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Chapter 60
Release July 20th, 2018
Publisher Tokuma Shoten
Author Okayado
Previous Chapter Chapter 59.5
Next Chapter Chapter 61
Character Debut Miia's Friends, Studmuffin

Monster Musume: Everyday Life with Monster Girls (モンスター娘のいる日常, Monster Musume no Iru Nichijou) Chapter 60 is the sixtieth chapter of the Monster Musume: Everyday Life with Monster Girls manga series.

Written and drawn by mangaka Okayado (Inui Takemaru), this chapter was released in Japan on July 20th, 2018, by the Japanese publishing company Tokuma Shoten within the seinen manga and anime magazine, Monthly Comic Ryū.

The Chapter was later gathered as part of the series' tankobon volume Monster Musume: Everyday Life with Monster Girls Volume 15.


Introduction Comic[]

One day while Miia walking around the Kurusu house, she catches Mero taking selfies of herself which sparks interest in the Lamia. Mero explains that one day she heard Kimihito talking to Ms. Smith saying that he likes 'selfies' and since then, she's been taking them to send to Kimihito so he could blackmail her into spending a night with her which Miia finds unsettling.

Not wanting to be outdone, Miia decides to go all natural with her selfies while Mero retakes some more without her clothes on. The two eventually fight over the phone over which pictures to send first when Lala arrives and takes some selfies of her own, posing nude with a scarf. Afterwards, Miia and Mero then take selfies of each other using various themes to outdo Lala. However, Lala suddenly hits the delete button which deletes all the selfie photos to the other two's confussion. All three of them start to fight over the phone when Kimihito calls them for dinner.

As it turns out it's revealed that Kimihito was talking to Ms Smith about free range chicken and that selfies and free range chicken are pronounced similarly in Japanese. While the chicken is good, Miia, Mero and Lala are still embarrassed that all their hard work to take selfies was all for nothing.

Chapter 60[]

Late in the morning, Miia wakes up at Kurusu House and wishes everyone a good morning. Centorea is upset, however, as it's already nine o' clock and today was set aside for cleaning. Miia says sleepily that it's fine, since she doesn't have any shifts today anyway and asks Kimihito what's for breakfast today. Kimihito kindly says that he will warm the breakfast back up for her. Centorea says that he mustn't always have to spoil Miia, but is interrupted when Papi suddenly crashes into the glass door in the garden in flight, much to everyone's shock.

While Papi lies on the floor in a daze, Kimihito rebukes her because he has already told her beforehand that she shouldn't just come flying into rooms, as it's really dangerous for her. Papi, however, hands Miia a letter, which she accepts with astonishment and realizes that it's from her mother again. She reads through the letter, but is concerned about the contents.


Miia suddenly frantically packs her suitcase.

In the next moment, Miia is in her room and hastily begins to pack a suitcase with clothes, underwear and her passport. When Kimihito asks, confused, what is suddenly going on, Miia says that her mother said it's an emergency and that she needs to come back home right away. Kimihito remembers Miia's mother with mixed feelings and asks if he should take Miia to the airport. However, Miia hesitantly says that her mother told her she needed to come back home with Kimihito. Kimihito is uncomfortably surprised by this news, but a short time later he is out of breath with Miia and the other girls at the airport.


The friends arrive frantically at the airport.

Miia, unpleasantly surprised at the other's appearance, asks the other houseguests who invited them all, but Centorea responds angrily that she would never allow Miia to return to her homeland alone with her "master". She adds (quite paranoidly) that Miia likely plans to bring Kimihito back to her village to confine him and steal him away for herself. Annoyed, Miia makes it clear that if she were to plan something like that, she would just take Kimihito with her without the other girls finding out about it.


Mero as a first class passenger.

She adds that the flight is takes of soon and that they have no time for this "nonsense", but the argument is interrupted when suddenly someone politely tells Mero that they have been waiting for her. A group of stewardesses agree to assist Mero away, since she is a first class passenger (as a princess), whereupon the Mermaid apologizes and says that she'll be heading this way. Embarrassed, Mero explains that she wanted to upgrade everyone to first class, but there weren't enough open seats (whereupon Kimihito thanks her for the offer, while Miia curses the "damn celebrities".)


