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Chapter 71
Release February 25th, 2021
Publisher Tokuma Shoten
Author Okayado
Previous Chapter Chapter 70
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Character Debut Meamil Airagu

Monster Musume: Everyday Life with Monster Girls (モンスター娘のいる日常, Monster Musume no Iru Nichijou) Chapter 71 is the seventy-first chapter of the Monster Musume: Everyday Life with Monster Girls manga series.

Written and drawn by mangaka Okayado (Inui Takemaru), this chapter was released in Japan on February 25th, 2021, by the Japanese publishing company Tokuma Shoten within the seinen manga and anime magazine, Monthly Comic Ryū.

The chapter was later gathered as part of the series' tankobon volume Monster Musume: Everyday Life with Monster Girls Volume 17.


Centorea is sitting in her room early in the morning at the Kurusu house reading several books on the topic of breast feeding. However, she is startled by Rachnera, who suddenly appears behind her and, looking at the books, asks whether Centorea is pregnant. Struggling to compose, Centorea makes it clear that she and Kimihito had done nothing together, to which Rachnera hesitantly says it was just a joke and adds that she does not really believe that Centorea would have sex with Kimihito. When Rachnera asks why Centorea is reading the books, Centorea finally explains that a Dairy Breed Centauride asked her for advice much earlier on so that she's reading the books to be on the safe side.

When Rachnera inquires in amazement about Dairy Breed Centaurs, Centorea explains that they are a type of Centaur who produce rather copious amounts of breast milk, and are quite famous as wet nurses. In the past it was customary for the Dairy Breed Centaurs to be used as wet nurses for Centaur children, but since the advent of the formula, these practices have declined. The Dairy Breed Centauride told Centorea she would be visiting today to ask Centorea for advice on her recently increased milk production, which is why Centorea sent Kimihito out to shop so he wouldn't be there.

Rachnera then remembers how Kimihito used to work at the Black Lily Ranch and why Centorea doesn't just ask the Minotaur girls for advice on breast milk. Centorea is opposed to the proposal, but realizes that she doesn't have much choice because she doesn't know anything about breast milk and therefore cannot give Meamil any advice. She dials the ranch number on her smart phone, but before she can raise her issue, strange noises come from the other line as Mil answers the phone. Mil apologizes and explains that the Farm is in a turmoil after a Dairy Breed Centauride visited them. Centorea and Rachnera look at each other in astonishment when they realize that both cases are about a Dairy Breed Centauride.


Meamil asks Kimihito if he can milk her.

In the supermarket, Kimihito is busy getting his purchases delivered to his home, thinking to himself that shopping without Centorea's help is a pain. However, he notices a Dairy Breed Centauride, who looks exhausted, whereupon he worriedly inquires about her welfare. As the Centauride comes closer, Kimihito falls briefly out of composure at the sight of her enormous and barely concealed breasts. The Dairy Breed Centauride explains that her breast milk has increased since she is in Japan and that this may be due to the new environment.

However, since she is not good at milking herself, she asks Kimihito with embarrassment if he is able to milk her. Kimihito tries to refuse while being totally shocked by her request but the Dairy Breed Centauride explains that there is no one else she can ask about it and thinks that he is kind enough to enquire about her well-being. Resigned, Kimihito finally gives in, whereupon the Centauride thanks him and introduces herself as Meamil after noticing that she has not yet introduced herself.


Centorea is running through the town

In the meantime, Centorea is running through the town at full gallop and desperately tries to calling Kimihito, but she can't because his phone isn't switched on. She thinks back to what Mil told her and Rachnera about how Meamil recently visited the ranch. When Centorea asked if Meamil wanted some advice from the residents of the ranch first, Mil was amazed and then said embarrassingly that the only reason for Meamil's visit was because she had heard how amazing the Satyresses were with milking.

Meamil let the Satyresses milked her and seemed very satisfied with it, but when Mil started talking to her, she told Meamil about Kimihito and how he taught the Satyresses everything they know about milking. After Meamil heard this, she left the ranch. When Centorea asks if that is true, Mil goes into raptures about how wonderful Kimihito's milking technique was, even as Centorea angrily clarified that she did not ask about the milking. Centorea then realized, to her dismay, that Meamil lied to her from the start, as she never intended to get advice from Centorea which was just a plan to separate Kimihito from Centorea so that Kimihito would milk her.


Centorea realize the magnitude of Meamil's plan

Rachnera didn't see a big deal in this as milking is nothing new to Kimihito, but Mil reveals that Meamil's milk has created a bigger problem. While the Satyresses were milking Meamil, they also drank some of her milk, however the strong maternal hormones in the milk resulted in the Satyresses being reverted to an infantile state in which they now, to the embarrassment of the Minotaur girls, drink milk from their breasts, and the Minotaur girls now have their hands full looking after them.

Before Mil could continue the conversation, she was distracted by Saane, who started asking to drink milk from her breasts, causing Mil to become embarrassed and ended the conversation. As Centorea continues to run throughout the city, she realizes the full extent of Meamil's plan, as she tries to capture Kimihito with her milk, so he can milk her over and over again. Centorea is determined to stop Meamil, but realizes that finding her and Kimihito could be difficult.


Meamil climaxing as Kimihito is finishing when she's about to squirt out her breastmilk.

