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Chapter 68
Release September 30th, 2020
Publisher Tokuma Shoten
Author Okayado
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Monster Musume: Everyday Life with Monster Girls (モンスター娘のいる日常, Monster Musume no Iru Nichijou) Chapter 68 is the sixty-eighth chapter of the Monster Musume: Everyday Life with Monster Girls manga series.

Written and drawn by mangaka Okayado (Inui Takemaru), this chapter was released in Japan on September 30th, 2020, by the Japanese publishing company Tokuma Shoten within the seinen manga and anime magazine, Monthly Comic Ryū.

The chapter was later gathered as part of the series' tankobon volume Monster Musume: Everyday Life with Monster Girls Volume 17.


The chapter begins with Centorea waiting at a bridge in Tokyo early in the morning. She ponders a letter she recently received from another Centauride named Alusia, in which she writes that there is something she wants to ask Centorea. Centorea finds it quite strange to suddenly receive such a letter, but she also remembers that Ms Smith pointed out that her study abroad has been going on for a long time, so she might try to give some advice to less experienced girls too. Centorea thinks that helping other Centaurs in need is probably another side of cultural exchange as well, although she still finds the letter strange.


Alusia apologizes (exaggeratedly at length) to Centorea.

However, Centorea's thoughts are interrupted when a Lightweight Centauride runs up to her and apologizes for being late at the meeting point. Centorea asks if she is the one who wrote the letter, to which the girl confirms, introducing herself as Alusia. Alusia bows deeply to Centorea and begins to apologize profusely for being late, to which Centorea, being uncomfortable, assures her that everything is fine. Centorea asks her for the advice she wants, to which Alusia says it's more of a request.

Alusia asks Centorea to teach her to gallop like her, but this confused Centorea as she doesn't understand what Alusia means by that. Alusia then explains that she came to Japan as part of a school sports program's cultural exchange group. As a Lightweight Centaur, Alusia is super into track and field sports, and one morning while training at the river bank, she happened to spot Centorea doing her morning run. With admiration in her eyes, Alusia says she was struck by Centorea's "beautiful running form" and knew in that second Centorea had something she didn't have.


Alusia asks Centorea to teach her.

Alusia grabs Centorea's hands and admiringly tells her that's why she wants Centorea to be her coach and calls her "senpai". Centorea is stunned for a moment that someone admires her so much and calls her senpai. After regaining her composure, she announces, to Alusia's delight, that she will take on the role of her senpai, tutoring her so that Alusia can gallop like herself. Centorea says that they will start with a "brief warm up", a light 10 km jog. Alusia enthusiastically agrees.

When Kimihito is cleaning the living room of Kurusu house in the evening, he is startled to see Centorea sitting on the floor and looking quite stressed. When he asks her what's going on, Centorea hesitantly tells him about Alusia and that she wants her to teach her how to gallop. But after Centorea checked Alusia's form, she was depressed to find that Alusia is clearly far more gifted than herself.

Hastily, fearing that Kimihito might consider her inferior by saying that, she quickly adds that Alusia is a Lightweight Centaur and is therefore naturally faster. Centorea also claims to Kimihito that she was one of the fastest Centaurides at her home anyway, although she immediately caves in and admits that she wasn't the fastest because she was more focused on spears and shields.

Kimihito asks uncertainly what the issue is, to which Centorea dejectedly says that today was just a simple form check and that she told Alusia that the "real training" would start tomorrow. Centorea despairingly explains to Kimihito that she's always wanted an adoring fan to ask her for advice. But at this rate, Centorea fears Alusia will give up on her before she can show her any of her "lordly majesty".

After Centorea had calmed down a bit, Kimihito asks her what Alusia wanted to learn from her anyway, but Centorea has absolutely no idea. She tells him that Alusia was fascinated by her running after seeing her the other day, but she doesn't know what Alusia thought was so entrancing about it. Kimihito then remarks that Centorea's running is amazing, recalling his first encounter with her. He compares her running and jumping from back then with an obstacle course. This random comparison, however, sends Centorea into a frenzy of thriumph as she suspects this is was Alusia meant.