Complications at the airport.

Difficulties arise again at the luggage check-in when an employee explains to Centorea that they can only accept 20 kg of luggage. When Centorea complains that this would mean that she can't bring her armour with her, Miia interferes, annoyed, because they don't have time for this. Offended, Miia asks why Centorea needs armour in the first place, and asks what Centorea thinks what kind of place her hometown is. Centorea then loudly replies that it's "naturally, dangerous enemy territory".


A clumsy mishap.

While Miia and Centorea argue, one of the employees tells Lala, to her dismay, that they can't check luggage with electronic or battery-operated devices. Lala hectically stuffs her devices into a bag, but her head falls into the suitcase, which her body doesn't notices, slams the cover of the suitcase, and gives the suitcase to the employee. Only when the suitcase is on the conveyor belt does Lala's body notice the mishap, but Miia tells her that they have to go.

Meanwhile, there is further delay, as Centorea can't pass the metal detector due to her horseshoes, and in the case of Suu, the employees are unsure what to do (as it's not allowed to carry liquids on the plane, but Suu as a Slime is technically a liquid itself). On the verge of desperation, Miia asks the other girls to hurry, as the plane is about to take off.


Rachnera ties up the stubborn Papi to get her on board of the plane.

When Papi hears this, however, she claims that she doesn't need a plane and tries to fly to Miia's home herself. Kimihito holds onto the Harpy while Miia makes it clear, annoyed, that Papi absolutely can't do this, as the distance from Japan to Miia's home is many thousands of kilometres. When Papi continues resisting, Rachnera unceremoniously wraps the Harpy in a cocoon with her spider silk to bring her on board. Miia is finally in despair, as all the delays ultimately mean Kimihito and the girls hardly have time to get to the plane on time.

A short time later, however, Kimihito and his house guests are finally on the plane. While Miia is exhausted that they barely made it, Kimihito mentions that he didn't expect Mr President to charter a flight for them, not to mention one that accommodates Liminal species. Miia replies that Mr President helped them, but also curses him for the fact that the flight is quite inconvenient. When Rachnera agrees, Miia agrees, but also adds that they can't really complain, because Mr President paid for the flight.

Rachnera replies, however, that Mr President never just gives out something expecting nothing in return, so his "help" is probably just a way that they owe him again. Rachnera also adds that he may also have made an absurd amount of money with his farm (whereupon Kimihito is embarrassed to remember his experiences on the farm). He then asks Miia what was in the letter and why she needed come home so suddenly.

Miia hesitantly explains to him that among the snake tribes, there's a few different species: the poisonous Echidna, the water-dwelling Melusine, and the stone tribe, the Medusa. Those three tribes were against the extra-species exchange from the start, but after the vote, the Lamia overruled them (as they had a higher population) and decided to participate in the exchange.


The Extraspecies Exchange laws are leading to a declining Lamia birth rate.

However, Miia goes on to explain that, according to her mother's letter, there was a problem with the extra species exchange laws: for the continuation of the Lamia tribe, which are all female, the Lamia need many human men, but after the extraspecies exchange laws were passed, the government was even more cautious than before about people coming to the country. So they've had almost no men at all show up, which led to a declining birth rate problem. If this keep, the snake tribes will quit the extra species exchange program and Miia will have to return to the Lamia village.

Miia explains, that her mother wrote, that she and Kimihito have to show the other tribes how "lovey dovey" they are, so that the tribes will rethink quitting the agreement. Kimihito hesitantly agrees, but is confused when Miia adds that she really doesn't want to take him back to her hometown. Before he can ask what she meant by that however, he is interrupted by Papi, who again complains loudly that she wants to fly, whereupon Suu shuts her mouth.

Some time later the plane finally reaches Miia's home, but at the airport, Kimihito and the girls first have to take the airport bus and then another bus to the stop in Miia's home village at night. At the bus stop they are quite exhausted from the night on the bus, but Miia is happy that they are finally in her home village.


The Lamia village.

