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Chapter 66
Release February 20th, 2020
Publisher Tokuma Shoten
Author Okayado
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Character Debut Hot Spring Slimes

Monster Musume: Everyday Life with Monster Girls (モンスター娘のいる日常, Monster Musume no Iru Nichijou) Chapter 66 is the sixty-sixth chapter of the Monster Musume: Everyday Life with Monster Girls manga series.

Written and drawn by mangaka Okayado (Inui Takemaru), this chapter was released in Japan on February 20th, 2020, by the Japanese publishing company Tokuma Shoten within the seinen manga and anime magazine, Monthly Comic Ryū.

The chapter was later gathered as part of the series' tankobon volume Monster Musume: Everyday Life with Monster Girls Volume 16.


Kimihito goes down to the basement of the Sno Ball Hot Spring Resort after Yukio invites him to talk to him. Yukio thanks and apologizes to him for her sudden request, although Kimihito assures her that it's okay because the newly added onsen lifeguards also give him some free time now. However, he adds that they are still understaffed and there aren't enough cleaning staff. After looking around the basement, Kimihito asks Yukio what the big tank in the middle of the room is about.

Yukio explains to him that the tank is the onsen filtration system, which pumps the water from the bath into the tank to be filtered, reheated and then circulated back into the bath. She adds that while her onsen also uses natural hot spring water, due to the size of her operation, without a filtration system, it wouldn't be able to supply water for all the baths. Yukio goes on to list more details, although Kimihito is hesitant as it doesn't really matter that much at the moment.


Yukio explains the principle of the Dating Pool to Kimihito.

He asks Yukio why she asked him here, to which she apologizes and gets back to the real issue. Yukio says something strange has happened and shows Kimihito a list of the results of the dating pool matching activities, showing that both men and women got exactly 100% as the result. Confused, Kimihito asks if that's not a good thing, but Yukio explains to him that because a majority of the dating pool participants are men, even if all of the Liminals found a homestay partner, there would be some male participants left over. Therefore, it shouldn't be possible for the matching rate to be 100%, since there should be some unmatched male participants left over.


Kimihito suspects the Succubi.

Kimihito wonders if there might be Liminal participants who aren't on the list, but Yukio clarifies that even if that were the case, the odds that the match rate would be 100% are exceedingly low. Kimihito then considers whether the Succubi are taking all the leftover men, but while Yukio considered that possibility as well, she points out that it's just speculation at the moment. Kimihito agrees that they need proof, so Yukio announces that they must investigate and start looking around the resort's inn (though Kimihito is slightly perplexed that he is part of her investigative team without his say so).

Yukio and Kimihito go to a booth at the hot spring resort where Octo gives some Liminals/human couples advice on their relationships. Kimihito is surprised to see Octo and asks the Scylla what she is doing at the resort. Octo, also pleasantly surprised to see Kimihito after so long, explains to him that she's just trying to make a buck with her own business; "Ms. Octo's Counseling Room" in which she solves Liminal communication problems. She proudly claims that she can solve any communication problem between humans and extra-species in a flash.

Yukio asks Octo if some of her consulting clients have come to her with problems such as their matching partners two-timing or having more than one guy besides them. Octo thinks for a moment, but then says that none of her clients have told her about a problem of those sorts. She adds that it's probably for the best if Yukio asks the new security girls if there's a problem. Kimihito and Yukio agree with her, especially since they might be able to catch the perpetrator in the act in the bath too.

Meanwhile, the fat man who tried to molest Bahkurin and her friends the night before is still trying to approach some Liminal girls in the dating pool. However, the girls consistently reject him because of his impudent manner and make it clear that they already have partners. Annoyed, the man thinks to himself that he would settle with anyone by now when he is suddenly approached by a Succubus girl. The Succubus asks him in a seductive tone if he would like to have some fun with her. With an insolent grin, the man responds immediately and grabs her breasts.

