions whether Centorea even produces any resources.

Then Kimihito remembers that Rachnera and Mr President knew each other before and he asks her if she had heard of this place before. A bit embarrassed, Rachnera then explains to him that she had called Mr President once when she was in trouble and had planned to join up and live there at one point. She adds that Mr President's company is quite famous among Liminal species like the Arachne.


Rachnera tells Kimihito about her long-hidden past with Mr President.

Back when the M.O.N had Rachnera (when she first met Kimihito) completely surrounded and with no escape in sight for her, all she had to do was make a single phone call and Mr President would have come right over and got her out of there. However, Mr President's "help" (of course) would not have been free because in return Rachnera would have had to work for him for about six months for the costs, including with resource production.

However, Rachnera eventually changed her mind and did not call Mr President. As she says this she looks lovingly at Kimihito because in fact he was the reason she didn't call Mr President, having helped her by solving her situation with the M.O.N. However, Kimihito doesn't understand Rachnera's view and asks her why she changed her mind. Taken by this question, Rachnera stutters a few words, but is at a loss for an answer, embarrassed to tell the real reason.


A strange and painful way to avoid a question.

To avoid the question, Rachnera then pulls at Kimihito's mouth with her chitin claws, causing him pain and confusion. While Kimihito holds his mouth painfully, Rachnera quickly continues with her story and says that she was then contacted again by the company, but of course she ignored the call.

But then these dangerous Liminals started showing up, although Rachnera honestly didn't think that Mr President and his company would go so far as to smuggle the three into Japan just to get in contact with her. In the end, Rachnera agreed to met with them to get information about Killa, Kino and Curie. Kimihito then realizes that this information was also the reason why Rachnera was so well prepared when she accompanied him and Centorea when they were attacked by Killa in Kii's forest or why she had a mask for him when Kino contaminated his house with her spores.


Suu is angry.

Kimihito asks Rachnera if she actually met with Mr President afterwards, but Rachnera amusedly replied no with a dismissive gesture, to which Kimihito says he figured it. In the next moment, however, the conversation between the two is suddenly interrupted by loud screams and when Kimihito turns around, he is shocked to see several laboratory workers fly through the air together with a pile of other objects from on of the side corridors. As the dust settles, an agitated Suu trots out of the side corridor, angrily cursing that she wants to go home now and that Mr President's employees should get out of her way.

Relieved to see Suu doing well, Kimihito calls her name and she jumps into his arms just as happily. While Kimihito hugs Suu and the other three girls feel also relieved, he asks Suu if she's okay, which she confirms. The reunion, however, is interrupted by a slight cough as Mr President addresses the group after coming to a temporary ceasefire in his discussion with Ms Smith. He tells them that is was really tough trying to keep Suu contained here and that in fact he and his staff wanted Kimihito and his household girls to pick her up, which is the real reason why he brought the group into his company.


Centorea angrily confronts Mr President about Suu's kidnapping, which he calls an "accident".

When Centorea hears this, she angrily and suspiciously questions why his employees kidnapped Suu in the first place. Embarrassed, Mr President tries to explain that it was an accident and totally the fault of his staff and that he formally apologizes in this regard. Centorea then snaps at him, quite angrily, that he must be joking and whether he seriously wants to claim that his employees are only supposed to have kidnapped Suu out of "sheer ineptitude" or "mistake" through a mix-up. She also asks if there are any other Slimes they should know about, denouncing the fact that Suu is the only humanoid Slime she knows of in Tokyo due to the rarity of the species.

Mr President then sighs deeply before finally admitting that he should explain the whole matter to the group, although he adds that he really didn't want to make it public or anything. He asks them if they know about the rumour that has been going around about the giant being and explains that and his company planned to capture it. His staff must have made a mistake and accidentally captured Suu instead, whereupon Centorea again loudly and angrily says that this is impossible.

While Miia tries to calm the upset Centorea, Kimihito, confused, asks Mr President why he's even trying to capture a giant being. Thereupon, to the shock of Kimihito and his girls, Mr President reveals that the being escaped his company during its transportation. However, Ms Smith's eyes light up triumphantly when she hears that Mr President is shipping a giant being and she asks if he had the proper permits for it. However, Mr President calmly replies that all their paperwork is in order and adds that they "might be skirting the law" but aren't breaking it.

Ms Smith, still triumphant, replies that the escape of the being is still the responsibility of the party that allowed the escape and that Mr President cannot escape that fact, no matter how much paperwork he has done. However, Mr President then agrees with her wholeheartedly while typing on his computer, to which Ms Smith pricks up alarmed at his sudden honesty. Mr President asks again that the person who let the being escape needs to take responsibility, to which Ms Smith agrees, albeit reluctantly, feeling uneasy at his sudden sincerity.

Mr President rotates his computer so that Ms Smith, Kimihito and his girls can see the screen, explaining to them that it is a video taken by one of his company's shipping tanker trucks. The video clearly shows Suu opening the hatch on the roof of the tanker truck, allowing the being to escape.


Mr President "asks" Kimihito and his homestay girls to help him capture the mysterious giant Liminal, much to their dismay.

While Kimihito and his girls (except for Suu who is happy to be "on TV") looks at the video in horror, Mr President turns to Ms Smith. He asks her again, sneering, about what she had said earlier, namely that the one who let the being escape is responsible, to which she gnashes her teeth. Mr President says that he's not cruel and that it would be too much if he asked Suu to take all responsibility on herself. However, he turns to Kimihito and his girls, saying that he would like to ask them all a "favour" of helping him to capture this giant being, much to their dismay.

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Key Events[]

  • It's revealed that Suu's kidnappers were working for the Black Lily Advanced Materials Laboratory, an organization that helps Liminals immigrate in exchange for their services, such as bodily products.
    • The mysterious broker that helped Killa, Kino, & Curie enter the country is revealed to be the President of the company.
    • Mr. President and Kuroko Smith know each other and have a rivalry.
  • Suu was kidnapped by accident, as the agents were actually looking for the Liminal she released from containment.
    • Because Suu was the one who let the Liminal free, Mr. President manipulates Smith into letting Suu help catch the Liminal again, to legally clean up her own mess.
  • It's shown that Lala's body can sense the general direction of her head, which is how Kimihito and the others were able to find Suu.


  • Rachnera reveals that Mr President was waiting to "save her" back in Chapter 15 in exchange for what would have cost six months worth of "resource production". However, she didn't call for his aid due to Kimihito being there to help her.
  • As Centorea attempts to charge the laboratories to rescue Suu, Kimihito cries that she don't pull a Leeroy Jenkins.
  • In the Black Lily Laboratory, a member of staff can be seen plucking a leaf from an Alraune. This seems strange, since plucking the leaves of a Alraune causes a lot of pain.
  • The colouring of the other Arachne that appears in this chapter seems to be based on the wasp spider.

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