The Lamia village turns out to be a big town with markets and quite a few residents. While Kimihito and his houseguests are looking around, Miia is greeted almost immediately by her friends, the three Lamia Sanka, Maru and Shequa. While they and Miia are happy to see each other again, they also inquire curiously about the other girls. This attracts the attention of the other Lamia, whereupon Kimihito and his houseguests are surrounded by a curious crowd, much to their irritation. Kimihito feels uncomfortably cramped by the crowd, but suddenly someone grabs his hand and draws him into a nearby tent.


Miia's friends try to seduce Kimihito.

Confused and shocked, he realizes that Miia's friends have taken him into the tent and ask them what this is about. The three girls seductively say that since he is Miia's "darling", that he is also the "darling of all of them". Kimihito tries to protest, but Miia's friends shut him up and say that if he is too loud everyone else might "join in". The three girls start to grope Kimihito and say that he should do to them "what he is always doing with Miia" (without knowing that he never had sex with Miia), but suddenly Miia angrily storms into the tent and gives her friends hard blows to their right cheeks with her tail.

When Miia's friends complain, Miia furiously says that Kimihito is "her" darling and not anyone else's. Her friends indignantly say that, according to Lamia customs, guys belong to everyone, but Miia says annoyed that they should shut up and leads Kimihito out of the tent. Embarrassed, Miia says that was exactly why she didn't want to bring Kimihito here, adding, that if its going to be like this, her mother is gonna end up doing something even worse (which Kimihito can imagine pretty well). Miia decides to go ahead and talk to her mother while the rest of the girls watch over Kimihito until she gets back, which Centorea fervently announces that Miia doesn't need to ask her twice.

While Kimihito continues to around with Centorea, Mero, Papi, and Suu (strangely enough without Rachnera and Lala's body), Mero says that the Lamia village gives her the feeling of being in a beautiful countryside. Shortly afterwards, however, the group is again surrounded by a curious group of Lamia, whereupon Centorea says that she must do something about this entanglement. However, Kimihito is harassed again by some Lamia who try to seduce him with a massage, whereupon Centorea angrily demands that they untangle him immediately. Centorea furiously curses the Lamia for immediately casting an eye on a man the second they see him and that she mustn't let down her guard in this "dangerous country".


The Lamia perfume shop.

When they look around, however, Centorea and Kimihito notice that the other houseguests are gone. However, Mero waves at them from a perfume shop and asks Centorea to try one of the legendary Lamia tribe's perfumes. The saleswoman sprays a rag with the perfume so that the scent spreads in the shop. Centorea admits that the perfume is truly quite enticing, whereupon Mero says that the perfume could also improve the smell of Centorea's room a bit (which Centorea agrees at first, but is not sure in the next moment whether she will consider this as an insult).

Distracted by their conversation, however, the two girls don't notice how one of the Lamia suddenly holds a cloth with the perfume sprayed into it over Kimihito's nose, whereupon he collapses and is dragged into a side tent by the Lamia. In the tent, the Lamia try to have sex with the drugged Kimihito again, but they are interrupted when Lala's body suddenly stumbles into the tent. While the Lamia are totally horrified by the "headless monster", Kimihito manages to escape from the tent, although he is still dazed from the spray. Kimihito thinks to himself, that this place isn't safe for him either, but pauses when he wonders where Papi and Suu are.


It's look a little "too well" on Suu.

He finally finds the two girls at a food stand, where some Lamia are offering them fried snake kebabs (much to Kimihito's perplexity). When one of the Lamia vendors also offers Kimihito a snake kebab, he hesitantly accepts the offer, but after tasting a bite, the Lamia vendor seductively says that "snake is great for virility". The two Lamia vendors try to harass Kimihito as well, but Suu falls on the Lamia and starts groping them with her usual tentacle rape, where Papi says that it worked "really well" on Suu.

While Suu is still busy with the Lamia, the stressed Kimihito crawls away, whereupon he meets three Lamia children. The children tell him that they were playing "house" and that he should play along. They announce that he is the husband, which Kimihito reluctantly agrees to as he didn't actually intend to play with the kids, and asks the Lamia children what about them. The children then say, however, that all three of them will be the wife, and before Kimihito can protest, the children immediately try to grope him too. Miia's friends become aware of the situation, and Kimihito tries to explain the situation. However, this attracts the attention of the rest of the Lamia, whereupon they all gather around Kimihito, as they don't want "some kids to overtake them".