In the meantime, Kimihito has found a storage room in the supermarket that is big enough for him to milk Meamil privately. While he starts to massage her breasts, Meamil thinks to herself, that he is quite skilled and that he is very different from the Satyresses, who have technique, but are simply too brutish for Meamil because of their lust. Finally, Meamil reaches her climax and her milk sprays out in a huge torrent into a bucket as Kimihito squeezes her breasts at the finishing touch with all his might. She thinks with enjoyment that Kimihito is really wonderful in the art of milking her breasts.

After Kimihito wipes his hands dry, Meamil says that she wants to show him her gratitude with a small gesture, which is a cup of her own milk for him to drink after slipping her breasts back under her clothes. Kimihito being startled, tries to refuse, but Meamil then lies, claiming that this is a common gesture among Centaurs to show their gratitude and that she is sorry for forcing him to do something like this which is considered part of her "custom". Manipulated by the thought that Meamil would make himself feel guilty, Kimihito finally agrees, but before he can drink Meamil's milk, his hand is stopped by Centorea, who suddenly stands behind him.

Meamil is surprised and says, that Centorea is very adroit at finding her and Kimihito. In the process, Meamil also reveals that she was the reason why Centorea couldn't call Kimihito on the phone, by sending him lots of spam calls in the morning to get him to turn off his phone. Centorea is furious when she hears how far Meamil goes to accomplish her devious goals and scornfully explains that it was not difficult to find her and Kimihito, knowing that Kimihito was shopping in this supermarket, and that she could also smell Meamil's milk.


Meamil tries to seduce Kimihito.

Centorea triumphantly says that she will not allow Kimihito to drink her milk, but Meamil suddenly splashes some of her milk into Kimihito's face with amazing accuracy, which he accidentally swallows some of the milk reflexively. Horrified and angered, Centorea calls Meamil a "cowardly fiend", but unfortunately Kimihito falls into an infant state in which he calls Meamil "mom" and directs his attention to her breasts. Centorea tries to bring him to his senses, but Meamil smugly thinks to herself that this is pointless as no one can resist her motherly nature.

In order to seduce Kimihito even further, Meamil now shows all her perversity by sucking on her own breasts, much to the perplexity of Centorea. When Kimihito's resistance is completely broken, Centorea worries desperately and becomes stressed on what to do now, when Kimihito's attention suddenly turns to her. Confused, Centorea realizes that her own breasts are suddenly lactating, but she has no explanation for this, as this has never happened before. Meamil is also baffled as it appears to be false mother's milk.

Before Centorea can do anything, Kimihito starts to drink the milk from her breasts, which Centorea is visibly aroused, but she also thinks that her milk might neutralize the effects of Meamil's milk and therefore it might be better to carry on. Suddenly, to Centorea's shock, Meamil also starts sucking on her breasts. While Meamil drinks, she realizes that Centorea's milk even surpasses her own, and that she could get addicted to it and that she has truly lost in the "battle of milk".


Meamil in infant state.

In the evening, Centorea and Kimihito are back in the Kurusu House. Kimihito can no longer remember exactly the events of the day, whereby Centorea says with embarrassment that it is better that way. Rachnera tells her that the situation on the farm has calmed down, with Centorea being relieved at the good news. The problem, however, is that by drinking Centorea's milk, Meamil has now also returned to an infantile state, rolling around on the floor and calling for "mommy's virgin milk". Rachnera, who doesn't know what to think of Meamil's perverted behaviour, asks what's wrong with her, with Centorea evasively saying that she doesn't know.

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Key Events[]

  • The Dairy Breed Centaur subspecies and Meamil Airagu make their debuts in the manga series.
  • It is revealed that, unlike standard Centaurs, Dairy Breed Centaurs continuously produce milk even outside of pregnancy. However, due to the strong maternal hormones in Dairy Breed Centaur's milk the drinker is reverted in an infant state in which he/she drinks milks from breasts like a baby. Even Kimihito, who usually has a remarkable resistance to the seduction skills of most Liminals, is powerless against it.
  • Due to their equine biology, Horses/Centaurs have a sense of smell, which is 1000 greater than that of a Human.
  • Apparently, standard Centaurs can also produce milk for a short period of time under the effects of severe stress even outside of a pregnancy. However, this seems to be a very rare occurrence as Centorea did not known about it either.


  • The Black Lily Ranch is refered to as "Dairy Farm" in this chapter.
  • This chapter emphatically affirms that Centorea is a virgin.
  • There is no mention of where the Pan girls were at the Black Lily Ranch at the time of the crisis. It's likely that Okayado left them out on purpose, probably because their presence wasn't really relevant to the events and might have lengthened the plot unnecessarily.
  • Rachnera's indifference about Kimihito milking Meamil seems strange, given her angry reaction in Chapter 59 when she learned that Kimihito had to milk the other Liminial girls at Black Lily Ranch. It also seems strange that Rachnera would react indifferently to the fact that Meamil Centorea lied to, since Rachnera has a strong dislike of lying.
  • While there is no explanation in the chapter as to why Centorea was suddenly producing breast milk, the most likely explanation is that it was due to Meamil. It is common in nature that certain pheromones and chemicals from a mother animal can affect other members of a herd, pack or group, so that she often have young at the same time and can therefore act as "mothers" to the young in the group. This is actually quite common in dogs, elephants and most monkeys. It is therefore likely that the pheromones in Meamil's milk caused Centorea to go into false lactation.
  • Compared to other chapters of the Centorea arc, this chapter is way longer than the rest, and the only one of them that is more than 23 pages long.

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