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Chapter 67
Release April 29th, 2020
Publisher Tokuma Shoten
Author Okayado
Previous Chapter Chapter 66
Next Chapter Chapter 68 Prologue
Character Debut Suu's Mother, Arachne Leader

Monster Musume: Everyday Life with Monster Girls (モンスター娘のいる日常, Monster Musume no Iru Nichijou) Chapter 67 is the sixty-seventh chapter of the Monster Musume: Everyday Life with Monster Girls manga series.

Written and drawn by mangaka Okayado (Inui Takemaru), this chapter was released in Japan on April 29th, 2020, by the Japanese publishing company Tokuma Shoten within the seinen manga and anime magazine, Monthly Comic Ryū.

The chapter was later gathered as part of the series' tankobon volume Monster Musume: Everyday Life with Monster Girls Volume 16.


It's the last day Kimihito and the girls are working at the Arctic Inn, but unfortunately some problems have arisen. First of which are a group of Arachne, who after coming such a long way have decided to not participate in any of the Onsen's activities, complaining about the heat and not wishing to interact with outsiders, instead choosing to stay in a large convention room for the time being. Secondly, a group of Minotaurs have been constantly asking for the sauna to get hotter which Lala and Suu try their very best to do so but not to their satisfaction, almost causing heatstroke for the duo, as even Suu can't take the heat.

As Kimihito and his homestay girls are cooling off, they talk about the current problems they're having, which are getting the Minotaurs to feel the heat, and persuading the Arachne to participate in the Onsen's activities. They then suddenly realize that Rachnera is missing and assumes that she's lazing off in some unknown place.

In truth, Rachnera is giving her report to the Arachne who are her tribe members and as it turns out, she was planted by them as a sort of "Field Agent" to see if intermingling with humans will work. Rachnera meets them in the Chaotic Flowerfall Room where the leader says she's late after entering. Rachnera retorts that she's busy unlike her but the latter reminds her that she's the one who wants them to meet here before demanding the report regarding whether humans are able to get along with their kind.

She continues by saying before the Cultural Exchange Between Species Bill came into play, it was their tradition in abducting human men to populate their female-only race by mating with them while striking fear into other races and isolating themselves from the rest, only staying in the daylight if necessary, but this law is threatening their extinction. Rachnera replies that she can't give them a straight answer of whether humans will accept them for who they are and they're being too old-fashioned by staying in the dark away from them as well as being overly dramatic about it.

The leader then accuses her for insulting them instead of answering her question. Rachnera then tells all of them that it's pointless for her to give them a direct answer as this is only from her point of view and suggests that it's better for them to give trying out the onsen a chance, and that some of the male humans might be interested in them, before leaving the room. Her tribe members are left speechless and they suddenly hear a scream coming from Miia.

As it turns out, the younger lamias from Miia's tribe decide to partake in the Onsen's activities to find their own boyfriends after being motivated by Miia's speech. As Miia's tribe members are looking forward to enjoying the Onsen, Kimihito says worriedly that they aren't ready to carter to the needs of larger liminal species and they already have their hands full in taking care of the Minotaurs. As if they don't have enough problems already, the Arachne reluctantly tells them that they want to use the Onsen too after taking Rachnera's suggestion into consideration.


The salamander and undine make their appearance, the latter is revealed to be Suu's mother in Chapter 81.

Unfortunately, now this means there are three large groups of giant liminals spread throughout the baths, and Kimihito is pressed on what to do. If the Lamias or the Arachne decide to try the sauna, there won't be enough space. Luckily, Yukio returns with a plan of her own. With the help of her Salamander and Undine (Suu's mom) friends, she turns the main pool room into a Sauna of it's own, letting there be enough space for all three groups of liminals to easily move around and find new lovers. The Minotaurs are happy to sit in the pools with the temperature they find are at Sauna level and the lamias make a dash in finding potential partners as they're enjoying the heat.