The Lamia suddenly start harassing Mero and Centorea too.

Before Kimihito knows what is happening, he is in the middle of a mass orgy of Lamia, all of whom are now trying to have sex with him. Wedged in, Kimihito notes that the Lamia tribe is definitely not normal. When Centorea and Mero notice the uproar, they try, dismayed, to rescue Kimihito from his predicament. But before they can do anything, the Lamia suddenly attack the two of them as well (even though they are girls) and try to have sexual activities with them, much to their shock.

Up on the roof of a building, Rachnera has meanwhile kept Suu, Papi and Lala's body safe from the sexually excited Lamia, but is dismayed that she couldn't help Mero and Centorea too. However, Rachnera's attention is distracted by a mystery man who suddenly emerges from a building. The man walks though the crowd of Lamia (who are busily engaged in sexual activities among each other) and past Mero and Centorea, who are still being molested by the Lamia (the Lamia had even taken Centorea's blouse off and were sucking her breasts, much to Centorea's shock). Finally the man arrives in front of Kimihito (who is also being harassed by the Lamia) and shouts that this is "quite far enough" so loudly that all the Lamia nearby stop and turn to him.


Miia turns pale with horror when she thinks about the "great meeting".

Meanwhile, Miia has met her mother and asks what's going on, thinking the plan would be to show the other snake tribes how "lovey dovey" she and Kimihito are to change their minds. However, her mother explains that the situation has got to the point where they need something more convincing than that. Miia's mother adds that tomorrow there will be a meeting between all the snake species and that she needs Miia and Kimihito to be part of the opening ceremonies for the first big meeting. When Miia hears this, she asks her mother in horror if she means "that" big meeting, which her mother unconcernedly confirms and says that she expects great things from her daughter and Kimihito. Miia thinks with horror that if Kimihito takes part in "that" big meeting, they will be forced apart for good.


An involuntary vacation.

In the meantime, Lala's head at the airport finally manages to free herself from her suitcase, in which she was locked up all night during the flight due to the clumsiness of her body. However, it turns out that Lala's suitcase somehow (presumably a mistake by the flight crew) was loaded onto the wrong plane and she is now in Italy. Lala is upset at first, but quickly comes to terms with her situation and a short time later, she drinks a coffee with two croissants at a "Pop Caffe" (although it is very bitter).

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Key Events[]

  • The Lamia arc begins.
  • Miia receives a letter from her mother calling for her to come back home due to an emergency.
  • Thanks to Mr President's help, the group manage to get an extra species-friendly airline to Miia's home country.
  • Miia reveals more details about the content of the letter and the other snake tribes:
    • The other three snake tribes (Echidnas, Melusines and Medusas) were opposed to the Extraspecies Exchange Program from the start but after the vote, they were overruled by the Lamia tribe (since the Lamias have a higher population)
    • Meanwhile, however, there is a problem with the Extraspecies Exchange laws: many human males are needed for the continuation of the only female Lamia species, but since the introduction of the laws there is even more caution than before by the government about people coming to the Lamia country. This has resulted in a declining Lamia birth rate in the three years since the law was introduced.
    • Because of this, there are considerations that the snake tribes will quit the Extraspecies Exchange Program, which would also mean that Miia would have to return to the Lamia village.
  • Miia's friends, the three Lamias Shequa, Sanka and Maru make their debut in the manga series.
  • While Miia goes to talk to her mom, Kimihito is repeatedly accosted by the Lamias in the village.
  • Due to an accident at the airport, Lala's head ends up in her suitcase and is accidentally sent to Italy.


  • Papi crashing into the glass door because she can't see glass is a real problem that birds have.
  • The real world city of Lamia is in Greece.
  • This chapter was the first release of Monster Musume after the parent magazine, Comic Ryu, changed to digital-only releases.
  • This chapter opens with the residents cleaning the house, the chapter introducing Miia's Mother (Chapter 27) also opened with the Kimihito residents cleaning the house.
  • While sampling Lamia perfumes, Meroune suggests to Centorea that they could buy some to improve the smell of Centorea's room; this trait that was first noted in Chapter 26 when Ren Kunanzuki states that Centorea's room "smells like a barn".

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