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Chapter 60


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The 60th chapter of Monster Musume: Everyday Life with Monster Girls.


After sleeping in late, Miia receives a letter from her mother calling for her and Kimihito to come home due to an emergency. After a few fiascos at the airport, Kimihito and the girls all take a plane to Miia's home village. During the flight, Miia explains the situation in that the Lamia tribe was facing a population crisis due to the Exchange Program's laws against them luring men to mate with and that, due to the Lamia tribe's dwindling population, their majority rule with the other snake tribes was in peril.
As Miia goes to visit her mother, as soon as the group entered the village, the lamia girls accost Kimihito several times in various attempts to make him their village breeder, however, they are ultimately stopped by a mysterious figure.

Meanwhile, due to being accidentally packed within the luggage, Lala's head finds herself in Rome.

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Key EventsEdit

  • Miia receives a letter from her mother calling for her to come back home due to an emergency.
  • Thanks to Mr President's help, the group manage to get an extra species-friendly airline to Miia's home country.
  • While Miia goes to talk to her mom, Kimihito is repeatedly accosted by the Lamian girls in the village.


  • Papi crashing into the glass door because she can't see glass is a real problem that birds have.
  • The real world city of Lamia is in Greece.
  • This chapter was the first release of Monster Musume after the parent magazine, Comic Ryu, changed to digital-only releases.
  • This chapter opens with the residents cleaning the house, the chapter introducing Miia's Mother (Chapter 27) also opened with the Kimihito residents cleaning the house.
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