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Chapter 64
Release August 30th, 2019
Publisher Tokuma Shoten
Author Okayado
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Monster Musume: Everyday Life with Monster Girls (モンスター娘のいる日常, Monster Musume no Iru Nichijou) Chapter 64 is the sixty-forth chapter of the Monster Musume: Everyday Life with Monster Girls manga series.

Written and drawn by mangaka Okayado (Inui Takemaru), this chapter was released in Japan on August 30th, 2019, by the Japanese publishing company Tokuma Shoten within the seinen manga and anime magazine, Monthly Comic Ryū.

The chapter was later gathered as part of the series' tankobon volume Monster Musume: Everyday Life with Monster Girls Volume 16.


In the early morning, Yukio greets a group of young human men at the Sno Ball Hot Spring Resort and leads them straight to the onsen, although she admonishes the group not to cause any disturbance. After the young men have entered the mixed bathroom, they are greeted there by some Liminal girls. After the girls in turn express their wishes for a homestay partner and the men lists the advantages of their homes, both groups quickly find each other. However, the Pan girl in the group approaches one of the young men and seductively says that she is more interested in a partner who is very energetic "down there". After he hesitantly says that he is her guy, she approaches him further and tries to have sex with him in the onsen.

However, the fuss between the two of them is interrupted by Kimihito, who suddenly stands behind them and casually asks whether the water temperature is okay. Embarrassed, the Pan girl replies that it is fine and when Kimihito left, she tells the young man some of her other preferences for a homestay partner. From a distance, Kimihito thinks to himself that that was close and that the job of guarding the "Dating Pool" is tougher than he tought.


The "dating pool" is very popular.

When Kimihito and his houseguests came to the resort at Yukio's request, she thanked them and said that their task is to act as the onsen's "life guards", to everyone's confusion. Kimihito says that although Ms Smith told him and the girls about Yukio's sudden job request, she didn't mention what it was about. When Kimihito asks Yukio, she explains that her Inn is prospering and prides itself on the fact that it has become a proud location for extra species exchange activities. Especially the mixed bathing couple event, better known as "the dating pool" is quite popular and many Liminals use the resort's bathing facilities.

When Centorea asks that they should pledge themselves to the watch and prevent accidents, Yukio agrees, but also explains that there is another problem. Apparently at the mixed bathing couple events it happens that when a match goes well, the guests often try to start with "the next step" without leaving the onsen first. Yukio originally kept an eye on the situation herself, but since she needed her special diving suit to cope with the heat in the onsen, the atmosphere in the bathroom was quite ruined afterwards. Kimihito agrees that seeing Yukio in this getup is a bit much.

In addition to those interested in the extra species exchange there are also many guests from previously successfull paired couples who often come to visit for retreats, or Liminals who visit the resort for the specialized services tailored to their unique needs. Yukio adds that the majority of guests naturally maintain decency while taking part in The Dating Pool so it is of the utmost importance for them to put the rambunctious activities on ice and stop such activities firmly but gently.

During the day, Kimihito and his houseguests have their hands full trying to quietly stop the rambunctious activities of the guests and not only in the onsen, but also in the sauna and in the Mermaid species onsen tank. While Papi is playing with some Fairies, Kimihito, exhausted from the strain of work and the heat in the onsen, retreats to one of the changing rooms. However, there he receives a call from Ms Smith, who asks how he is doing, with Kimihito sarcastically interjecting how someone is doing who does a part time job in a onsen with zero notice.

Ms Smith says, however, that Kimihito was basically her last hope since Yukio has entered a into a partnership deal with Polt's Kobold corporation to help expand her business. But Polt is still traveling overseas with her husband as an interpreter to find new employees that she has not been able to help. As long as Polt is not back from their trip, Ms Smith needs Kimihito's help to pick up the slack as a part time gig, although Kimihito makes it clear that this is no reason to ask someone to work with zero notice. Ms Smith, however, recklessly thinks that Kimihito spent a ton of money on the trip to the Lamia Village, although he thinks morosely to himself how she knows about that.


Ms Smith goes on to say that the onsen's mixed dating event was originally the idea of Kimihito and his house guests and even if she allegedly doesn't want to say it's his fault, it would be an act of good faith if he was the one being concerned with the problem, much to Kimihito's resignation. Also, Ms Smith adds that another important reason why they have to solve the problem themselves, is that a certain private company is trying to intervene because the government is always slow on the uptake.

Should the government lose even more confidence, there is also the risk that they will lose control over the Cultural Exchange Between Species Bill, and that wouldn't be good for either the humans or the Liminals. Kimihito agrees with her, but also makes it clear that he is a private citizen and problems from the government are actually the job of government officials like Ms Smith. But then Ms Smith, who, as so often, simply passed her work on to Kimihito, quickly says that she still has work to do and that she would would call later, before hanging up.

Before Kimihito can get upset about Ms Smith any further, Miia comes into the changing room out of breath and and says that she has problems with some guests who, despite polite admonitions, just don't stop. Kimihito quickly rushes to the onsen, where he finds Centorea who apologizes for interrupting his break. She explains to him that although Yukio has already been informed of the situation, she can't help because she is busy with another group of guests.

