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Chapter 6
Release August 18th, 2012
Publisher Tokuma Shoten
Author Okayado
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Monster Musume: Everyday Life with Monster Girls (モンスター娘のいる日常, Monster Musume no Iru Nichijou) Chapter 6 is the sixth chapter of the Monster Musume: Everyday Life with Monster Girls manga series.

Written and drawn by mangaka Okayado (Inui Takemaru), this chapter was released in Japan on August 18th, 2012, by the Japanese publishing company Tokuma Shoten within the seinen manga and anime magazine, Monthly Comic Ryū.

The chapter was later gathered as part of the series' tankōbon volume Monster Musume: Everyday Life with Monster Girls Volume 2.


The chapter begins late on night when Kimihito runs through the Kurusu house in panic while being pursued by Miia, Papi and Centorea. Eventually, the three Liminal girls catch him and want to get him to marry one of them. However, since each of the three girls wants to marry him, they get into a brief argument and turn to Kimihito to decide. However, he used the argument to quickly hide somewhere. Exhausted and annoyed, Kimihito wonders how he could have ended up in a situation like this.

In a flashback that picks up directly from the previous Chapter, Kimihito is shown in total shock when Ms Smith tells him to marry one of his three household girls and asks her why she is telling him to do that. Ms Smith then explains to him that they need a test case for the Cultural Exchange between Species Program to see if humans and Liminals can live together at all. It is also necessary to find out if it is possible for humans and Liminals to marry together, since some species like the Lamia and Harpies are only females and therefore need to find a human male to marry. However, Kimihito interrupts Ms Smith and argues that's not the point.

Still in total shock, Kimihito points out that Ms Smith can't just tell him to decide to marry someone in a split second and asks her how he can even do that. Hearing this, Miia, Papi and Centorea look sad while Ms Smith tells Kimihito to "just try his best". Kimihito is not satisfied with this answer.

However, to Kimihito's shock, Ms Smith suddenly prepares to leave. In response to his question, she replies that since she now has Centorea's papers, her job at the Kurusu household is done. She tells Kimihito to do his best before closing the door behind her. Kimihito is left perplexed and totally shocked that Ms Smith just announced to him that he should get married and is now leaving as if everything is settled.

However, outside the Kurusu house, Ms Smith suddenly stops, feeling like she forgot to tell Kimihito something. But she can't remember what it was and just dismisses it as not that important, then goes home.

Just before midnight, Kimihito lies in his bed, still awake and upset by what Ms Smith told him. He also wonders why Ms Smith is suddenly talking about marrying one of his household girls, especially since she told him earlier that he should never lay a hand on any of them. He also notes that he hasn't even done that, even though they chase after him and he's held himself back. In the next moment he asks himself what he's even saying, turns around in his bed and thinks about getting married again. However, he is startled when there is a sudden knock on his room's door and a voice hesitantly asks if he is still awake.

The voice belongs to Miia, who cautiously opens the door a crack and says she was concerned for him after he was so stressed out. She also brings up his conversation with Ms Smith and asks him if he really doesn't want to marry one of them. Hastily, Kimihito says he was just a bit taken back from what Ms Smith said, adding that he don't has anything against marriage. Miia asks him if that's really true, to which Kimihito embarrassedly explains that why he doesn't have anything against marriage, but he's also never dated a girl and is still a virgin.


Miia tries to seduce Kimihito.

However, before Kimihito can add anything else, Miia enters his room fully and he sees that she is only very thinly dressed. Kimihito is taken aback by this while Miia says in a seductive tone that she loves him for being such a kind person. She gets into bed with him, wraps her snake body around him and begins to seduce him. While Miia speaks to him in a soft tone, Kimihito is shocked by the sudden intensity of her advances. He thinks to himself that while she's usually always romantic and cute with him, she now seems like she's under some kind of spell.

PapiBreaksThroughThe Window

Papi crashes through the window.

The next moment, however, Papi suddenly crashes through the closed window (which breaks) into Kimihito's room and lands on Miia, who is knocked unconscious. Startled, Kimihito asks Papi what she is doing, but the Harpy gives him a strange look and jumps on him, sitting with her butt on his stomach. When Kimihito lifts his head, he sees that Papi isn't wearing any pants, but she cheerfully tells him that it's fine, since they're getting married soon. Distraught, Kimihito asks Papi if she even knows what marriage is, but when she tries to go into great detail about some of the more intimate aspects (like sex) he tells her aloud to stop.

Papi doesn't see what the problem is, since Kimihito knows that she is an adult and can lay eggs. Ignoring his protest, she tries to pull off his pants and seductively tells him that it's fine if they get married. Kimihito is shocked to see that something must have happened to Papi too, since she's not usually that seductive.

At that moment, Centorea kicks down the door to Kimihito's room and asks him if he's alright. The door hits both Papi and Kimihito in the head, but only Papi is knocked unconscious by it. Distraught, Centorea initially believes that she is too late, although Kimihito quickly assures her that she saved him. He wonders why Papi and Miia are acting strange that night, but Centorea tells him she knows why.


Centorea explains to Kimihito the effect of the full moon on Liminals.