At the same moment, however, two of the new security Liminal girls (a White Tiger and a Tetra Arms) suddenly appear, grab the man and twist his arms behind his back in a police hold. They scold him for groping girls in the dating pool, although he tries to make his excuses by saying him the Succubus girl "invited" him. However, the Succubus girl then says in a mockingly sad tone how horrible he is because he thinks he can do whatever he wants with her just because she's a Succubus. The other security girls then ban the fat man from the inn and put him on the resort's black list.


The security girls catch Wani Otoko.

Shortly thereafter, Yukio and Kimihito meet the three security Liminal girls in the lifeguard prep room, where the Succubus girl tells Yukio that they blacklisted several more people today, much to Yukio's satisfaction. However, Kimihito is unsure of the team's strategy of using a Succubus lifeguard to bait problematic guests for the other two guards to snag and wonders if that might be a little like blackmail or entrapment. However, the Succubus girl assures him that he doesn't have to worry about that, since they only target guests who have already been reported as particularly vulgar by other participants.

Yukio asks the three of them about the problem with the dating pool matching activities, but the three security girls unanimously testify that there was no girl who was matching with a bunch of guys. Kimihito is surprised at this and says to the Succubus girl that he thought Succubi tended to switch partners a lot. However, the Succubus girl then explains to him that this is true at first, but in the end all Succubi only choose one guy to focus on, and no matter how lewd a Succubus may seem, once she has chosen her man, she will never cheat on him.

After this revelation, Yukio pensively states that the perp is not a Succubus, whereby Kimihito also resignedly notes that in this case, their investigations are back to square one. However, the Succubus girl then speaks up and tells them both that she has seen a suspicious figure lurking around a few times now. She adds that the suspicious figure has always been lurking near the door to the filtration room, although she's not sure why, which the other two security girls also confirm. Yukio and Kimihito then decide to go back to the basement filtration room to have a look around. The three security girls also agree to accompany the two, noting that it would be good to have more support in such a situation.

Before the group can go into the basement, however, three young human men appear behind them and politely ask if they would like to have dinner with them. The three security girls are quite perplexed by this question as the Succubus girl hesitantly explains to them that they just work at the resort and are not participants in the dating pool. The three men apologize, but still ask them if they still want to have dinner with them. Embarrassed and flattered by this request, the three security girls agree and soon flirt with the three men. Kimihito tells them that he and Yukio will go to the basement filtration room alone, although he doesn't really know what to think of these spontaneous dates.


As Yukio and Kimihito descend the stairs to the basement, he asks if there are any other entrances to this room, but Yukio says no. Half jokingly, the thought occurs to him that the figure could be some kind of paranormal entity or a ghost-like Liminal. However, when Yukio and Kimihito arrive at the bottom of the basement stairs, a figure suddenly appears in front of them. At first, Kimihito quickly recovers from his shock when he sees that the figure seems to be Suu, who has her back to him and Yukio while looking at the filter system. Kimihito asks her if she saw a strange person here, but when the figure turns to him in confusion, he sees that it's a different Slime girl, not Suu herself.

Kimihito backs away in shock, but his and Yukio's attention is diverted to the tank of the filter system, which is suddenly making strange noises. Suddenly, the lid of the filter system flies off and a strange liquid splashes towards Kimihito and Yukio. Kimihito dives sideways in time but Yukio is doused head-on by the torrent. Startled, Kimihito asks her if she's okay, but Yukio can't answer him right away as she freezes for a moment. After regaining her her composure, Yukio looks at the fluid on her hands and realizes that it is slime.


The Slime girls.

However, the two have no more time to think about it at the moment as dozens of other Slime girls suddenly appear from the tank of the filter system. Kimihito and Yukio narrowly escape before the Slimes can pounce on them. Running away, however, the two see the lid of the filter tank lying on the ground and notice that it has the name of the Black Lily Advanced Materials Laboratory written on it.


Nega-Suu as a living water filter.

While Yukio uses her Yuki-onna ice powers to freeze the basement door to stop the Slime girls from escaping, Kimihito calls Mr President, the head of the Black Lily Laboratory, to ask him if he has anything to do with the Slime girls' sudden appearance. Mr President admits that they managed to capture the Black Slime Nega-Suu after the incident back then. During their research, they found out that Nega-Suu has a real crack for filtration, so to test her capabilities, they decided to install the Black Slime in the onsen filter system.