When Kimihito asks Centorea about the guest who is causing trouble, she points to a Kitsune girl who is seductively trying to have sex with one of the young men in the onsen. When the Kitsune girl notices Kimihito's houseguests, she hypocritically asks what the issue is and when Centorea hesitantly tries to say something, the Kitsune girl says, that this position would simply be more comfortable because her tail proves to be quite a hindrance, which Centorea and Miia become annoyed that the Kitsune girl doesn't even try to hide what she is really doing.

The Kitsune mischievously adds that Miia and Centorea shouldn't stare as if she were doing something untoward, and that they would doubt a guest's word without any proof. While Miia and Centorea are unsure what to say about it, Kimihito suddenly speaks up and says that they would never accuse a guest, but that he still has to ask the Kitsune to leave the onsen. When she asks why, Kimihito explains that guests with tails possessing a particularly large quantity of fur must wear mandatory tail covering. This is to prevent loose fur from causing drainage issues, which is already happening, so that the Kitsune has to leave the onsen while the employees have to clean the bath.

Kimihito's relief, however, only last for a short time, as Mero draws his attention to another guest, in this case a Dryad who has tied up a young man with her vines and is now also trying to have sex with him. The Dryad says that she has finally found a good partner and now wants to make sure that he is now hers and to reduce the danger of their relationship falling apart later on. However, Kimihito notices that the Dryad accidentally absorbs the onsen water through her roots, causing her stomach to bloat and her partner worriedly having to carry her out of the onsen.

Unfortunately, Kimihito's relief for the now resolved situation is only brief, due to a dispute between a Lizardfolk girl and a Dragonewt girl, as they both want the same young man as their homestay partner. When they can't come to an agreement, they decide that whoever "gets him off first" will get him as a partner. However, since fighting is clearly against the rules, Kimihito, with help from Centorea and Miia, tells the two girls to leave the bath, much to their sorrow.


Yukio is despair.

In the evening, Kimihito and his house guests are totally exhausted from the strenuous work, with Centorea complaining about what is wrong with these people. When Miia and Mero want to take a break, however, they are suddenly approached by Yukio, who desperately asks for help as "the most troublesome of all their guests" have finally arrived.


The Succubi try to have a sex orgy in the onsen.

Much to everyone's dismay, the guests are a group of Succubi, with Kimihito commenting, that Succubi in a mixed bath is really bad news. At the end of her nerves, Yukio explains that the Succubi refuse to listen to her and that someone has to stop them. When the Succubi reach the mixed bath, they immediately attempt to throw a mass orgy with a group of men, with Kimihito clamouring to stop them, realizing, that a gentle warning won't be enough to stop them. However, when the Succubi notice Kimihito, they show themselves to be invincible, and even say that it would be a great service if someone saw them having sex.

When Kimihito doesn't know what to say, one of the Succubi turns to him and mischievously claims that if he tries to stop them he would basically be saying that the Succubus' culture is wrong, although he indignantly makes it clear, that this is not the same. To top it all off, the other guests also notice the uproar made by the Succubi, causing them to get in the mood themselves and start flirting with each other. Kimihito desperately tries to get the situation under control again, but he can't think of anything at first. Finally, Kimihito brings Papi to help, who begins to ask the Succubi rather childish questions until they are finally so annoyed that they are no longer in the mood for sex.

Late in the evening, Yukio thanks Kimihito and his houseguests for their help and says that she had a nice long chat with the Succubi after the incident and that they finally came to an understanding, albeit with the help of a few threats. She adds that in the future they will need a contract for certain species in order to ensure strict compliance with their stated rules. Rachnera says with amusement that it could really be a problem for certain species that could, for example, start an orgy in front of everyone, whereupon Miia (who feels personally attacked because orgies are part of the Lamia culture) angrily tells Rachnera to shut up, and adds that she didn't even help them at all.

Mero adds, however, that it should also be noted that, from the Succubi's point of view, what they did is quite normal and that it is inevitable for them that a mixed bath would excite them. Centorea says that rules must be followed anyway, although Kimihito notes that the rules make things a little awkward. Thereupon, however, Yukio answers and explains that, strictly speaking the rules only apply within the bath area and inn proper. Those guests who follow these rules will certainly find somewhere else to get to know one another better.

As Kimihito asks who would like to have dinner, Yukio agrees, but adds that afterwards they shall return to work, as the baths are open until midnight and opens at five in the morning. Kimihito's houseguests complain when do they get a break, while he sarcastically thinks to himself that this is a stressfull place for a part time job.

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Hitomi and Kenshiro from Nurse Hitomi's Monster Infirmary


Okayado's recruitment poster on the right-hand wall.

  • This chapter was originally slated to be released on August 9th, 2019, but Comic Ryu later moved the release date to the 30th instead due to an "issue with corrections to the manuscript".
  • Hitomi and Kenshiro from Nurse Hitomi's Monster Infirmary make a cameo walking around the resort.
  • The Shark Mermaid Mako from Everyday Life With Bicycle Cop can be seen flirting with a human in the hotsprings.
  • The application form Okayado posted on his twitter page to allow fans to apply to appear in this chapter can be seen pinned on the wall of the Sno Ball Hot Spring Resort staff room.
  • According to the official twitter page, the Yakiniku franchise that Smith eats at first appeared in Chapter 25.

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