Centorea points out through the broken window, revealing it is a full moon night. She explains to Kimihito that the full moon drives the Liminal's instincts to their highest level and that through his conversation with Ms Smith about getting married, this caused Miia and Papi to lose all inhibitions. Kimihito is confused that the full moon has such power over Liminals and asks Centorea if she is okay. Centorea then assures him somewhat arrogantly that she would never lose her strong will to the likes of the full moon.


Centorea also comes under the influence of the full moon.

The next moment, however, Centorea adds that she swore to be Kimihito's servant and that she is "thine in body and spirit". She kneels on his bed in front of Kimihito, grabs his hands, puts them on her breasts and seductively says that he can touch them as much as he wants. Dismayed, Kimihito realizes that Centorea has also succumbed to the power of the full moon. In order to seduce him even further, Centorea opens her blouse and presents her bare breasts to him, whereupon he gets quite a heavy nosebleed from this sexual arousal.

The next moment, however, Kimihito is also besieged by Miia and Papi, who have woken up from their unconsciousness. The three girls ask Kimihito if he has already decided which of them he wants to marry and says that together they can set up a harem where he can have sex with all of them. Horrified, however, Kimihito realizes that under the influence of the full moon they cannot hold their strength back, so this "harem" would likely end in his death. He then flees and the flashback ends.

Back in the present, Kimihito quietly sneaks down the dark hallway. He thinks furiously that this all happened because Ms Smith told him to marry one of his household girls. At that moment, however, he receives a phone call from Ms Smith.

Ms Smith, sitting in the bathtub at home while talking to Kimihito on the phone, tells him that she forgot to tell him that tonight is a full moon. Angrily, Kimihito says that he already knows that and since she talked about getting married, everyone got riled up. Ms Smith then abruptly asks him if he has already decided to marry one of the girls. From his confusion, she concludes that he didn't. Kimihito says he can't make such a decision, but Ms Smith points out that she didn't tell him to marry one of the girls.

She asks Kimihito if he talked to the girls about what he's going to do from now on or if he just locked himself in his room without saying a word. When Kimihito ruefully notes that he did the second, Ms Smith tells him that he should decide whether he wants to get married or not. If he doesn't talk to the girls about it, they'll get nervous and that's one of the reasons why they acted like that. This makes Kimihito feel guilty.

Ms Smith tells him that he can handle the situation by "cooling the girls off a bit". Kimihito asks how to do that, after which she asks him if he's by his fridge. When Kimihito opens the fridge door, Ms Smith tells him to take some ice from the freezer and put it on the girls' heads. Kimihito is perplexed that this is supposed to help, but before Ms Smith can tell him more about it, her phone accidentally falls into the bathtub, cutting off the connection to her and Kimihito.


A mistaken bloodbath.

The next moment, however, Kimihito hears a loud rumble and he is knocked over head-on by the three girls, who are absolutely thrilled that they finally found him. With Kimihito lying on the ground, the girls snuggle up to him, with Centorea saying he shan't get away this time. When Kimihito doesn't respond, Miia asks him what's wrong, and only then realizes that he's all wet. However, she stops in shock when she sees that the liquid dripping from Kimihito is red and only then do the girls see that he is lying in front of them in a red pool. This causes the girls to cry out in terror, fearing that they accidentally killed Kimihito with their push and that the red liquid is blood.

At that moment, however, Kimihito stands up, slightly dazed but unharmed, to the girls shock. He looks at the mess of food on the floor in front of him and it turns out that the "blood" is actually ketchup that spilled on the floor from the push. Kimihito hopes the stain will come out when the girls approach him. Because of her soft tone, he hopes, relieved, that they have cooled down a bit. However, he stops in mid-sentence, startled, when he turns around to them and finds that they are angry at having believed they had killed him by accident.

The uninhibited girls then give Kimihito a good beating for the rest of the night, although he at least manages to keep his virginity despite the considerable pain.


Kimihito with bandages.

Early in the next morning, Kimihito wakes the girls after they finally fall asleep. However, when the wake up, they wonder why they are in the living room and cannot remember the events of the previous night. Miia also wishes Kimihito a good morning, but she gets quite a shock when she sees that his face is covered with plasters and bandages from the previous night's beating.

Terrified, the girls ask him what happened last night. Kimihito assures them that he's okay (although that's actually not true) and says it was all his fault since he scared them with his behaviour. He clears his throat and announces that he has now made a decision; from now on he plans on going out with all of them as his potential marriage partners.

The girls are delighted by the news, but get quite a shock when Kimihito, exhausted from the toll of the night, collapses in front of them. He asks the girls to go to bed early on the next full moon before he loses his consciousness.

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Key Events[]

  • Ms Smith reveals that Lamia and Harpies are pure female species and therefore require a human male to reproduce.
  • It's revealed that the Full Moon causes some Extraspecies to become very lustful and lose all self-control and self-inhibition. Even if they have strong willpower, like Centorea, they can only resist its effects for a short time before succumbing completely. The next day, the afflicted people will have no memories of what they did.
  • Kimihito promises that from now on, he will treat Miia, Papi and Cerea as potential marriage partners.


  • This chapter reveals that some species of monsters like Centaurs, especially monogendered ones such as Lamias, and Harpies, are genetically compatible enough with humans to reproduce.
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