Mr President adds that according to the lab's tests, Nega-Suu should have been able to behave until the end of the testing period. But he also suspects that in the course of filtering the onsen water, Nega-Suu came into contact with the DNA from various Liminal species and then used this information from the DNA and the onsen water to multiply herself.

Mr President admits that this is just a pet theory of his and that human Slimes are very mysterious. Annoyed, Kimihito says that this isn't really the time for theories. Mr President says he will send a response team to them asap, although he notes it will take about an hour at least. Before ending the call, he tells Kimihito and Yukio to "hang it there," much to Kimihito's annoyance. However, before Kimihito can get upset about Mr President any further, Miia suddenly rushes over to him and Yukio and desperately announces that they have a huge problem, whereupon Kimihito groans because he and Yukio already have their hands full with the Slime girls.

Miia says a huge group of male human customers showed up, but Kimihito clarifies that they don't have time to deal with a big group. However, Miia explains that the problem isn't with the the male customer group, but that the group of Liminal girls who were supposed to show up for the matching mixed up their schedule. Because of this, they won't make it in time, so Miia came to ask Yukio what to do.

Immediately, Yukio comes up with an idea. She pulls her hands away from the basement door and begins to melt the ice she used to barricade the door herself. Before Kimihito can ask what she's doing, the basement door bursts open and Kimihito throws himself aside just in time as the Slime girls rush past him.

In the meantime, the group of male customers has arrived in the entrance area of the resort. Excited and a little nervous, they talk about the dating pool and are already thinking about which kind of girls they will meet. However, their conservations are abruptly interrupted when the group of Slime girls rushes toward them and literally pounces on them.


Totally taken by surprise, the customers are quite scared at first, until it turns out that the Slime girls just hug them gently and do nothing to them. As they take a closer look at the Slime girls, they are quickly overwhelmed by their gentleness and beauty (such as their crystal clear eyes) and start cuddling them.

Kimihito is impressed with Yukio's handling of the situation, although he also admits that she did something really unexpected. Yukio replies that she found that unexpected things have her own way of working out for the best. She adds that this was also the case for herself, recalling her first encounter with the owner of the Arctic Inn, who is now her fiancé.

Yukio adds that if these Slime girls are created thanks to the dating pool participants (because Nega-Suu used their DNA), the relationship between them and the male participants will work out for the best. Yukio also suspects that these Slime girls were the reason why the matching rate was 100%, since the guys who couldn't find matches were secretly matched by the Slime girls.

However, Kimihito remembers his first encounter with Suu and is therefore sure that these Slime girls know nothing about living and working in regular society. He therefore points out that even if the matching went perfectly, they can't just release them on society at large like this. However, Yukio then comes up with a new idea.


The Slime cleaning crew.

A short time later, Yukio reveals to Kimihito that she now lets the Slime girls work part-time at the Hot Spring Resort so that they can gain some work and everyday life experience. Because even if the Slime girls are not yet able to deal with customers, they are quite adept at cleaning. Kimihito also says that this should be okay since they were short-handed. However, Yukio points out that they also need to track down all of the slimes who matched up with participants previously. Kimihito points out that they have no time for this, but Yukio assures him not to worry as she has secured a "trustworthy representative" who will take action for this.

It is subsequently revealed that this representative is Mr President and that Yukio "persuaded" him by telling him that they only way to avoid any claims for damages from the Arctic Inn is to pay for the repair of the filtration system and locating all Slimes who were created through its use. Mr President groans silently as he thinks of the losses this means for his company and there is nothing he can do to refuse Yukio's demand.

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Key Events[]

  • Sno Ball Inn gains extra security detail and a cleaning crew.
  • In order to make a buck, Octo works at the Hot Spring Resort, where she gives the the couples advice for their communication problems.
  • Nega-Suu is revealed to be employed by Black Lily as a living water purifyer.
    • Nega-Suu has also multiplied, producing dozens of new Slimes that now work for the Sno Ball Inn.
  • Succubi are revealed to be extremely faithful to their chosen partners in spite of their libido.


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