The Arachne leader who is disgusted by what the Lamias are doing, orders her subordinates not to follow suit, but they aren't listening to her and are already partnering up with the men they find desirable. Enraged by what she sees, the Arachne leader reminds them of who they are by raising her voice until a man with boyish looks slams into her breasts. As he's apologizing to her for what he just did, she forgives him as she finds his looks attractive and starts being intimate with him. Rachnera, who has been watching her tribe members from on top of a tree, smiles as she knows her mission to save her race from extinction in a way is a success because each of them found someone they consider their true love.


Those who helped to make the Artic Inn a successful establishment enjoying the hot spring with two unknown men who might be the salamander's and undine's boyfriends.

Later on, Kimihito and his homestay girl start rushing to the cold baths as they feel hot. However they find it too chilly for them as Yukio is in it and starts thanking them for making her establishment a success while the guest in the same pool as her are also feeling the same effect as they immediately get out of it.

Kimihito and his homestay girl then sit together somewhere in the resort while commenting how much they enjoy working here. Miia mention in the middle of the conversation from what she heard about feeling great in using the sauna by using the rotation method. That means going somewhere hot when you're feeling very cold like stepping out of the chilly bath they were in with Yukio earlier on. All of them start pondering over what she said and their eyes are filled with joy later on.

With the last problem solved, Yukio finally lets our protagonists relax, letting them use the baths for free, although she's rather annoyed about it when they later start making overuse of her offer.

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Key Events[]

  • More Arachne are finally seen and we get more backstory on them.
    • According to Centorea, the Arachne are disinclined to participate in the Extraspecies Exchange Program too strongly.
    • As the leader of Rachnera's tribe puts it, the Arachne are a Liminal species that dwell in the shadows and survive by "stealing men in secret". This dialogue implies/confirms that Arachne, like Lamia and Harpies, are a purely female species.
    • It is also revealed that Rachnera's original reason for participating in the Extra Species Exchange Program was to serve as her tribe's expeditionary force, finding out if Arachne can live alongside humans or not.
  • The leader of the Arachne may be a Shotacon.
  • Lala makes an appearance.
  • Minotaurs are very resistant to hot temperatures.
  • The Lamia tribe makes a return.
  • Yukio is friends with a Salamander Woman and an Undine, although their names are not revealed.
  • When the elemental fire and water power of a Salamander and an Undine are combined, they create a water vapor and a temperature that can temporarily transform an entire bathhouse into a large sauna.


  • In an apology to those that did not get featured within the "Onsen Arc" Okayado claims that he fit 30 Mob Characters applicants within this chapter.
  • The visual design of Yukio's Undine friend is different from the Undine that appeared in Chapter 49. Whereas the Undine in Chapter 49 possesses large webbed ears (or at least adorned by a headdress covering her ears) Yukio's friend is more similar in appearance to Dina, the Undine in Monster Musume: Everyday Life with Monster Girls Online.
  • As stated in Rachnera´s Secrets, each Arachne is born with a different pattern, and while all Arachne appearing in this Chapter have vaguely skull-like patterns like Rachnera (likely due to being of the same tribe) the details of the patterns are somewhat different for each of them.
  • Suu's Mother makes her debut in this chapter, but only as a minor character and is not officially introduced until much later in Chapter 81, along with her relationship with Suu.
  • Rachnera not joining the rest of the gang to soak herself in the hot spring is probably due to the fact that she can't "take the heat" as shown in Chapter 31.
  • In the large scene in the onsen, a Minotaurine and a Oni woman can be seen on the right with a human man between them. The three characters already appeared as a cameo in Chapter 49 at the dating event at the EXPO in the same pose, but there the two women appeared to be fighting over the young man, whereas in this chapter they seem to be get along with each other. Presumably the man solved the problem by simply taking the role as a host of both girls, although its also possibly that Okayado may have reused the same character models for the three to simplify the scene.

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