The next morning, Alusia is quite surprised when Centorea shows her a large obstacle course on a meadow in the city with swinging wooden pegs and wooden ramps to jump over. Centorea explains to Alusia that her gallop is perfect and beautiful, but it is also said that a "true gallop" is one that can be done regardless of the surroundings, which is why she built this course. Centorea formally proclaims that Alusia's task is to complete this obstacle course and that once she has succeeded, she can finally say that she galloped in truth. However, in the middle of her speech, Centorea stops when she realizes that Alusia is no longer listening to her and starts to walk the obstacle course.


Alusia masters the obstacle course with no problems.

In no time at all, Alusia completes the obstacle course without any problems by jumping over the wooden ramps and skilfully avoiding the swinging wooden pegs. She proudly asks how that was. Centorea reluctantly says it was "not so bad", although she is actually intimidated by Alusia's perfect performance. Alusia is happy about the praise, but says she's a little "rusty" since it's been a while since she's completed a steeplechase. Admiringly, however, Alusia suddenly asks Centorea to show her how to run through the obstacle course herself.

However, Centorea is frightened by this request and begins to brood feverishly. She thinks to herself that she got a little carried away building this obstacle course and that she's actually not good at running them. She doesn't know what to do as she doesn't want to lose her senpai aura in front of Alusia if she refuses her request.

However, Centorea's train of thought is interrupted by Kimihito, who suddenly joins the two Centaurides, Alusia being amazed that he is Centorea's "master". Kimihito says he figured out that Centorea must be tired after building the obstacle course, so he brought her some drinks. He is also impressed with the obstacle course and asks Centorea if she got the permission from the city government to build all of it. However, Centorea reacts with embarrassment, implying that she didn't have permission to do so.

The next moment, however, Alusia notices the tethers on a stack of logs for jumping over (which was a part of the obstacle course) suddenly snapping, causing the logs to roll down the slope toward Kimihito. Alusia shouts a warning to him, but the next moment Centorea is there, grabs Kimihito, puts him on her back and carries him out of the dangerous situation in several quick manoeuvres. Relieved, Kimihito thanks Centorea, although she thinks it was primarily her fault since she built the obstacle course. Kimihito then also remarks that this whole thing was an illegal construction (to Centorea's shame) but before he can add anything, their conservation is suddenly interrupted by Alusia.

Eyes sparkling with excitement, Alusia announces that this was the gallop she was looking for, much to Kimihito and Centorea's confusion. Dreamily, Alusia explains that Centorea's "beautiful running form" looked like she was carrying her master on her back while she ran. Embarrassed, Centorea recalls imagining a few days ago (Chapter 68 Prologue) that she would be carrying her master on her back at that time. However, Alusia suddenly asks Centorea how she can learn to gallop that way, abruptly tearing Centorea out of her thoughts.

Clearing her throat, Centorea hesitantly says that Alusia could probably gallop like that if she also found someone who she could place upon her back with pride, her "fated master". Alusia is also impressed that Centorea has found her fated partner. Flattered by Alusia's words, Centorea jokingly and unthinkingly states that for someone as "in-tuned with destiny" as she is herself, finding a fated partner for Alusia would hardly be a trial. However, Kimihito is horrified when he realizes what Centorea has just promised, even if only meant as a joke.


Alusia takes Centorea's joke seriously, much to Centorea's despair.

His fear proves to be true, as Alusia believes Centorea is completely serious and asks her admiringly if she can really do this for her. Horrified, Centorea flees while Alusia happily shouts after her to stop galloping away and use her "overwhelming power of destiny" to help her find her fated partner as well. Unsure, Kimihito asks Centorea why she said that, but Centorea just stammers a few words out of desperation.

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Key Events[]

  • Alusia´s name is revealed.
  • Alusia admiringly asks Centorea to teach her to run like her. Centorea, overwhelmed by the fact that Alusia looks up to her, agrees to teach her, although she doesn't quite understand what Alusia wants to learn from her.
    • It later turns out that Centorea's "beautiful running form" that Alusia was was so fascinated with was to carry a "master" on her back.
  • Due to an actually joking misunderstood promise, Alusia ends up believing Centorea could use her "overwhelming power of destiny" to find her "fated partner" for her, much to Centorea's despair at the thought of the task she had accidentally set upon herself.


  • The subspecies of the Lightweight Centaurs is referred to in this chapter as "Light-breed Centaurs".
  • Centorea reveals that she is not the fastest as she has shifted its focus more to spears and shields, which means that Centorea´s top speed of 60 km/h is not the top speed of a standard Centaur.

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